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make model year door lock single door lock pairs ignition ignition lock barrel lock barrel all locks 2 doors ignition lock switch ignition lock only ignition barrel boot or tailgate lock ignition switch notes hyundai g.m.h commercial rodeo kb 04/82-07/87 ndl1 ndl11 nid180b nib180 nc770 kb 08/87-07/88 ndl1a ndl11a nid185b nib180 nc771 tfr 07/88-04/97 rh ndl1fr ndl11f nid740b nib740 nc771 lh ndl1fl tfr 04/97-02/03 rh ndl1fr ndl11f nid741b nib741 nc771 lh ndl1fl ra 02/03-2009 rh ndl7hr nid742b nib742 lh shuttle 12 ndl7hl 06/81-09/88 ndl1k ndl11k ignition repair kit only nir131 22 sj sedan 01/77-04/79 ndl9a ndl99a nic901 nib901 23 nic901 nib901 23 sy sedan 04/79-12/81 ndl9a ndl99a ac sedan 12/81-12/83 ndl9 ndl99 honda accord ad sedan 12/83-01/86 ca sedan 01/86-10/89 cb sedan 10/89-10/93 cb sedan 10/89-10/93 lh nic901 23 nic902 24 nic911 ndl9 ndl99 nid950b nib950 25 ndl9el ndl99e nid951b nib91 25 ndl99e nid969b rh ndl9er lh ndl9el rh ndl9er lh ndl9el 10/93-12/97 lh ndl9el 10/93-04/96 lh ndl9el nib969 nc922 nid969b nic969 ni969 nib969 nc968 ndl99e nid968b rh ndl9er nid968b 25 58 26 58 nic968 ni968 nib968 nc968 nid968h ndl99e 25 57 26 57 nid969h rh ndl9er ce wagon ni965 nid969h ndl99e rh ndl9er cd sedan nic965 25 26 nic968 ni968 nib968 25 nid968h 26 accord cg sedan 12/97-12/99 ck sedan 01/99-07/04 lh ndl9jl ndl99j rh ndl9jr ndl99j lh ndl9jl ndl99j rh ndl9jr nid970b nib970 25 nid970b nib970 25 civic sa 04/76-08/77 ndl9 ndl99 nic901 sa 08/77-12/79 ndl9 ndl99 nic902 sb 01/80-12/83 ndl9 ndl99 sb 12/83-12/87 ndl9b ndl99b nid904 nic904 nid918b nic908 nid918h note 12 ignition barrel must be programmed to anti-theft system section 1 automotive locks page 90 nib90 nc908 25 26