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our new advanced but user friendly control systems let you operate awnings roller shutters and sun screens as and when you want with just one click

touch screen controller with timer-programmer function with nice you really can relax away from home our practical wireless transmitters let you close all the shutters simultaneously when you leave home and open them again when you return our nice touch controller integrates all your home’s systems and makes it impossible to forget to close gates or garage doors a timer-programmer function lets you decide when and how you want to activate home automation systems you can program awnings and roller shutters to operate even while you are away from home give potential intruders the impression that somebody is always

with niceway sensor everything can be automated wherever you are the temperature sensor automatically adjusts the position of roller shutters and awnings to keep indoor light levels within desired limits closing them if the light gets too intense and opening them if the light becomes dim install it wherever you want anywhere in the room even on glass using the transparent support

the most elegant and discrete control system nice receivers hidden behind normal wall plates are the ideal solution for refurbishment projects and for modernising older systems they provide efficient control over home automation systems and lights without you having to rewire or replaster tt2d tt2n m m ttx4

intelligent control nice solutions improve indoor comfort and save energy too 100 wire less real savings the sensor is solar powered and does not consume mains electricity weather sensors nice nemo in windy conditions the sensor automatically retracts awnings to avoid damage so your awnings stay looking good for years to come iin sunny conditions the sensor detects strong light and extends the awnings to shade your rooms and stop them getting hot you save money and energy too shaded rooms stay cool and require less air conditioning in rainy conditions nemo sensors reliably and accurately detect climatic parameters and operate the awnings in complete autonomy to suit requirements indoors and the weather outdoors nothing could be easier nice does it for you


the application of nice technology to tubular motors ensures the perfect functioning of your awning and roller shutter automation and delivers an unexpected plus greater security all round perfect movement is guaranteed even in the presence of friction strong springs resist break-in attempts awning tension always perfect stop exclusive obstacle detection technology the intelligent motor protects itself the roller shutter and any objects accidentally left on the windowsill or french window

amazingly versatile control of awning and roller shutter automation with the benefit of an unmistakably nice design wireless connectivity means you can install your wall mounted controller wherever you want you can also choose from a wide range of portable controllers to satisfy all your automation needs wireless solutions for lower installation costs gravity floor-standing lamp by johan lindstén 2012 kindly provided by fontana arte nice makes your home life easier and …

one nice controller is all you need to keep your home’s gate garage door roller shutter awning and blind automation under constant control along with its lighting irrigation and alarm systems wig hanging lamp by chris hardy 2011 kindly provided by fontana arte nice gives you more still discover nice at 98.012/en/00/08-12 contact your nice automation specialist for a free quote or for information on modernising a pre-installed