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active people 7x35cf 8x40cf 7x50cf 10x50cf 12x50cf 16x50cf 7-15x35cf 10-22x50cf specifications and equipment are subject to change without any notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer march 2009 ©2009 nikon vision co ltd nikon futaba bldg 3-25 futaba 1-chome shinagawa-ku tokyo 142-0043 japan tel +81-3-3788-7697 fax +81-3-3788-7698 e printed in japan code no 3ce-bsqh-2 0903-15

nikon action for active people designed for general outdoor applications action zoom series action series such as birdwatching viewing sports events and travelling nikon’s action series of midrange binoculars offers impressive cost performance with eight models of varying combinations of magnification and 7x35cf 8x40cf 7x50cf 10x50cf 12x50cf 16x50cf objective diameter including two zoom 7-15x35cf models users are able to select the most suitable binoculars for their own particular viewing needs models featuring a broader field of view are ideal for watching fastmoving sports birds and animals 10-22x50cf features • sophisticated design • wide strap • tripod adaptor enables tripod observation adaptor included with 16x50cf/10-22x50cf optional for other models • smooth zooming 7-15x35cf/10-22x50cf only • aspherical eyepiece lens eliminates image distortion except 7-15x35cf/10-22x50cf • multilayer-coated lenses and large objective diameter ensure