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fun effects easy results special effects unleash your inner artist with 10 easy-to-use effects retouch menu 20 options for editing images right in your camera everyone wants to take more creative images and movies the d3400 the d3400 lets you edit images and movies right in the camera with 20 in-camera incorporates 10 special effects which you can apply to your pictures retouch menu options including the new painting option it is easy to enhance or and movies before shooting simply set the mode dial to “effects” add a creative touch to your pictures you can trim and resize images or have fun and make a selection the resulting image appears on the lcd monitor with options like the fisheye effect and image overlay three special effects — photo in real time so you can confirm how it will look before you illustration miniature effect and selective color — can be shoot added in post-production using this retouch menu special effects available with the d3400 • night vision retouch menu on the d3400 • nef raw processing • trim 1 special effects miniature effect ©gabriela herman scene mode landscape ©gabriela herman • super vivid • pop • photo illustration • toy camera effect • resize • d-lighting • quick retouch • red-eye correction • straighten 2 • miniature effect • selective color • silhouette • high key • low key • distortion control • perspective control • fisheye • filter effects 1 movies shot in this mode play back like a slide show made up of a series of stills 2 movies shot in this mode play back at high speed sound is not recorded with movies the built-in flash and af-assist illuminator turn off • monochrome • image overlay • color outline • photo illustration • color sketch • miniature effect • selective color • painting • edit movie • side-by-side comparison guide mode show water flowing scene modes a quick solution for each subject ©gabriela herman guide mode step-by-step assistance whenever you need it scene modes are an easy way to get great pictures without the need even if you’ve never used a d-slr before the d3400 is easy to get to to adjust numerous settings simply rotate the mode dial to one of six grips with its built-in guide mode is designed to help beginners learn icons according to your subject or scene the d3400 automatically more about d-slr photography guide mode leads you through each uses the most appropriate settings and delivers beautiful results step of the process from setting up the camera to shooting viewing the d3400 scene modes • portrait • landscape • child • sports • close up • night portrait deleting and retouching images for instance if you want to take a picture with a blurred background simply rotate the mode dial to “guide” and select “soften backgrounds” from the “shoot/advanced operation” option the camera displays an assist image so you can confirm how the setting will change your picture retouch menu filter effects cross screen ©gabriela herman guide mode soften backgrounds ©gabriela herman 9