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nice intikit 25yy collection nice era p 25yy collection universal control system for all types of gate and garage door kit with 3 inti 225yy transmitters and 1 ox2 receiver portable transmitters to control awnings blinds and rolling shutters easy to programme even at a distance thanks to the opera receivers without having to be near the system you can enable a new inti transmitter in two different ways • using a transmitter already enabled in the receiver thanks to identity code exchange between the two • by the nice o-box multifunction interface which activates the certificate of the receiver by simply placing the new inti near the o-box and launching the guided procedure from a pc or pda ideal for blocks of flats and multi-user installations inti transmitters can also be used as elegant colourful key-rings thanks to the cord included in the pack 433,92 mhz rolling code with self-learning identity code and certificate management and built-in proximity reader with 72 bit o-code encoding also compatible with receivers with nice flor encoding secure if a transmitter is stolen or lost it can be replaced through the o-box maintaining the same functions as before and the old transmitter can be disabled by increasing the priority level on the new inti code description intikit 25yy kit with 3 inti 25yy two-channel 433.92 mhz transmitters and 1 ox2 receiver decorative themes black flowers henri yellow and blue bird pcs pack 1 transmitter technical specifications to control one automation or group of automations 433.92 mhz rolling code with self-learning extended operating autonomy two aaa 1.5 v alkaline batteries long range 200 m in open space 35 m indoors ergonomic design intuitive use and practical wall support as standard easy programming the same transmitter can be programmed in a number of awnings blinds or rolling shutters to create groups new transmitters can be duplicated remotely and automatically just by placing the new transmitter next to the one already programmed and pressing a key code description p1/25yya p1/25yyb portable transmitter to control 1 electrical load system or automation group theme autumn leaves portable transmitter to control 1 electrical load system or automation group theme paul stripes pcs pack 1 1 technical specification carrier frequency estimated range encoding power supply battery life protection class dimensions weight 433.92 mhz 150 m outdoors 30 m indoors 72 bit o-code rolling code 3 vdc cr2032 lithium battery 2 years with 10 transmissions per day ip40 use in protected environments 30x56x9 h mm 14 g transmitter range and receiver reception capacity may be affected by any devices operating on the same frequency in the area p1/25yya p1/25yyb code power supply vdc battery lifetime frequency protection class ip average range m alkaline batteries 2 x aaa 1.5 v about 2 years with 10 transmissions per day 433.92 mhz ± 100 khz 40 use in the home or in protected environments estimated average range 200 in open space 35 indoors radio encoding operating temperature °c min/max dimensions mm weight g rolling code o-code -5 ÷ +55 49x150x14 85 prog easy and automatic duplication by simply placing the two transmitters near each other esc intuitive programming procedure using the keys on the back of the transmitter handy wall support as standard.