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table of contents general information 1 the university 1 admissions 1 accreditation 3 international students 4 tuition fees other expenses 6 financial aid 8 resources for students 12 associate degree programs 12 undergraduate programs 13 graduate programs 16 recognition of academic achievement 16 special programs 16 required courses 19 military/veterans family members 21 regulations college of agricultural consumer and environmental sciences 29 agricultural economics and agricultural business agricultural and extension education animal and range sciences entomol­ogy plant pathology and weed science family and consumer sciences fish wildlife conservation ecology plant and environmental science school of hotel restaurant and tourism management college of arts and sciences 51 aerospace studies anthropology art astronomy biology chemistry and biochemistry communication studies computer science creative media criminal justice economics and international business english geography

30 agricultural consumer and environmental sciences • 2013-2014 agricultural economics and agricultural business professor terry l crawford interim department head professors catlett crawford diemer falk gorman gutierrez libbin skaggs torell ward associate professors acharya hawkes hurd lillywhite patrick assistant professors archambault college professors bullock hansen 575 646-3215 http www.aeab.nmsu.edu degree bachelor of science in agriculture major agricultural economics and agricultural business areas of concentration farm business management ranch business management marketing and sales business management finance computer applications and data management agricultural communications natural resources management agricultural chemical sales agricultural records and financial controls international agricultural business international development environmental economics pre-law quantitative skills/theory ms-prep major natural resource economics and policy minors agricultural

2013-2014 • arts and sciences 61 biol 301 principles of ecology or fwce 301 wildlife ecology 3 biol 462 conservation biology 3 econ 384v or econ 337v or hort 302v 3 fwce 330 natural history of the vertebrates 4 minor human biology the human biology minor is intended to provide academic recognition for students who wish to focus a significant amount of attention on courses that deal with human beings from a wide variety of biological standpoints thus course work may encompass topics representing a range of viewpoints such as biological function human ecology human origins and psychology successful completion of this minor will provide students with a valuable interdisciplinary perspective on the human condition this program consists of a minimum of 18 hours that includes a minimum of 12 from within the biology department and a minimum of 3 outside the department successful completion of the minor will be certified by the biology department a grade of c s or better is required of

92 business • 2013-2014 business core lower division 18 credits acct 221 financial accounting1 and acct 222 management accounting 6 bcis 110 introduction to computerized information systems or c s 110 3 busa 111 business in a global society 3 econ 251g/252g principles of macroeconomics microeconomics1 6 1not recommended for freshman year business core upper division 27 credits bcis 338 business information systems i all majors except is or bcis 350 information systems analysis and design is majors 3 bcis 485 enterprise resource planning or mgt 344 production and operations management or mgt 4702 project management in organizations accounting majors must take bcis 485 3 blaw 316 legal environment of business 3 fin 341 financial analysis and markets 3 mgt 309 human behavior in organizations 3 mgt 449 strategic management3 3 mktg 303 principles of marketing 3 upper-division 300 or 400 level elective in economics or applied statistics excluding a st 311 statistical applications

2013-2014 • engineering 123 sur 285 introductory photogrammetry 3 sur 292 public land survey system boundaries 3 sur 312 legal principles of boundary surveying 3 sur 328 principles and practices of construction surveying 3 sur 330 computer applications of surveying 3 sur 351 intro survey measurements analysis and adjustments 3 sur 361 introduction to geodesy 3 sur 370 control surveying 3 sur 401 ethics and professionalism in surveying and mapping 3 sur 412 advanced topics in boundary surveying 3 sur 450 senior project 1 sur 451 advanced survey measurements analysis and adjustments 3 sur 452 land development design 3 sur 461 introduction to satellite geodesy 3 surveying engineering electives 6 students must complete 15 total credits from area iv and v with at least six credits from each area additionally it is strongly recommended that students select the following elective courses minor digital electronic applications 19 credits a grade of c or better is required in each class

2013-2014 • course descriptions 155 biol 377 cell biology 3 cr fundamentals of eukaryotic cell structure organization and function emphasis on membranes subcellular organelle systems cytoskeleton and cell cycle includes basic aspects of molecular biology prerequisites biol 211g biol 305 and math 121g biol 111g recommended biol 381 animal physiology 3 cr principles of integrative function in animals emphasizing tissues organs organ systems and regulation includes adaptations of animals to their environments biol 111g and biol 377 recommended prerequisites biol 211g and junior-level standing math 121g biol 385 an introduction to cancer 3 cr this course will cover 3 areas of cancer research and their interdisciplinary connections clinical cancer research epidemiology and public health and basic cancer research prerequisites biol 305 or equivalent and math 121g biol 398 biology research programs 1-3 cr directed studies and research experiences by arrangement with instructor may

186 course descriptions • 2013-2014 epws 200 special topics 1-4 cr specific subjects and credits to be announced in the schedule of classes maximum of 4 credits per semester and a grand total of 9 credits epws 300 special topics 1-4 cr specific topics and credits to be announced in the schedule of classes maximum of 4 credits per semester and a grand total of 9 credits epws 301 agricultural biotechnology 3 cr 2+2p the principles of molecular biology will be introduced and used to explore the past present and future applications of biotechnology in agriculture specific topics include methodologies for making transgenic plants with increased pest resistance the use of biotechnology in pest detection and improving nutritional value the laboratory will provide students with hands-on experience with equipment used for biotechnology research prerequisites chem 112g biol 111g or biol 211g epws 303 economic entomology 4 cr 3+2p identification and life cycles of insects of economic

2013-2014 • course descriptions 217 mgt 461 seminar in entrepreneurship 3 cr for students interested in owning and operating their own business students desiring hands-on real-time experience in helping start up a business prerequisites seniors in business administration or engineering mba students and others at the discretion of the instructor same as mktg 461 mgt 462 introduction to health services policy 3 cr same as econ 453 mgt 465 contemporary issues in human resources management 3 cr integrative course in human resources management emphasizing the application of advanced concepts to complex personnel cases prerequisite mgt 332 mgt 466 managing electronic commerce a business models perspective 3 cr surveys the emerging internet technology involving business to business business to consumer and consumer to consumer forms of trade covers quantitative decision and negotiation analysis techniques as well as auction and market trade mechanisms mgt 470 project management in

248 course descriptions • 2013-2014 ahs 220 essentials of counseling 3 cr provides students interested in human services professions with theoretical and practical tools and strategies to establish and develop a helping relationship with clients in a diversity of helping settings class covers emotional cognitive socio-cultural and spiritual aspects of the human being that help clients identity and deal with issues that affect their functioning and development restricted to community colleges campuses only ahs 225 nutrition for health occupations 3 cr principles of normal and clinical nutrition for health professions prerequisites high school biology and high school chemistry and chem 110g and oeho 153 or equivalent or consent of instructor corequisite oeho 154 or consent of instructor ahs 250 spanish for health professionals 3 cr spanish for health professionals is a 3 credit course geared toward individuals working or majoring in health related areas the course focus is on

2013-2014 • course descriptions 279 oegr digital graphics oegr 108 introduction to media technologies 1-3 cr introduction to various media technologies restricted to community colleges only crosslisted with cmt 108 oegr 160 image processing i 3 cr 2+2p covers techniques in using a raster or bitmap program for digital graphics for business applications such as advertisements publications multimedia presentations and the web prerequisite basic computer skills may be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits oegr 221 cooperative experience i 1-3 cr student employed in approved work site supervised and rated by employer and instructor each credit requires specified number of hours of on-the-job work experience prerequisite consent of instructor restricted to majors graded s/u oegr 230 web page development i 3 cr 2+2p creating and managing well-designed organized web sites using html and web development software prerequisites cs 110g or oecs 101 or oegr 160 restricted to community