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• lens af-p dx nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6g vr • exposure [a mode 1/800 second f/5.6 • white balance auto • sensitivity iso 100 • picture control standard ©kenta aminaka amazing images always connected some moments in life are too good to keep to yourself with nikon’s d3400 d-slr camera you can capture the excitement beautifully and share it right away working with the snapbridge app the camera establishes a constant connection with your smart device via bluetooth®1 each amazing picture you take is transferred to your device automatically2 letting you post it online without missing a beat and when you share those pictures with your friends they’re sure to be impressed by the incredible image quality that’s the d3400 effect it makes enthusiasm contagious n automatic image transfer2 to smart device with snapbridge app n superior image quality thanks to image sensor featuring 24.2 effective megapixels and expeed 4 image-processing

establishing a connection is simple — and you only need to do it once share photos via snapbridge pairing your d3400 and compatible smart device is a breeze with snapbridge simply follow the instructions given by the app and camera and a connection will be automatically established between the two what’s more the camera automatically detects smart devices that have been connected before so you only need to go through the process once for each device easily share impressive d-slr pictures register for your nikon id and enjoy free unlimited automatic uploads automatic image transfer to your smart device of thumbnails to nikon image space imagine how easy it would be to post pictures online if they were saved to your smart connect your d3400 to a smart device and register for your nikon id to receive device as soon as you took them snapbridge creates a constant connection between unlimited online storage for thumbnail pictures on nikon image space for free your d3400 and a

experience the superior d-slr image quality image sensor featuring crisp action shots portraits with technologies behind the image quality 24.2 soft backgrounds and more the superb images you get with the d3400 are attained effective megapixels if the photos taken with your smart device leave you through a combination of unrivaled nikon technologies wanting more just wait until you get your hands on working together the d3400 achieves a wide standard the d3400 capture amazing indoor gigs and party sensitivity range of iso 100-25600 thanks to its moments with minimal blur impressive portraits expeed 4 image-processing engine which effectively make your subjects stand out against beautifully soft backgrounds zooming in on distant subjects is image-processing engine lenses reduces image noise you get clear pictures even in dark scenes harnessing 24.2 effective megapixels and possible without losing any image resolution thanks the superb optical performance of nikkor lenses the to a range

fun effects easy results special effects unleash your inner artist with 10 easy-to-use effects retouch menu 20 options for editing images right in your camera everyone wants to take more creative images and movies the d3400 the d3400 lets you edit images and movies right in the camera with 20 in-camera incorporates 10 special effects which you can apply to your pictures retouch menu options including the new painting option it is easy to enhance or and movies before shooting simply set the mode dial to “effects” add a creative touch to your pictures you can trim and resize images or have fun and make a selection the resulting image appears on the lcd monitor with options like the fisheye effect and image overlay three special effects — photo in real time so you can confirm how it will look before you illustration miniature effect and selective color — can be shoot added in post-production using this retouch menu special effects available with the d3400

compact body effortless handling small lightweight ergonomic body live view shooting with large lcd monitor scene auto selector easy shooting in live view with its large 7.5-cm/3.0-in lcd monitor the when shooting in live view setting the mode dial the d3400 is designed to offer great image quality d3400 lets you enjoy comfortable live view shooting to auto or auto flash off enables the camera to within a small stylish d-slr body its comfortable the way you would with a smartphone or compact automatically activate the most suitable scene mode ergonomic grip lets you hold the camera firmly to digital camera live view shooting is great for casual the icon of the selected mode such as landscape or minimize vibration paired with the af-p dx nikkor snapshots as well as for still-life shooting moreover portrait is displayed in the top left of the monitor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6g vr kit lens featuring a retractable the camera’s approx 100 frame coverage makes it when using autofocus

capture fleeting moments in stills and movies viewfinder shooting track cleanly capture moving subjects moving subjects with confidence 11-point af system and four af-area modes experience high-quality videos the d3400’s quick accurate 11-point af system helps with your d-slr d-movie supports you capture unpredictable and fast-moving subjects full hd videos at 60p one of the d-slr benefits is the viewfinder to track fast or erratic subjects from a distance it is the most surefire way in sharp focus a cross-type sensor covers the most of nailing the shot unlike taking pictures with a smart frequently used center point to deliver superior device shooting through the viewfinder gives a firmer subject-acquisition and focusing performance nikon’s grip of the camera keeping it level and minimizing unique scene recognition system helps the d3400 camera shake detect subjects and changes in composition rapidly there are four af-area modes to choose from in auto capture moments in

explore your creativity further • lens af-p dx nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6g vr • exposure [a mode 1/400 second f/5.6 • white balance auto • sensitivity iso 100 • picture control standard ©kenta aminaka • lens af-p dx nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3g ed vr • exposure [a mode 1/640 second f/4.8 • white balance auto • sensitivity iso 400 • picture control standard ©kenta aminaka • lens af-p dx nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3g ed vr • exposure [p mode 1/1250 second f/9 • white balance auto • sensitivity iso 400 • picture control standard ©gabriela herman • lens af-s dx nikkor 35mm f/1.8g • exposure [a mode 1/1600 second f/2.8 • white balance auto • sensitivity iso 100 • picture control standard ©kenta aminaka • lens af-s dx micro nikkor 40mm f/2.8g • exposure [a mode 1/400 second f/3.3 • white balance auto • sensitivity iso 100 • picture

nikon digital slr camera d3400 specifications type type lens mount effective angle of view single-lens reflex digital camera nikon f mount with af contacts nikon dx format focal length equivalent to approx 1.5× that of lenses with fx-format angle of view exposure compensation exposure lock iso sensitivity recommended exposure index active d-lighting effective pixels effective pixels 24.2 million focus autofocus image sensor image sensor total pixels dust-reduction system 23.5 × 15.6 mm cmos sensor 24.72 million image dust off reference data capture nx-d software required detection range lens servo storage image size pixels file format media file system • 6000 × 4000 large • 4496 × 3000 medium • 2992 × 2000 small • nef raw 12 bit compressed • jpeg jpeg-baseline compliant with fine approx 1 4 normal approx 1 8 or basic approx 1 16 compression • nef raw jpeg single photograph recorded in both nef raw and jpeg formats standard