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the range of nice era photocells becomes even wider with reflective and wireless

nice era photocells the new medium sized optical devices with reflective and wireless technologies complete the range of nice photocells making it easier and quicker to ensure the safety of automation systems three different sizes of synchronised photocell to satisfy all needs and complete the safety and comfort of every automation system even the most complex epmor easier faster installation epmow fast flexible installation only the main photocell requires wiring and not the reflective mirror combined with the ibw interface they ensure the safety of automation systems no need to do any building works or electrical configuration with optional led module slim medium large slim photocells eps medium photocells epm large photocells epl synchronized photocells also in burglar-resistant version fixed or positionable synchronised photocells including in anti-intrusion reflective and wireless version fixed or positionable synchronized photocells also in recessed

nice nice era photocell m reflective era photocell m wireless medium synchronised photocells with reflective technology medium synchronised photocells with wireless technology fast easy installation no need for wiring to connect the accessories to the control unit or to create routing and cable ducts just position them in the right place and perform the control unit recognition procedure the devices interface with the control unit through an ultra-compact dedicated interface module ibw which can be housed directly in the motor or control unit if separate fast flexible installation up to 7 devices with nice bluebus technology can be connected to the same ibw interface built-in led light the optional elmm led light can be installed in the epmor photocell to illuminate the transit area act as a flashing light or provide diagnostic indications fast simple installation only the main photocell requires wiring and not the reflective mirror safe d type device according to specification

nice easy solutions for home and building systems for the automation and control of gates garage doors blinds shutters and alarm systems with integrated management using smart and intuitive interfaces practical functional and elegant solutions to help you enjoy your living spaces to the full nice spa oderzo tv italy www.niceforyou.com nice cares for the environment using natural paper it avoids excessive use of raw materials and forest exploitation waste is reduced energy is saved and climate quality is improved our products and technologies are protected with patents and design trademark registrations any violation of our rights will be legally prosecuted • the information shown in this publication is purely indicative nice reserves the right to make any modifications to the products as it sees fit product design roberto gherlenda technology as simple as a