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twentyfive years young

twentyfive years young collection we are twenty-five so our strength does not come from tradition but from our attitude of questioning existing rules of trying alternative ways with the aim of simplifying everyone’s movements as young people who enter the second phase of their life at 25 we keep pursuing our dream of a future without barriers with more maturity and the same passion with our limited edition transmitters dedicated to nice s 25 years we wanted to celebrate our origins the control electronics that contributed to nice s success right from the start our passion for design and creativity and our constant commitment to creating products conceived for people s comfort black flowers henri yellow blue bird autumn leaves paul

nice intikit 25yy collection nice era p 25yy collection universal control system for all types of gate and garage door kit with 3 inti 225yy transmitters and 1 ox2 receiver portable transmitters to control awnings blinds and rolling shutters easy to programme even at a distance thanks to the opera receivers without having to be near the system you can enable a new inti transmitter in two different ways • using a transmitter already enabled in the receiver thanks to identity code exchange between the two • by the nice o-box multifunction interface which activates the certificate of the receiver by simply placing the new inti near the o-box and launching the guided procedure from a pc or pda ideal for blocks of flats and multi-user installations inti transmitters can also be used as elegant colourful key-rings thanks to the cord included in the pack 433,92 mhz rolling code with self-learning identity code and certificate management and built-in proximity reader with 72 bit

nice easy solutions for home and building automation and control systems for gates garage doors awnings blinds roller shutters and alarm systems with integrated management through smart intuitive interfaces practical functional and elegant solutions for the ideal way to live every space nice spa oderzo tv italy www.niceforyou.com nice cares for the environment by using recycled paper it avoids excessive use of raw materials and forest exploitation waste is reduced energy is saved and climate quality is improved our products and our technologies are protected with patents design models and brands all violations will be prosecuted 2018-04/00/en • the information shown in this publication is purely indicative nice reserves the right to make any modifications to the products as it sees fit product design roberto gherlenda technology as simple as a