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34 general information • 2015-2016 recognition of degrees and certificates degrees and certificates earned are recorded on the academic record as are majors where applicable minors are also recorded for students completing all requirements for the bachelor’s or graduate degree as of may 10 1980 transcripts an official transcript the university’s certified statement of your complete nmsu academic record in chronological order by semester and year includes coursework grades and degrees earned credit hours earned through transfer work are not listed in detail but do appear as cumulative totals transcripts are available as digitally signed pdfs or printed copies transcripts can be ordered online at http mytranscript.nmsu.edu a fee is charged the name on the transcript will be the same as on the official nmsu records name changes are processed only for current students no transcript will be released if the student is in debt to the university transcript evaluation

70 arts and sciences • 2015-2016 careers in studio art and art history in such areas as the visual arts graphic design conservation library work museum work advertising architecture and interior design photography crafts cinematography education and art therapy publishing theatre set design television industry and business communication religion management and research in the creative and academic areas a major in art also provides students with a broad humanistic background appropriate to preparation for advanced degrees in other fields students enrolled in this department’s majors or minors may count credits in required applied courses toward their degrees beyond the normal maximum of 9 credits allowed in the college of arts and sciences note that 9 credits need to be taken outside art at the upper level division however if students change the majors or minors or do not complete the requirements for the minor at the time of graduation they may only count a maximum of 9

106 arts and sciences • 2015-2016 required courses21 credits geog 381 cartography and geographic information systems 43+3p educ 505 classroom management 3 stat 271g statistics for psychological sciences 3 educ 509 teaching methods laboratory 3 stat 371 statistics for engineers and scientists i 3 educ 510 internship/student teaching 6 educ 563 teaching science at the middle and high school level 32+2p rdg 514 content area literacy 3 sped 480 secondary curriculum methods and materials for special education in a diverse society 3 departmental requirements 36 credits may not be taken s/u and a grade of c or better must be earned geol 111g survey of geology 43+3p or minor geology hon 219g earth time and life 43+3p geol 305v fossils and the evolution of life 3 requirements geol 310 mineralogy 32+3p required courses geol 312 optical mineralogy 32+3p geol 360 general geochemistry 3 geol 399 igneous and metamorphic petrology 32+3p geol 420 stratigraphy and sedimentology 32+3p geol 449

142 education • 2015-2016 college of education dean • donald pope-davis associate dean • enedina vazquez interim associate dean for research • robert wood assistant dean for budget and planning • gladys de necochea director of education research and budget • juanita hannan undergraduate advisement center coordinator • margo m trevino-torres undergraduate advisement center advisors • jeff hackney and deborah gouldsmith accreditation the university’s teacher preparation program which involves several colleges and which is directed by the college of education was accredited in 1962 by the national council for the accreditation of teacher education also in the college of education the communication disorders master’s program in speechlanguage pathology is accredited by the american speech-language-hearing association asha and the undergraduate athletic training degree in human performance dance and recreation is accredited by

178 engineering • 2015-2016 a critical focus within the department is to afford undergraduates of varying backgrounds and abilities every opportunity for achieving success in the mechanical and aerospace engineering professions to address this focus the faculty of the mechanical and aerospace engineering department with input from other constituents have established the following program educational objectives that inform the overall undergraduate programs entrepreneurship 12 credits i e 381 technology ventures 3 i e 382 business for the practicing engineer 3 • our graduates will gain relevant employment and/or pursue a graduate degree or mgt 461 seminar in entrepreneurship 3 e t 490 selected topics 1-3 degree bachelor of science in aerospace engineering i e 480 senior design 32+3p the aerospace engineering program prepares students for a range of professional engineering careers in aerospace and related professions the aerospace engineering curriculum covers the

214 course descriptions • 2015-2016 c e 457 foundation design 32+3p application of principles of classical soil mechanics to the design of shallow and deep foundations and the fundamentals of geotechnical site investigation prerequisites c e 357 c e 459 geomechanics and rock engineering 32+3p application of rock mechanics principles to the design and construction of structures in and on rock including design of rock support systems rock slopes and blasting/excavation techniques prerequisites c e 357 pre corequisites c e 457 c e 460 site investigation 32+2p investigation and characterization of surficial and subsurface geologic materials and ground water for civil engineering projects includes exploration program drilling and sampling rock and soil classification and logging groundwater monitoring profiles and preparation of geotechnical reports prerequisites c e 357 pre/corequisites c e 457 c e 469 structural systems 32+3p design of structural systems for building

250 course descriptions • 2015-2016 fwce 440 wildlife habitat relationships 3 the study of wildlife-habitat relationships primarily seeks to describe how the distribution and abundance of resources used for food cover and security and constraints on the use of these resources influence the distribution of animals this course will cover aspects of animal behavior related to how animals select habitat theoretical models of habitat selection the influence of inter-and intra-specific interactions on habitat selection habitat quality study designs for wildlife-habitat studies modeling habitat selection and data analyses taught with fwce 540 consent of instructor required restricted to fwce majors fwce 447 wildlife law and policy 3 this course will provide students with an overview of wildlife law in the united states wildlife law will be examined from several foci including why it exists what it is intended to accomplish where it comes from what forms it takes and how it changes

286 course descriptions • 2015-2016 p e 270 special topics 1-3 specific subjects to be announced in the schedule of classes each offering will carry appropriate subtitle may be repeated for a maximum of 4 credits p e 276 intermediate aqua aerobics 1 a continuation of basic fitness to increase knowledge of the human body s responses to exercise enhance the level of muscular development and cardiovascular endurance through exercise in water p e 299 intermediate yoga 1 intermediate training and skill techniques in yoga prerequisites pe 199 or consent of instructor p e 310 advanced weight training theory and practice 3 for men and women who wish to continue weight training and learn principles of strength training p e 336 scuba diving 2 prerequisites 1/4 mile continuous swim 20-minute survival float 75 foot underwater swim and towing a person 100 yards medical exam required p e 401 advanced scuba diving 21+3p provides divers a structured means to explore special diving

322 course descriptions • 2015-2016 cmt 250 advanced graphics for digital media 32+2p advanced techniques in design and creation of high-level 2d animations and interactive interfaces for web multimedia and video prerequisite cmt 150 may be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits cmt 251 gaming platform and standards 32+2p focus on the different gaming platforms and their corresponding gaming demographics and standards may be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits prerequisite cmt 200 cmt 252 game tools and techniques 3 cr 2+2p focus on the different engines and gaming technologies that power the games of today may be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits prerequisite cmt 200 cmt 253 history of animation 3 exploration of animation as art form and industry material spans from the roots of animation before film technology to modern commercial and artistic animated productions restricted to community colleges only cmt 254 history of media design 3 an introduction to the principles

new mexico state university academic calendar 2015-2016 fall semester 2015 august 19 december 11 2015 campus housing opens august 16 faculty report august 17 fall convocation august 18 instruction begins august 19 late registration august 19 last day to add a course august 20 without instructor’s permission deadline for filing degree application august 28 students meeting requirements at end of fall last day to add a course august 28 instructor’s permission required labor day holiday september 7 last day to drop course with “w” october 19 except courses carrying designated dates last day to withdraw from the university november 13 thanksgiving holiday for students november 23-27 exam week december 7-11 last day of classes december 11 commencement december 12 campus housing closes december 12 final grades due december 15 spring semester 2016 january 20 may 13 2016 faculty report january 14 curriculum study improvement of instruction january 14-15 campus