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35mm [135 format slr camera f6 the ultimate in film slr evolution s top-of-the-line professional camera s 11-area wide-area af with 9 cross-type sensors multi-cam2000 af module s choice of four af area modes including group dynamic af s improved 3d color matrix metering with 1005-pixel rgb sensor s color matrix metering works with non-cpu ai-type nikkor lenses s i-ttl balanced fill-flash and creative lighting system including advanced wireless lighting and versatile functions s continuous high-speed shooting to approx 5.5 fps 8 fps with optional multi-power high speed battery pack mb-40 s high-precision durable shutter unit with builtin shutter monitor s new floating mechanisms minimize operational noise and vibration s hybrid metal body employs magnesium alloy for lightweight superior durability s enhanced resistance to moisture dust and extreme temperatures s built-in data back function for in-frame or between-frame data imprint s custom settings for 41 functions s shooting data can

35mm [135 format slr camera f6 nomenclature 1 6 7 2 3 4 8 9 5 v 1 shutter release button 2 power switch 3 sub-command dial 4 depth-of-field preview button 5 function button 6 self-timer indicator led 7 film advance mode selector lock release 8 sync terminal 9 10-pin terminal lens release button focus mode selector eyepiece shutter lever viewfinder auto exposure bracketing/film rewind r2 button command lock button rear lcd panel film confirmation window film speed iso button menu button flash sync mode button info button metering system selector lock release metering system selector diopter adjustment knob ae/af-l button af start button main-command dial multi-selector multi-selector lock lever af area mode selector film rewind r1 button camera strap eyelet film rewind crank film advance mode exposure mode button exposure compensation button camera strap eyelet top lcd panel v accessory shoe http

35mm [135 format slr camera f6 nomenclature viewfinder information 1 12mm-dia reference circle for center-weighted metering area 2 focus area focus brackets 3 electronic analog exposure display 4 exposure compensation 5 auto exposure bracketing 6 auto exposure lock 7 shutter speed lock 8 aperture lock 9 focus indicators metering system fv lock exposure mode sync speed shutter speed aperture stop aperture multiple exposure battery power frame counter/exposure compensation value flash ready-light 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 top lcd panel indications 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 shutter speed 2 shutter speed lock 3 sync speed 4 electronic analog exposure display 5 exposure mode 6 flexible program 7 battery power rear lcd panel shooting data indications normal 8 9 2 3 4 5 6 1 iso 2 ev steps in auto exposure bracketing 3 auto exposure bracketing 4 flash sync mode 5 custom setting 6 focus area 7 film speed 8 dx 1 7 8 9 9 auto exposure bracketing status multiple exposures

35mm [135 format slr camera f6 specifications type of camera integral-motor autofocus 35mm single-lens reflex with electronically controlled focal-plane shutter exposure modes programmed auto flexible program possible shutter-priority auto aperture-priority auto and manual picture format 24 x 36mm standard 35mm film format lens mount nikon f mount with af coupling af contacts lenses usable nikkor and nikon lenses having nikon f mount viewfinder fixed eye-level pentaprism built-in diopter adjustment 2.0 to +1m-1 eyepoint 18mm at ­1.0m-1 focusing screen b-type briteview clear matte screen ii interchangeable with six other optional focusing screens viewfinder frame coverage approx 100 finder magnification approx 0.74x with 50mm lens set to infinity at -1.0m-1 viewfinder information see page 3 autofocus ttl phase detection nikon multi-cam2000 autofocus module autofocus detection range approx ev ­1 to ev 19 iso 100 at normal temperature focus modes single servo af and continuous servo