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nice era photocells slim medium large slim photocells eps synchronized photocells also in burglar-resistant version medium photocells epm fixed or positionable synchronized photocells also in burglar-proof version large photocells epl fixed or positionable synchronized photocells also in recessed version

era light flashing signalling light el wireless flashing signalling light llw digital and key operated selectors transponder proximity readers a complete series also with the new burglar-resistant body versions and for recessed mounting with a minimum projection of 13 mm ideal for concealed mounting wireless digital selector 13 keys for a completely wireless system and a greater chance of programming for every need transponder proximity reader for cards and badges with customized programming easy programming of the internal memory up to 255 cards/badges may be inserted in each reader for access management also in the larger communities era light flashing available with 24 vdc and 12 vdc power supply solar version with integrated photovoltaic panel and high efficiency led light

nice era

photocells code epm epmo technical specification description pair of outdoor photocells pair of outdoor photocells 30° positionable pcs pack 1 1 estimated range m power supply photocell adjustability absorption ma epm photocells with nice bluebus technology code description epmb pair of outdoor photocells for connections via nice bluebus network epmob pair of outdoor photocells 30° positionable for connections via nice bluebus network pcs pack 1 1 epmo epma photocells burglar-resistant metal body with nice bluebus technology code description epmab pair of outdoor photocells for connections via nice bluebus network burglar-resistant metal body 25 rx 30 tx accessories code ib description interface for photocell bluebus connection to non prepared stations dimensions mm weight g 140 50x38x80 h 160 50x31x80 h 480 30° approx on the all axes 50x38x80 h 530 30° approx on the all axes 44 -20 +50 max 500 ma and 48 v pcs pack 1 technical specifications with nice bluebus technology

nice era

era keypad with a mou handheld or o-box interface you can manage easily any kind of programming of the bm1000 memory in proximity of the system or also at a distance directly from the office of the installer mou and o-box are interfaced with the pc thus allowing an orderly storing of all installations 12 key digital selector also with nice bluebus technology available in the recessed mounting version wafer-thin extremely strong metal body 27 millimetres depth and only 13 mm from the wall for the recessed mounting version safe the combination is a 1 to 9 digit number this allows the generation of 999,999,999 possible combinations nice bluebus technology available with bluebus system which allows an easy connection to the control unit of all devices with only two wires by simply connecting them in parallel and other exclusive functions • 2 keys for the activation of two different commands chosen among 6 available ones for example step operation close open depending on the control

proximity reader code etp morx bm1000 technical specification description proximity reader for transponder cards mocard and mocardp to be combined with the morx decoder decoder for 1 etp or up to 4 eds/edsi connected in parallel with 1 bm1000 memory for 255 combinations additional memory for additional 255 combinations proximity reader with nice bluebus technology code description etpb proximity reader for transponder cards with nice bluebus technology accessories code mocard mocardp hsb1 description transponder card programmable via handheld mou or obox transponder card programmable via handheld mou with sequential coding for multiple entry transponder badge newly programmable via handheld mou with sequential coding for multiple entry pcs pack 1 1 etp description acquisition distance cm protection class ip dimensions mm weight g mocard mocardp and hsb1 reader 3-6 54 70x26x70 h 265 5 pcs pack 1 pcs pack 10 morx storage capacity range relè power supply 2 bm1000 for max 510 mocard

nice solemyo air net system smart system recognizes if the interference originates from another nice wireless automation in this case the “newly” installed automation selects two channels for communication different from the ones selected for the previous automation and keeps separated the channels used by the two systems in the lower section each device has a led indicating signal quality and correct operation of the system allowing to assess immediately the state of the system in case of errors or during the start-up phase many benefits fast installation accessories do not need to be cabled to the central control unit and there is no need for passageways or ducts it is sufficient to position and have the control unit acquire the newly installed device the devices are interfaced with the control unit via a very small special interface module which can be housed directly inside the motor or the control unit if this is separate era photocell solemyo solemyo era light

easy solutions for home and building for awnings blinds and shutters for alarm systems nice offers simple and reliable solutions for the management of a lot of points of light automations and electrical loads for garage doors for sliding gates swing gates and road

nice spa oderzo tv italia ph +39.0422.85.38.38 find out more about nice products and services on the website industrial doors systems for the automation of industrial applications sectional and rolling doors high speed doors and dock levellers nice cares for the environment using natural paper it avoids excessive use of raw materials and forest exploitation waste is reduced energy is saved and climate quality is improved home systems integrated management of home alarm and automation systems lighting a full range of devices for total lighting control the information shown in this publication is purely indicative nice reserves the right to make any modifications to the products as it sees fit screen systems for the automation of blinds awnings and sun screens the easiest way to get the right light eradep/en/00/02-15 gate&door systems for the automation of gates garage doors and barriers concept wurbs product design roberto gherlenda printed by