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general information 5 aggie pathway students enrolling through nmsu–dona ana have access to nmsu–las cruces on-campus housing dining and activities for more information go to http aggiepathways.nmsu.edu or call 575-646-8011 dual credit for high school students the dual credit program is designed to give high school students an opportunity to enroll at nmsu prior to high school graduation students must be either a junior or senior in high school and enrolled in one-half or more of the minimum course requirements approved by the following • public education department in a new mexico public school district • locally chartered and state chartered charter school • state-supported school • be in physical attendance at a bureau of indian education-funded high school at least three documented contact hours per day under senate bill 158 signed by the governor and effective july 1 2014 support for dual credit privileges at post-secondary institutions is

college of agricultural consumer and environmental sciences 41 option applied biology/preprofessional the applied biology option prepares you for professional advancement including admittance to medical dental veterinary and graduate schools students interested in the health professions must register with the health professional advisory committee no later than the sophomore year students should check the specific entrance requirements for the professional or graduate school of their choice prior to selecting electives within this option required courses bche 341 survey of biochemistry chem 313 chem 314 chem 315 organic chemistry i organic chemistry ii organic chemistry laboratory math 190g trigonometry and precalculus math 191g phys 211g phys 211gl calculus and analytic geometry i general physics i general physics i laboratory two courses from the following ansc 370 anatomy and physiology of farm animals biol 312 plant taxonomy biol 330 comparative anatomy and embryology biol 354

college of arts and sciences 77 emphasis area 18 cr phys 216g nine credits must be upper-division see advisor for approval departmental requirements chem 115 principles of chemistry i chem 116 and principles of chemistry ii chem 111g or general chemistry i chem 112g general chemistry ii chem 217 and general chemistry iii chem 313 chem 314 chem 315 organic chemistry i organic chemistry ii organic chemistry laboratory chem 356 chem 357 descriptive inorganic chemistry synthetic inorganic laboratory 4 cr 3+3p 4 cr 3+3p 4 cr 3+3p 4 cr 3+3p 3 cr 2+3p phys 221g phys 222g chem 371 analytical chemistry chem 431 chem 443 physical chemistry senior seminar three additional chemistry credits bche 341 or bche 395 can be used for electives but chem 310v will not count electives sufficient to bring total credits to 120 including 48 upper-division degree bachelor of science major biochemistry requirements nondepartmental requirements a st 311 statistical applications biol 211g cellular and organismal

college of arts and sciences 113 music in addition the bm degree may lead to positions as professional entertainers or teachers at the college and university levels or lead to music related work in the business world option instrumental performance requirements – basic music and performance 91 credits music theory and ear training 19 credits mus 103 ear training i mus 105 music theory i mus 203 ear training iii mus 205 music theory iii mus 104 ear training ii mus 106 music theory ii mus 204 ear training iv mus 206 music theory iv mus 413 form and analysis 1 cr 3 cr 1 cr 3 cr 1 cr 3 cr 1 cr 3 cr 3 cr history and literature 15 credits mus 202 an introduction to world music jazz and music research mus 207 music history and literature antiquity thorugh baroque mus 302 music history and literature classic through romantic mus 303 music history and literature 20th century through the present one 400-level music history courses 3 cr 3 cr 3 cr 3 cr 3 cr techniques 14 credits mus

148 new mexico state university 2016-2017 undergraduate catalog c graduates will have the ability to design a system component or process in more than one civil engineering context to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic environmental social political ethical health and safety constructability and sustainability area iv social and behavioral sciences select 6-9 credits students must complete 15 total credits from area iv and v with at least six credits from each area including econ 251 or econ 252 as an area iv course economics political science psychology 3-6 cr sociology and anthropology electives d graduates will have the ability to function on multi-disciplinary teams see the required courses section of the catalog for a full list of courses e graduates will have the ability to identify formulate and solve engineering problems by applying knowledge of four technical areas appropriate to civil engineering f graduates will have an understanding of

184 new mexico state university 2016-2017 undergraduate catalog ansc 288 horse fitting and selling 3 cr ansc 320 equine behavior and training 3 cr 6p preparation of horses for sale planning and conduct of auction sale application of marketing principles relating to selling horses prerequisite ansc 103 or consent of instructor basic principles methods and philosophies of handling breaking and training the two-year-old western horse may be repeated up to 6 credits prerequisites ansc 290 or consent of instructor ansc 289 management of equine operations 3 cr ansc 321 advanced equine behavior and training 3 cr 6p introduction and application of business skills necessary to effectively manage the equine operation students will learn how to use strategic thinking and sound business management practices to succeed in the demanding equine industry prerequisites ansc 103 or consent of instructor continuation of ansc 320 further development of skills required to advance the training of

220 new mexico state university 2016-2017 undergraduate catalog danc 235 bronze international standard 2 cr this is the style of ballroom dance that is performed around the globe and is featured in the world dancesport championships learn the bronze level figures and techniques in five 5 international style dances waltz tango viennese waltz foxtrot quickstep students will focus on understanding technical elements of dance memorizing and performing routines may be repeated up to 8 credits consent of instructor required prerequisites danc 225 restricted to las cruces campus only danc 269 dancesport choreography i 2 cr an introduction to the process and theory behind creating original choreography for both performance and competition level dance with focus on the individual couple gain necessary skills knowledge and practice in choreographing ballroom latin swing /or nightclub dance routines in various practical settings consent of instructor required restricted to las cruces campus

course descriptions 255 hist 391 twentieth century world history 3 cr includes globalization imperialism world wars i and ii and the changing roles of europe the cold war decolonization the rise and collapse of communism new social and intellectual movements and the growing roles of east asia india latin america africa and the middle east thematic examples hist 392 tudor-stuart england 1485-1715 3 cr british history from 1485-1715,including the development of the monarchy and parliament the protestant reformation the english civil war and restoration and culture and society hist 394 victorian and edwardian britain 1815-1914 3 cr evolution of constitutional monarchy industrialism and imperialism repose and reform increased influence of an intellectual elite and the emergence of the labor party hist 395 from rule britannia to cool britannia twentieth-century britain 3 cr including hunter-gatherer pastoral and farming/fishing peoples in addition contemporary issues facing modern

course descriptions 291 emergencies as well as the role various sectors have in responding to them one purpose of this online course is to introduce students to the basics of disaster preparedness and responding to disasters and to build a base for further development in responder training the course provides training and resources for a basic understanding of the incident command system ics and national incident management system nims phls 486 special topics 3 cr specific subjects to be announced in the schedule of classes may be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits phls 490 independent study 1-6 cr phys 204 supplemental instruction to phys 214 5-1 cr optional workshop as a supplement to phys 214 the tutorial sessions focus on reasoning and hands-on problem solving may be repeated up to 1 credits corequisites phys 214 phys 205 supplemental instruction to phys 215g 5-1 cr optional workshop as a supplement to phys 215g the tutorial sessions focus on reasoning and hands-on

community college course descriptions 327 chef culinary arts chef 101 culinary arts kitchen orientation 3 cr provides students with basic information and skills necessary for success in the culinary arts program students learn basic kitchen routines safety and sanitation professional conduct and deportment standard kitchen calculations knife handling and are introduced to the laboratories for initial cooking experiences restricted to community colleges campuses only chef 125 introductory cake decorating 1 cr 2p introduction to the professional cake decorating techniques used by pastry chefs basic skills of piping a variety of icings into different patterns are taught prerequisites consent of instructor restricted to community colleges campuses only chef 126 intermediate cake decorating 1 cr 2p introduction to more advanced professional cake decorating techniques used by pastry chefs fondant work and more complex decorating schemes are taught prerequisites chef 125 restricted

362 new mexico state university 2016-2017 undergraduate catalog weld 110 blueprint reading welding 3 cr weld 180 gtaw ii 3 cr 2+2p interpretation of prints related to welding emphasis on aws standard symbols for welding brazing and nondestructive examination continuation of weld 140 development of more advanced gtaw skills emphasis on pipe welding with mild steel stainless steel and aluminum prerequisite weld 140 or consent of instructor weld 112 professional development and leadership 1 cr as members and/or officers of various student professional organizations students gain experience in leadership team building and community service students competing or participating in skills usa are required to register for the course may be repeated up to 6 credits consent of instructor required restricted to weld majors s/u grading s/u audit restricted to community colleges only weld 190 welded art 3 cr 1+4p weld 115 structural welding ii 6 cr 3+6p continued application of weld bead