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how does switched reluctance “sr” work it’s simple magnetic attraction current flowing in the coil windings establishes a magnetic field between the stator and rotor poles magnetic attraction pulls the rotor poles toward the stator poles hence torque and rotation are produced by optimizing the timing and current level with both torque and speed the sr machine is highly efficient over a wide range of conditions as a motor or generator sr motor basics energizing a stator coil as the rotor and stator poles are approaching motoring torque energizing a stator coil as the rotor and stator poles are separating braking torque rotation is produced by sequentially energizing sets of stator coils direction is controlled by reversing the energizing sequence coil current flow is always in the same direction unipolar what is an sr drive system sr drive systems contain both a motor and a power converter the power converter contains bus capacitors solid state switches

switched reluctance systems are changing the game the compact straightforward construction of the sr motor makes it very easy to integrate within an existing product oems use this feature to enable direct-drive or integrated motor solutions this results in smaller simpler more reliable products industrial switched reluctance systems achieve ie4 efficiency levels sr drives® and nidec motor corporation have designed a switched reluctance system that operates at a very high efficiency across their entire load range this enables substantial energy savings in applications which spend significant portions of their operation either at part load or above or below base speed sr drive system features and benefits system efficiency comparison sr vs ac vector 95 93 91 4 system efficiency 89 87 sr-25 85 10 sr-50 83 sr-100 81 cim-25 79 cim-50 77 75 cim-100 up to 10 efficiency increase 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 speed rev/min nema 365 frame output comparison sr vs ac vector 350

sr drives® features and options u.s motors® brand switched reluctance motor features and options universal supply voltage 380-480vac ±10 50/60hz ul 508c csa c22.2 and ce approvals nema 1 force ventilated enclosure std comprehensive diagnostics via on-board display dynamic brake chopper option braking resistor options door mounted disconnect option nema cast iron tefc frames standard corro-duty construction ip55 environmental rating class h insulation 110 150 or 250 overload options ie4 compatible efficiency flange mount options high speed operation up to 6750 rpm rated power hp 15 20 srm256tn srm286tn srm326tn 25 30 40 50 60 75 100 125 150 200 250 300 350 400 500 20-40 hp 25-55 hp 40-80 hp srm365tn 60-130 hp srm405tn 80-170 hp srm447tn 120-250 hp srm449tn 215-420 hp base speed options 1000 1800 3600 4500 rpm nidec sr drives ltd east park house otley road harrogate hg3 1pr uk tel +44 0 1423 845200 fax