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general information 1 table of contents   general information 3 admissions 4 accreditation 4 international students 6 tuition fees other expenses 7 financial aid 9 resources for students 10 associate degree programs 14 undergraduate programs 14 graduate programs 15 recognition of academic achievement 18 special programs 18 required courses 18 military and veterans programs mvp 22 regulations 24 college of agricultural consumer and environmental sciences 31 agricultural economics and agricultural business agricultural and extension education animal and range science entomology plant pathology and weed science family and consumer sciences fish wildlife conservation ecology plant and environmental science school of hotel restaurant and tourism management college of arts and sciences 60 aerospace studies anthropology art astronomy biology chemistry and biochemistry communication studies computer science creative media criminal justice economics and

38 new mexico state university 2014-2015 undergraduate catalog biol 377 epws 314 epws 373 epws 481 cell biology plant physiology fungal biology plant nematology suggested electives math 192g calculus and analytic geometry ii phys 212g general physics ii 3 3 3 3 epws 492 math 142g 4 3 option pest biology and management option environmental biology the environmental biology option prepares you for professional positions in environmental impact regulation compliance and improvement required courses chem 211 e s 330 e s 430 epws 380v epws 314 epws 451 epws 486 epws 492 math 142g phys 211g phys 211gl soil 252 tox 361 organic chemistry environmental management seminar i environmental management seminar ii ecosystem earth the impact of human activities plant physiology special topics plant virology diagnosing plant disorders calculus for the biological and management sciences general physics i general physics i laboratory soils basic toxicology select at least two of the following a st 456

phys 221g general physics for life sciences i and general physics for life sciences ii 3 general physics i laboratory general physics ii laboratory emphasis area nine credits must be upper-division see advisor for approval 1 1 18 phys 222g phys 211gl phys 212gl departmental requirements chem 115 principles of chemistry i and chem 116 principles of chemistry ii or chem 111g general chemistry i chem 112g general chemistry ii and chem 217 general chemistry iii 3 minor chemistry required courses chem 111g general chemistry i or chem 115 principles of chemistry i chem 112g chem 116 4 4 4 4 3 chem 313 chem 314 chem 315 chem 356 chem 357 chem 371 chem 431 chem 443 organic chemistry i 3 organic chemistry ii 3 organic chemistry laboratory 2 descriptive inorganic chemistry 3 synthetic inorganic laboratory 2 analytical chemistry 4 physical chemistry 3 senior seminar 1 three additional chemistry credits bche 341 or bche 395 can be used for electives but chem 310v will not count electives

college of arts and sciences 111 mktg 303 mktg 312 mktg 313 mktg 314 mktg 317 mktg 350 mktg 357 hrtm 420 hrtm 443 option music business requirements – basic music and performance 63 credits music theory and ear training 19 credits mus 103 ear training i mus 105 music theory i mus 203 ear training iii mus 205 music theory iii mus 104 ear training ii mus 106 music theory ii mus 204 ear training iv mus 206 music theory iv mus 413 form and analysis history and literature 12 credits mus 202 an introduction to world music jazz and music research mus 207 music history and literature antiquity and baroque mus 302 music history and literature classic through romantic mus 303 history and literature of music after 1750 techniques 7 credits mus 273 introduction to music technology mus 325 beginning conducting mus 415 orchestration mus 441 supervised studio teaching performance 25 credits mus 121 concert and recital laboratory must be taken for eight semesters for a total of 4 credits

148 new mexico state university 2014-2015 undergraduate catalog degree bachelor of science in engineering physics electives 3 credits engineering physics program technical elective 3 a list of approved technical electives is available from engineering physics advisors a strong grasp of underlying physical principles behind the development of new technologies is necessary to keep up with new developments in a high-tech world the b.s in engineering physics program is designed to provide quality education to students for immediate employment with technical jobs in private industries especially high-tech industries research laboratories and public sectors the program trains students with a combination of engineering knowledge physics principles mathematical background problem-solving strategies and effective communication skills the b.s in engineering physics also provides an excellent preparation for graduate studies in either physics or an engineering discipline the b.s in engineering

184 new mexico state university 2014-2015 undergraduate catalog art 306 medieval manuscript illumination 3 history of manuscript production and illumination in western europe from the early christian period to the middle of the 16th century taught with art 506 prerequisites art 295 296 and 297 or consent of instructor art 310 native american art 3 cross-cultural introduction to art of the prehistoric and historic native people of the north central and south americas considers the artistic expression and the function of art in diverse cultural and environmental contexts prerequisites art 295g art 311 art of china 3 survey of the art of china from the pre-historic period to modern day taught with art 511 4th credit option is for participation in flip tour to china in spring 2014 may be repeated up to 4 credits prerequisites art 295 296 and 297 or hist 211g and hist 212g or consent of instructor art 311 l art of china flip to tour china 1 this course consists of a flip trip to

course descriptions 221 econ 490 selected topics 1-3 current topics in economics subject matter to be designated for each semester educ 202 internship ii 3 supervised experience in junior high settings prerequisite must be a co-op student econ 498 independent study 1-3 individual studies directed by consenting faculty with the prior approval of the department head may be repeated for a maximum of 3 credits prerequisite junior or above standing and consent of instructor educ 204 foundations of bilingual/esl education 3 explore and review the historical legal philosophical theoretical and pedagogical paradigms of bilingual/esl education edlt educational learning technologies edlt 368 integrating technology with teaching 3 considers impact of technology on communication and knowledge development engages students in the design of technology-integrated lessons with a constructivist approach prerequisite educ 168 or previous computer experience educ education educ 102 internship i 3

258 new mexico state university 2014-2015 undergraduate catalog m e 430 environmental management seminar ii 1 survey of practical and new developments in hazardous and radioactive waste management provided through a series of guest lectures and reports of ongoing research restricted to main campus only crosslisted with c e 430 ch e 430 e e 430 e s 430 e t 430 i e 430 and werc 430 m sc 210 self/team development 3 learning and application of leadership skills to building effective teams using oral/written skills planning and coordination of group efforts include advanced first aid land navigation and basic military tactics leadership lab and three physical fitness sessions per week required m e 443 internal combustion engines 3 cycles characteristics and principles of combustion for air breathing engines course taught on an as-needed basis prerequisite m e 340 m sc 211 leadership in action and team building 3 individual and team aspects of military tactics in small unit operations

294 new mexico state university 2014-2015 undergraduate catalog thtr 317 musical theatre 3 acting class focused on developing and refining skills necessary for performing in musicals pre/corequisites thtr 210 thtr 320 auditions 3 techniques for choosing and preparing effective monologues cold and prepared readings head shots and resumes and interview skills prerequisites thtr 210 thtr 321v modern european drama 3 masterworks of european drama from the 19th century to the present crosslisted with engl321v thtr 323 american drama 3 masterworks of american drama from the 20th century to the present crosslisted with engl323 thtr 329 studies in drama 3 subtitles vary study of a group of related works of drama theory or theatre practice crosslisted with engl329 and cmi329 thtr 334 introduction to stage makeup 3 basic principles of stage makeup straight character and specialty includes study of various products methods of application and the effects of lighting on makeup thtr 335

community college course descriptions 331 oecs 213 image processing 1 introduction to digital imaging acquisition and editing use of digital cameras and computer graphic software for business and personal use prerequisites c s 110 bcis 110 or oecs 105 graded s/u oecs 214 creating a web page 1 introduction to creating web pages for business and personal use prerequisites c s 110 bcis 110 or oecs 105 graded s/u oecs 215 spreadsheet applications 1-3 use of spreadsheets to include graphics and business applications prerequisites c s 110 bcis 110 or oecs 105 may be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits oecs 216 programming for the web 3 designing web-based applications using appropriate programming languages such as but not limited to html php mysql sql java perl c or c may be repeated up to 6 credits prerequisites one semester of any programming course restricted to community colleges only oecs 218 web page programming support 3 languages that support web page development including