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nicepatio the smart and silent solution for pergola

nice the pergola becomes smart with nice a complete pergola control system with climate management of light freezing wind and rain and you can even regulate the pergola lighting thanks to the built-in led light control with nicepatio you can freely customise functioning of the pergola and the lighting giving priority to comfort patio is a powerful linear operator easy to integrate into the structure of the pergola thanks to its short compact design and it s highly resistant to the effects of atmospheric agents it operates silently and is 100 comfortable to use the compact patiocontrol control unit is also easy to install in the structure of the pergola it automatically regulates opening and closing of the slats and automatically calculates the operating time the control unit can also manage the pergola lighting thanks to a lighting module with four outputs each output can control a led light with on/off dimmer

nicepatio includes a temperature sensor and can prevent damage caused by freezing when the built-in temperature sensor detects a temperature below 2°c the pergola slats are opened by 3° to prevent them from freezing in the completely closed position additional climatic sensors can also be connected to the control unit the nemo climatic sensor allows the position of the slats to be adjusted according to sun wind and rain conditions when the sun is shining nicepatio can automatically orient the slats in the closed position to protect plants and the area beneath if on the other hand you want to allow the sun to light the pergola area you can disable this function manually with the sun for you button on the era p transmitter when there is a strong wind the slats are opened to avoid damage caused by wind resistance when nemo detects rain the patiocontrol control unit closes the slats immediately when the rain stops the control unit facilitates drying of the pergola roof by opening

nice patio 24v code description patio1515 linear actuator with 1500 n pulling force adn 24vdc supply power pcs pack 1 patiokit1515 kit composed by linear actuator with 1500 n pulling force control unit and temperature sensor 1 certificates linear actuator for pergola slats automation technical specification patio1515 code electrical specifications power supply vdc current draw a power w performance force n speed mm/s noise dba stroke travel mm duty cycle protection level ip dimensional data operating temperature c° min/max weight of motor kg 24 approx 2.3 55 1500 6,5 60 150 s3 15 65 -10 60 1,5 power cable powerful electromechanical and compact linear actuator cable length 1,5 m 2 wires in cable negative positive powerful and sturdy motor with a pulling force up to 1500 n silent operations minimum vibrations for maximum acoustic comfort with less than 60 dba noise level simple installation thanks to the pre-wired connection cable dimensions 100 mm short and compact thanks to its

radio 24v patiocontrol patio operator and led light control unit code description patiocontrol control unit for patios 24vdc pcs pack 1 patiolps240 240w power supply module 1 patiosensort patiocontrol temperature sensor 1 certificates technical specification temperature sensor code electrical specifications power supply current draw a power w performance protection level ip radio system light module temperature sensor radio frequency mhz dimensional data dimensions mm colour operating temperature °c min/max patiocontrol patiolps240 24 vdc 1.5 200 100-305 vac 142 431 vdc 1.2 2.2 65 nice nrc radio system 24v led lights 4 light channels frost and snow recognition 433 67 190 x 75 x 75 silver grey -20 50 244 x 71 x 37,5 white -40 90 240 1.2 a at 277 vac 2.2 a at 115 vac the control unit with built-in radio receiver and led light control module can manage up to two linear motors and four led lights patiocontrol dimensions installation diagram 1 built-in radio the pergola slats can

nice era p serie code description p1v portable transmitter to control 1 electrical load system with slider dimmer or 1 automation group pcs pack 1 p6sv portable transmitter to control 6 systems of electrical loads or automation groups for activation in single or multigroup mode with slider dimmer and sun on/off keys 1 portable to control patio awnings blinds rolling shutters and lights technical specification p1v p6sv code selection leds group selection keys up stop down power supply vdc battery lifetime frequency protection class ip average range m alkaline batteries 2 x aaa x1.5 v about 2 years with 10 transmissions per day 433.92 mhz ± 100 khz 40 use in the home or in protected environments estimated average range 200 in open space 35 indoors radio coding operating temperature °c min/max dimensions mm weight g rolling code o-code -5 +55 49x150x14 85 “sun for you” keys to turn sun sensors on and off slider for dimmer function prog p1v portable radio transmitters

nemo wsrt srt code description nemo wsct nemo srt radio-controlled wind-sun-rain sensor powered by mains electricity radio-controlled sun-rain sensor powered by mains electricity n.b nemo may not be compatible with motors produced before june 2004 wind-sun-rain sensor adjustable nemo can be installed on surfaces sloping at different angles rain sensor sun sensor technical specification wind sensor radio-controlled wind-sun-rain and sun-rain sensor powered by mains electricity available in two versions • with wind-sun-rain sensor • with sun-rain sensor extended duration thanks to the latest generation built-in sensor in teflon-coated ceramic to ensure exceptional resistance to atmospheric agents practical thanks to the automatic calibration the sensor adapts to the various ambient conditions safe and reliable the built-in heating element avoids misinterpretations of weather conditions caused by the build-up of humidity the sensor is powered by mains electricity

nice easy solutions for home and building systems for the automation and control of gates garage doors blinds shutters and alarm systems with integrated management using smart and intuitive interfaces practical functional and elegant solutions to help you enjoy your living spaces to the full nice spa oderzo tv italy nice cares for the environment using natural paper it avoids excessive use of raw materials and forest exploitation waste is reduced energy is saved and climate quality is improved our products and technologies are protected with patents and design trademark registrations any violation of our rights will be legally prosecuted • the information shown in this publication is purely indicative nice reserves the right to make any modifi cations to the products as it sees fit product design roberto gherlenda technology as simple as a