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i am 24mp unleashed

the power and agility to leap forward take advantage of the nikon dx format that enhances the mobility of the overall camera system including lenses the compact and lightweight system of the d7100 is loaded with superior performance and a variety of innovative features enjoy the kind of breathtaking detail reproduction realized by the combination of nikkor lenses a powerful cmos sensor unit that’s designed without an optical low-pass filter and the expeed 3 image-processing engine now you can have all the agility thanks to the nikon dx format the power you need to close in on your target and capture it exquisitely as well as the capability to reproduce fine details the d7100 is ready to go wherever inspiration calls you beyond frontiers your hunt for spectacular images starts here ■ nikon dx-format cmos image sensor with 24.1 effective megapixels compatible with high-speed readout ■ image sensor unit designed without an optical low-pass filter delivers exquisite

af-s dx nikkor 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5g ed • image quality 12-bit nef raw • exposure [s mode 1/2000 second f/5.6 • white balance auto 1 • sensitivity iso 200 • picture control standard ©robert

af-s nikkor 500mm f/4g ed vr • image quality 12-bit nef raw • exposure [m mode 1/500 second f/11 • white balance direct sunlight • sensitivity iso 100 • picture control standard ©koji

51 1.3× optical viewfinder with professional-model quality featuring truly comfortable viewing the glass-pentaprism equipped optical viewfinder featuring approx 100 frame coverage and approx 0.94x magnification realizes comfortable viewing that even satisfies professionals the organic el display element newly employed for the viewfinder information display beneath the image area also contributes to the excellent visibility af points crop of dx 50mm f/1.4 lens at infinity -1.0 m-1 dx format 1.3× crop of dx • image quality 14-bit nef raw • exposure [a mode 1/25 second f/11 • white balance auto 1 • sensitivity iso 100 • picture control standard ©moose peterson high-density 51-point af system with wide coverage of the frame incorporating the newly developed advanced multi-cam 3500dx autofocus sensor module the high-density 51-point af system delivers amazing capturing power fifteen crosstype sensors cover the most frequently used center area af

af-s nikkor 70-200mm f/4g ed vr • image quality 14-bit nef raw • exposure [a mode 1/320 second f/8 • white balance auto 1 • sensitivity iso 100 • picture control landscape ©robert

24.1 active d-lighting off spot white balance setting screen spot white balance target to acquire preset manual data megapixels spot white balance that enables presetting of the white balance during live view olpf the d7100 comes newly equipped with a spot white balance function that allows you to easily acquire preset manual data based on a specific area of the frame you select during live view this means that you can effectively achieve pinpoint white balance setting according to the selected subject or a part of it during live view the spot white balance target to acquire preset manual data can be moved around with the multi selector in the frame as this eliminates the need to use a gray card and allows you to quickly acquire the preset data based on even a distant subject you can preset the white balance knowing that you won’t miss decisive moments spot white balance operation is possible with a supertelephoto lens attached this is convenient when shooting sports indoors

multi-area mode full hd d-movie 1080 60i full hd video − 1920 × 1080 at 30p/60i/50i supported with optimum processing of data from the image sensor unit designed without an optical low-pass filter performed by expeed 3 the d7100 delivers full hd videos that provide exquisite detail reproduction with reduced moiré and jaggies you can create beautiful blur only achievable with d-slrs and a variety of movie expression utilizing a wide range of nikkor lenses the d7100 supports 1920 × 1080 30p for smooth rendering of fastmoving subjects select 1280 × 720 60p in movie image area based on 1.3× crop of dx you can also choose 1920 × 1080 60i/50i a noise reduction function optimized for movies effectively cuts down noise while retaining high definition furthermore a flicker reduction function ensures appropriate exposure control that minimizes flickering during video recording or live view with the movie-record button located next to the shutter-release button you

high reliability and operability for smooth shooting nikkor lenses cutting-edge technologies concentrated in a lightweight compact system with their sharp resolving power nikkor lenses maximize the potential of the d7100 which features an image sensor unit designed without an optical low-pass filter 4 5 1 double sd card slots compatible with sdxc uhs-i 2 3 ©moose peterson 6 1 viewfinder display employing an organic el display element the d7100 newly employs a high-intensity high-contrast and energy-saving organic el display element for the viewfinder information display below the image area while it ensures high visibility it also contributes to faster response in low-temperature conditions in the viewfinder grid lines useful for landscape and architectural photos can be displayed in dx-format shooting 2 sequential control mechanism contributes to faster operation a highly precise sequential control mechanism which drives aperture and mirror independently is installed it realizes

wireless accessories/communication unit excellent system that supports comfortable shooting wr-1 wireless remote controller optional wr-r10/wr-t10 wireless remote controllers optional the wr-1 is an advanced multifunctional remote controller when one wr-1 is configured as a transmitter and another as a receiver which is attached to the d7100 it is possible to view or change the camera settings1 using the display of the transmitter utilizing radio waves the communication range between wr-1 units is up to 120 m/394 ft2 fifteen channels are available besides remote control of a camera with a wr-1 used as a receiver attached achieved by operation of another wr-1 used as a transmitter 3 there are various remote shooting options such as simultaneous release of shutters on several cameras release of shutters on several cameras synchronized with a master camera that has a wr-1 attached4 remote control of each group of cameras separately and interval timer photography remote shooting by

nikon digital slr camera d7100 specifications type of camera lens mount effective angle of view effective pixels image sensor total pixels dust-reduction system image size pixels single-lens reflex digital camera nikon f mount with af coupling and af contacts nikon dx format focal length in 35mm [135 format equivalent to approx 1.5x that of lenses with fx-format angle of view 24.1 million 23.5 × 15.6 mm cmos sensor 24.71 million image sensor cleaning image dust off reference data optional capture nx 2 required • dx 24×16 image area 6000 × 4000 [l 4496 × 3000 [m 2992 × 2000 [s • 1.3× 18×12 image area 4800 × 3200 [l 3600 × 2400 [m 2400 × 1600 [s • photographs with image area of dx 24×16 taken in movie live view 6000 × 3368 [l 4496 × 2528 [m 2992 × 1680 [s • photographs with image area of 1.3× 18×12 taken in movie live view 4800 × 2696 [l 3600 × 2024 [m 2400 × 1344 [s file format