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deterrence and prevention for a safer home mynice guarantees top safety and protection for your home preventing intrusions even before they occur 3 1 2 1 2 photopir and notification the system warns you if entry or movement in the monitored area is detected and the nice photopir detector sends you a detailed image in real time voice siren if someone approaches your house the voice messages emitted by the siren warn them that the area is protected by an alarm system pre-alarm alarmed area keep away deterrence a complete range to facilitate integration wireless and mixed wireless and wired with touch screen and easy intuitive navigation menu local and remote management transmitter with four icon keys wall-mounted or portable keypad transponder badge and ios and android app with nice you re spoilt for choice deterrence and warning outdoor and indoor siren with voice messages and built-in flashing light alarm warning and sound from sirens as soon as someone forces a window or door to enter your home the sirens are activated and the system informs you and the police of the intrusion professionalism and service the added value of nice specialists a highly qualified team of professionals provides complete support during design and installation to create a system made-to-measure for your home control units 3 safety and protection wide range of volumetric and magnetic contact detectors for installation indoors or in protected outdoor environments to find your nearest nice installer visit the site