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for alarm systems for shutters and venetian blinds for lighting systems for indoor and outdoor awnings garage door opener for

perimeter protection for doors and windows mynice offers a comprehensive range of movement detectors that lets you build a system that is tailored to suit your home no matter its shape or size everything under control even at a distance at the sound of the alarm or on request the nice photopir detector will take photographs of the surrounding area and send these over the wi-fi network to the control unit the control unit then saves the images and sends them to the user the colour camera with an integrated flash allows you to identify the subject being photographed even in the dark and up to a distance of 8 metres practical detectors for safety in the home the anti-masking function ensures even tighter security signalling any attempts to tamper with the detector whilst the pet immunity function will trigger the alarm when the presence of small animals is detected their presence will go undetected however if they are taller than a specific level above the ground to avoid false alarms

ease of use for the user mynice control units provide an integrated management solution for the alarm system and radio automations connected to nice such as awnings shutters gates garage doors lighting systems and other electrical loads mynice is easy to use and simple to program thanks to the touchscreen gsm status wi-fi mains power status and battery charging status in the event of power outage quick activation by area customisable buttons for quick access to commands for the alarm system automations and scenes real-time images sent by connected ip cameras and the photopir detector main screen 18 mynice 2018 view and manage connected automations time programmer weekly and daily system programming and scene

technical data code connection type radio transmission protection rating ip areas wireless alarm inputs detector programming mncuc wired and wireless dual band gfsk mhz 433.54-433.92 and mhz 868.30-868.94 40 6 99 including outdoor sirens and keypads directly from the control unit and configurable in 7 different ways immediate delayed and configurable as 24 h panic zone emergency technical remote controls transponder keys keypads wired inputs wired alarm siren output relay output timers event log tamper protection field meter timer built-in siren pstn telephone dialler phone book numbers gsm telephone dialler sms remote controllable 32 32 8 8 1 2 64 500 yes yes yes yes optional mnpstn 64 optional mngsm only with the optional mngsm module yes with the control unit set to client mode and with the wi-fi connected to the internet with dtmf via the pstn and/or gsm module sms with gsm module digital protocols power supply supervision electrical insulation backup battery power output autonomy

choosing the right type of detector mynice offers a wide range of detectors to provide effective coverage for any space the size of the room that you want to protect the presence of small animals and the areas that have to be walked through are all aspects that need to be considered when choosing the right detector mnpirlraa mndtlraa mnpirlraa coverage area mnpirpet mnpirpetaa mnpirpet and mnpirpetaa coverage area plan view 10 2 8 0 6 4 6 4 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 2 h depending of specific situation 0 2 2 0 6 m 0 mnpirpet mnpirpetaa 4 plan view 6 10 4 90° 2 8 plan view vertical view vertical view 10 2 2 8 0 0 m 0 6 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 h depending of specific situation plan 4 view vertical view 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 vertical view mnpir detector 2 0 0 2 plan view vertical view 90°

nome mngb glass breakage easy to install as soon as you insert the batteries into the detector the control unit will automatically recognise the device you can easily configure the detector’s parameters from the control unit itself by following the guided procedure magnetic detector new new new new new new microphone glass breakage and door/window opening detector via bidirectional dual band radio with magnetic contact maximum security featuring a microphone device that detects sound frequencies generated by glass breakage mngb is ideal for boosting protection of glass doors and windows the detector is also protected against opening and removal code mngb description microphone glass breakage detector bidirectional dual band radio with built-in magnetic contact 861021 3v cr123a battery reliable you can use the mynice world app to check the status of the device’s battery level at any time and set up warning notifications when it needs to be charged in addition the detector

nice for your comfort nice makes your life easier raising and lowering the awnings dimming the lights managing security and creating customised scenes to experience your day the way you want all integrated into one nice system for a home that functions in harmony with natural light and your family’s routine practical and stylish stylish and versatile transmitters free-standing or wall mounted to have your entire home at your fingertips with the nice control systems via radio you’re spoilt for choice versatile electronics nice tag system miniaturised transmitters and control units concealed inside classic wall plates are ideal for renovating and updating existing home automation management systems without needing to replace the existing system or to carry out building work

era nomep series new new new new new just one click away from the perfect lighting any time the sun for you control buttons which are indicated by their corresponding leds can enable and disable the reception of automatic commands sent by the system’s climate sensors new portable radio transmitters to control awnings shutters and lights with on-off and dimmer functions also fitted with a slide dimmer to adjust the light 1 and 6 channel versions to control up to 6 groups either separately in a group or in a multiple group as well as separate enabling of the climate sensors 433.92 mhz rolling code with auto-recognition ergonomic design and intuitive to use 60 mynice 2018 the era p vario version features a slide for analogue control of the dimmer function and allows you to adjust light intensity easy to program it can memorise the same transmitter for various awnings and shutters to create groups the memo group function enables you to pull up the last multiple group used it can

tag system tt1 with a 433.92 mhz built-in radio receiver with more than 4.5 trillion combinations auto-recognition of transmitters from the era and niceway series and of the niceway nemo nemo vibe and volo s-radio climate sensors mindy tt1 miniaturised radio receivers and control units with feed-through installation tt1n for awnings and shutters tt1v for venetian blinds for motors of up to 500 w can memorise up to 30 transmitters if the command is activated for less than 2 seconds the motor runs for the same length of time as the command adjusting the angle of the venetian blinds if the command lasts for longer the complete opening or closing manoeuvre is performed maximum flexibility in controlling the motor with 2 transmitter memorisation modes mode i up stop down mode ii step by step up only down only stop internal connection terminal ip55 protection manages the new nemo and volo s-radio sensors for synchronised commands cycle time can be programmed from a minimum of 4”

technology as simple as a gesture nice easy solutions for home and building automation and control systems for gates garage doors awnings shutters and alarm systems through integrated management using intelligent and intuitive interfaces practical functional and stylish solutions to optimise the living experience throughout the home nice spa oderzo tv italia nice cares for the environment it uses natural paper to help save raw materials and prevent exploitation of forests waste is reduced energy is saved and climate quality is improved catmynice18/en/00/18 • the information presented in this brochure is for information purposes only nice reserves the right to make any changes to the products that it deems necessary product design roberto gherlenda mynice integrated management of the home alarm system and automations catalogue