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lemon catnip nepeta cataria var citrata p/30” bee plant powerful sweet lemon aroma thrills your cats and makes a nice cup of herb tea.grey green foliage upright growth hardy to zone 3 hca123 40 mg pkt $2.25 chamomile german matricaria recutita a/18 best chamomile for teas dry the apple-scented daisy-like flowerheads for teas and hair rinses pick blooms for teas leave a few blossoms to reseed hrb123 250 mg pkt $2.45 1/2 oz $8.95 culantro eryngium foetidum b/8 widely used in central american caribbean and southeast asian cuisine robust cilantro-like flavor holds when cooked forms short rosettes of long leaves best in moist soil partial shade hrb245 20 mg pkt $2.95 cumin cuminum cyminum a/6 bee plant crush dry seeds to add authentic flavor in indian mexican and middle eastern dishes young ferny foliage good addition to salads hrb136 100 mg pkt $1.95 1/2 oz $4.75 chamomile roman chamaemelum nobile p/6 strongly scented superb low-growing ground cover creating an attractive

roma ii bush op 58 days bush romano type has long set the standard for its type dependable richly flavored 6” pods are stringless and butter tender keep them picked for a bumper crop good fresh or frozen vbe625 2 oz pkt $2.95 1/4 lb $4.95 shipping applies on 1/2 lb sizes and over 1/2 lb $7.95 1 lb $13.25 5 lb $38.95 royalty purple pod bush organic op 54 days heirloom tender stringless slightly curved 5 long beans with round pods deep-purple pods turn green when cooked a favorite in western oregon as it germinates and grows in cold wet soil introduced by the late professor elwin meader of university of new hampshire in 1957 vbe105 2 oz pkt $3.25 1/4 lb $5.25 shipping applies on 1/2 lb sizes and over 1/2 lb $8.45 1 lb $13.45 5 lb $39.95 trofeo bush filet op 55 days a lovely dutch selection prized world wide for dark glossy extra slender 5½” green pods strong upright plants are easy to harvest and slow seed development creates a good harvest window multiple disease

chicory seed starting cichorium intybus europeans have long appreciated this remarkable vegetable and today more americans are growing chicory for its piquant taste rinse in warm water to remove any traces of bitterness we love chicory raw in salads or cooked mediterranean style saute in olive oil with lots of chopped garlic add a generous squeeze of lemon before serving easy to grow cold season crop approx 450-700 seeds per gm our kit includes cell trays specify 72 cell or 36 cell tray 1020 flat tray use as a watering tray-seedlings absorb water from roots up no holes in bottom set directly on a heat mat clear dome lid helps maintain consistently warmer temperature for rooting area reusable chicory magdeburg 1020 seed flats chicorium intybus op 120 days heirloom grown chiefly for roots which are dug in late fall or winter these are dried ground and roasted to enjoy as a coffee substitute or as a mellowing addition to coffee such as you may have been served in new orleans large carrot

eggplant solanum melongena needs a rich mellow soil heat and ample moisture during the growing period very productive in containers transplant hardened off plants with a gentle hand approx 6000 seeds per ounce or about 210 seeds per gram black enorma hybrid 75 days 30” tall plants bear a huge load of 1 to 1½ lb glossy jet-black fruits we’ve had many requests for a productive large stuffer and this apparent cross between an italian style and asian type fills that niche veg439 30 seed pkt $2.55 1 gm $6.25 nadia eggplant hybrid 67 days from transplant hybrid 67 days from transplant.beautiful 6-8 long italian type nadia eggplant has glossy dark purple 1 lbs eggplantssets well in cooler temperatures produces into fall.fruits are firm slow to develop seeds with an excellent flavor.said to have some resistance to verticilium.great for grilling and stuffing veg430 30 seed $2.95 ping-tung long op 65 days from transplant heirloom 24 30 plants excellent flavor plants can yield

cracoviensis lettuce organic op 45 days heirloom lovely and unusual lettuce once the plant is ready to produce seed the stem becomes fat and juicy turns deep pink with the edible qualitites of celtuce lightly peel the stalk cut into rounds or two inch sticks use in stir fry or eat raw to enjoy it’s mild taste and cruchy texture harvest the leaves for salad as you would normally the quality is excellent but it will obligingly bolt in warm weather the name derives from krakow poland vlt423 0.5 gm pkt $2.45 jester lettuce organic op 45 days a new variety from the fields of gathering together farm and the talented eye of frank morton we love the flavor ragged leaves and color one of the prettiest lettuces and as morton says”it’s crisp glossy and juicy as an apple perfectly proportioned for a plate or a sandwich flashy red spackles on semi-savoyed leaves with crazy-crisped margins like a jester s attire slow to bolt in any season vlt425 0.5 gm pkt $2.75 lollo rosso

peppers capsicum annuum start seeds indoors 8 to 10 weeks before transplanting outdoors after danger of frost is past and soil has warmed days to maturity indicate days from transplanting into the garden high in beta-carotene bioflavenoids and anti-oxidants tmv tobacco mosaic virus resistant approx 4500 seeds per ounce or 155 seeds per gram sweet peppers beaver dam hot pepper op heirloom 60 days green 80 days red moderately spicy 6” long tapered fruits are fresh or cooked brought from hungary to beaver dam wi in 1912 by the joe hussu this fine heirloom nearly disappeared until seed savers members began sharing seed now on the slow foods ark of taste it is becoming recognized for excellent flavor versatility crunchy texture and mild flavor when seeds are removed fruits mature from lime green to red vpp435 25 seeds $2.45 california wonder pepper op 75 days heirloom large 4 thickfleshed blocky emerald-green fruits ripen to scarlet red very mild and sweet good salad or stuffing

daikon radishes long asian radish use for pickles salads or stir-fry relish cross hybrid 60 days the top-selling daikon in japan in optimum conditions roots grow 15 and weigh over 1.5 lb non-pithy sow from late spring to early fall harvest fall to early winter use in stir fry or salads vra456 2 gm pkt $2.65 1/2 oz $10.95 tokinashi op 65 days heirloom all season radish white crisp firm roots 1 long 3 diameter crisp fine grained and pungent sow any month where temperatures are above freezing vra382 3.5 gm pkt $2.65 1 oz $10.95 specialty radishes red meat raphanus sativus shinrimei op 60 days also known as watermelon radish white-andgreen skin with juicy bright rosy red flesh harvest at 4 for salads pickling and cooking sow in late summer for fall and winter harvest vra378 3.5 gm pkt $2.55 1 oz $9.95 rat-tail radish raphanis caudatus op 50 days heirloom a unique species that differs from table radishes as it doesn’t form a fleshy root produces an abundance of 6 long spicy

cherokee purple tomato op 72 days heirloom ind beefsteak type rated best tasting at farmers market tastings slightly flattened medium-large 10 to 12 oz dark pinkish-purple striking flavor and growing ease make it a good choice for the home or market gardener anywhere purportedly passed down among the cherokee people for more than 100 years vto438 250 mg pkt $2.45 4 gm $10.95 fakel tomato organic op 75 days 2 det kate gessert brought fakel to us from a moscow seed store many years ago the productive compact bush makes a good stand of flame red 3½ “ slightly oblong fruits with an excellent flavor and texture multi-purpose fakel holds well after harvest good choice for container growing vto673 30 seeds $2.45 100 seeds $6.95 gold medal tomato op 75-90 days heirloom ind exceptional flavor sweet succulent this large bi-color slicer regularly weighs a full pound or more yellow fruits show ruby streaks and shoulders voted best tasting tomato at lebanon or tomato tasting seed

cosmic orange cosmos c sulphureus a/12” dazzling 2” golden orange blooms on vigorous plants blooms earlier than other sulphureus types and doesn’t stop until frost good for bouquets flw301 50 seed pkt $2.45 cosmos sensation mix cosmos bipinnatus a/36-48 popular sensation colors rose crimson white and pink the easiest to grow cosmos large 4” to 5” blooms are good cut flowers and bloom into fall in the garden flw377 100 seed pkt $2.25 cosmos picotee cosmos bipinnatus a/30 a charming flower usual cosmos form with varying amounts of pink shades on edges of white petals flw320 100 seed pkt $2.45 cheyenne spirit echinacea echinacea x hybrida p/30” this stunning firstyear flowering echinacea captures the spirit of the north american plains by producing a delightful mix of flower colors from rich purple pink red and orange tones to lighter yellows creams and white intense colors blooms on well branched durable plants needs no staking or deadheading

wildflower mixes plant seed directly in the open where plants are to remain in well prepared soil after all danger of frost is past in frost free areas seed may be planted in the fall mix seed with several times its bulk in fine soil and broadcast planting may require watering until established attract pollinators to your garden using wildflowers planting directions will be included with your order shipping applies on 1/2lb and over pacific northwest mix approximately 20 wildflower varieties with good color assortment annuals and perennials includes varieties such as baby blue eyes bachelor s button black-eyed susan blanket flower blue flax california poppy chinese houses clarkia columbine coreopsis scarlet flax shasta daisy shirley poppy fwf225 4 gm pkt $2.25 1 oz $7.25 shipping applies4 oz $20.95 shipping applies 1 lb $42.95 5 lb $165.95 dryland wildflower mix a blend of over 20 varieties including african daisy annual baby s breath annual gaillardia black-eyed susan blue flax

dill weed use in green and potato salad baked potatoes cucumbers mco727 1.5 oz 4.45 sausage seasoning italian made with authentic italian herbs and spices prepares up to 10 lb recipe included mco740 3 oz $6.75 vanilla beans ground dill seed ground dill perfect for salad dressing mco735 2 oz $4.45 enjoy the true smooth creamy vanilla flavor with a sweet and spicy aroma sauces pork aids digestion mco729 2 oz $3.95 garlic pepper ingredients garlic salt black pepper brown sugar onion bell pepper and parsley mco833 3 oz $4.35 5 oz $6.95 adds garlic flavor mco732 5 oz $5.95 ginger-bakers cut crystallized fine cut use directly for baking chutneys or lavender ice cream mco816 5 oz $5.25 ginger chunks delicate flavor try dipping in chocolate mco825 5 oz $5.25 lavender flowers food grade use in deserts sauces and with fish mco635 1 oz $7.25 mulling spice aromatic steep in wine or cider mco737 4 oz $5.95 mustard yellow organic use in salad dressings pickles and relishes mco782 5 oz $6.75 nutmeg