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table of contents general information 1 the university 1 admissions 1 accreditation 3 international students 4 tuition fees other expenses 6 financial aid 8 resources for students 12 associate degree programs 12 graduate programs 15 recognition of academic achievement 15 special programs 15 required courses 18 military/veterans family members 20 regulations college of agricultural consumer and environmental sciences 28 agricultural economics and agricultural business agricultural and extension education animal and range sciences entomol­ogy plant pathology and weed science family and consumer sciences fish wildlife conservation ecology plant and environmental science school of hotel restaurant and tourism management college of arts and sciences 50 aerospace studies anthropology art astronomy biology chemistry and biochemistry communication studies computer science creative media criminal justice economics and international business english geography geological sciences

2012-2013 • agricultural consumer and environmental sciences 31 animal and range sciences professor tim t ross interim department head professors bailey fernald hallford holechek ross j thomas wise associate professors abbott burcham cibils ivey löest soto assistant professors ashley fasenko scholljegerdes white instructors campbell priest veeder co-operators usda anderson estell havstad herrick peters cooperative extension service turnerces 575 646-2514 ascience@nmsu.edu http aces.nmsu.edu/academics/anrs degree bachelor of science in agriculture major animal science options animal industry science major rangeland resources minors range science livestock production horse management the department of animal and range sciences provides opportunities for you to follow a variety of interests in modern scientific agriculture the animal science curriculum provides a background for many phases of the food animal industry from farm animal production on rangelands to management

62 arts and sciences • 2012-2013 the following courses do not count towards a minor in chemistry chem 100 basic chemistry chem 110g principles and applications of chemistry chem 217 general chemistry iii chem 241 introduction to research chem 310v chemistry and society chem 351 special topics chem 442 glass blowing chem 443 senior seminar no bche courses except bche 341 survey of biochemistry toxicology and supplemental instruction si courses are not accepted course provisionally allowed chem 441 advanced research 3 credits maximum chem 451 special topics by petition only minor environmental chemistry students must pass the courses listed below check the undergraduate catalog for prerequisites biol 477 applied and environmental microbiology 4 c e 256 environmental science 3 c e 355v technology and the global environment 3 c e 356 fundamentals of environmental engineering 3 chem 111g general chemistry i or chem 115 principles of chemistry i 4 chem 112g general chemistry

2012-2013 • business 93 business core lower division 18 credits acct 251 management accounting2 and acct 252 financial accounting1 6 bcis 110 introduction to computerized information systems or c s 110 3 busa 111 business in a global society 3 econ 251g/252g principles of macroeconomics microeconomics1 6 1not recommended for freshman year business core upper division 27 credits bcis 338 business information systems i all majors except is or bcis 350 information systems analysis and design is majors 3 bcis 485 enterprise resource planning or mgt 344 production and operations management or mgt 4702 project management in organizations accounting majors must take bcis 485 3 blaw 316 legal environment of business 3 fin 341 financial analysis and markets 3 mgt 309 human behavior in organizations 3 mgt 449 strategic management3 3 mktg 303 principles of marketing 3 upper-division 300 or 400 level elective in economics or applied statistics excluding a st 311 statistical applications

124 engineering • 2012-2013 minor surveying engineering 24 credits sur 222 plane surveying 3 sur 264 introduction to lis 3 sur 285 photogrammetry 3 sur 292 public lands and survey system boundaries 3 sur 312 legal principles of boundary surveying 3 sur 328 principles and practices of construction surveying or sur 354 advanced plane surveying 3 sur 361 introduction to geodesy 3 surveying elective 3 industrial engineering associate professor edward pines department head associate professors mullen pines valles-rosales assistant professors huang kammerdiner sohn 575 646-4923 http ie.nmsu.edu degree bachelor of science in industrial engineering industrial engineers design develop install and improve integrated systems of people equipment information financial resources software materials and energy industrial engineers work in a variety of manufacturing health care utility retail government and research settings therefore the tools and methods of the industrial engineer are

2012-2013 • course descriptions 155 auto 182 structural panel replacement 4 cr 2+4p this course is a continuation of oeat 181 with infancies in structural panel replacement the student will be exposed to frame and unibody measuring equipment and their proper use in sectioning procedures through theory and practical application the student will learn how to id structural components properly separate spot welds position and weld new body panels in place prerequisites auto 181 auto 190 sheet metal welding 3 cr 2+2p this course is designed to introduce students to mig welding procedures set up and terminology used in sheet metal welding the students will be exposed to all areas of mig oxy oxcetalean and plasma torch industry safety this course will provide the students with the basic knowledge and hands on experience to successfully demonstrate proper sheet metal welds in a variety of joints and welding positions auto 201 engine performance i 4 cr theory function service and

186 course descriptions • 2012-2013 das 123 dental assisting practicum 6 cr 1+15p this course is the clinical component of the program that combines general practice and experiences in the work place seminar topics focus on the practicum experiences and critique of performance prerequisites das 111 das 113 das 115 and das 117 corequisites das 121 das 125 das 127 das 129 das 125 professional concepts 3 cr emphasis on the development of professionalism for the dental office includes oral communication psychology patient relations problemsolving skills stress management and employability in addition to dental jurisprudence and ethics prerequisites das 111 das 113 das 115 and das 117 corequisites das 121 das 123 das 127 das 129 das 127 dental office management 2 cr this capstone course is an introduction to business office procedures including telephone management appointment control accounts payable completion of third party reimbursement forms inventory control data entry for

2012-2013 • course descriptions 217 govt 469 globalization 3 cr analysis of the globalization process covers theories of globalization the global economy political globalization global culture transnational social movements transnational migration and world labor market global cities and local-global linkages same as soc 489 govt 473 germany 3 cr political social and cultural developments from the eighteenth century to the present with emphasis on the nazi era same as hist 383 govt 474 european politics 3 cr politics in european countries european integration post-communist states regionalism and border politics govt 476 modern eastern europe 3 cr addresses the diversity of eastern european political and cultural experiences from the end of the 19th century to the present day same as hist 380 govt 493 mass communications law 3 cr same as jour 493 and comm 493 gphy geophysics gphy 340v planet earth 3 cr formation and evolution of the earth plate tectonics volcanoes and

248 course descriptions • 2012-2013 nurs 136 foundations of professional nursing 6 cr 4+6p this course provides the diverse learner with basic knowledge essential to the practice of nursing concepts related to nursing as a profession standards of care professional ethics nursing roles communication cultural awareness holistic care nursing process critical thinking teaching-learning process collaboration support of physiologic and psychosocial health principles of nutrition perioperative care and community are presented developmental concepts are discussed with a focus on the adult and the elderly normal process of aging clinical experiences enable the student to apply all concepts learned in the classroom setting restricted to community colleges only nurs 140 pathophysiology for allied health professionals 3 cr introduction to the nature of disease and its effect on body systems deals with the disease processes affecting the human body via an integrated approach to specific

2012-2013 • course descriptions 279 sur 285 photogrammetry 3 cr 2+3p introduction to the techniques and uses of photogrammetry in surveying and mapping the geometry of stereo models flight planning prerequisites math 190 sur 292 public land survey system boundaries 3 cr 2+3p detailed study of the u.s public land survey system instructions with special emphasis on new mexico sectionalized land subdivision corner restoration and field surveys field trips required prerequisite sur 222 sur 312 legal principles of boundary surveying 3 cr legal principles of property boundary retracement land descriptions and rights-of-way systems of law and legal research requires a legal research paper prerequisite sur 292 sur 322 spatial data concepts and models 3 cr 2+3p spatial data concepts models and computational methods as applied to surveying topics include coordinate geometry state plane coordinates spherical trigonometry and data adjustments to models limitations of data models will be

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