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sharp quick af acquisition to capture even the most unpredictable subjects tenacious af tracking extreme motion captured even at close range with significantly refined autofocus performance the d4s delivers sharp focus with fast and accurate initial af detection even when subjects are thrust unpredictably into the frame when shooting sports it can be challenging to get up close to the action while still retaining the ability to accurately and reliably track your subject with the d4s that task is now much easier • lens af-s nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8g ed vr ii • image quality 14-bit raw nef • exposure [m mode 1/2000 second f/4.5 • white balance direct sunlight • sensitivity iso 200 • picture control standard © robert beck • lens af-s nikkor 600mm f/4g ed vr • image quality 14-bit raw nef • exposure [m mode 1/2000 second f/4 • white balance direct sunlight • sensitivity iso 320 • picture control standard ©robert

sharp and clear regardless of the light with vastly improved noise reduction even in low-lit environments the d4s produces amazing image quality with accurately reproduced skin tones fine details really make your images pop giving them a lifelike feeling of depth • lens af-s nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8g ed • image quality 14-bit raw nef • exposure [m mode 1/500 second f/4 • white balance auto 1 • sensitivity iso 6400 • picture control standard © dave black assuring liberating af lets you focus more on composition photographers can confidently rely on the d4s’s autofocus performance which holds subjects tightly so they can concentrate more on composition the new group-area af detects and keeps subjects in focus with five af points letting you shoot erratically moving subjects with complete assurance • lens af-s nikkor 800mm f/5.6e fl ed vr • image quality 14-bit raw nef • exposure [m mode 1/1600 second f/7.1 • white balance

versatile autofocus lets you confidently capture the most elusive movements wildlife photography requires fast initial af acquisition and relentless tracking capabilities maximizing the capability of all focus points the d4s’s dynamic-area af mode 51 points provides the autofocus versatility needed for elusive subjects such as the bird pictured above • lens af-s nikkor 300mm f/2.8g ed vr ii • image quality 14-bit raw nef • exposure [s mode 1/4000 second f/9 • white balance auto 1 • sensitivity iso 3200 • picture control standard © george karbus reliability to nail the shot at high iso maintaining smooth rich tonal gradation venture out into nature with the d4s even under a grey stormy sky or on a rainy night combined with a durable and water-resistant body the high iso capability of the d4s lets you take your art to wild new places • lens af-s nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8g ed vr ii • image quality 14-bit raw nef • exposure [a

in the world of sport it takes a specific combination of factors to become a champion the same can be said for photographers who cover the athletic drama as it unfolds to render an athlete’s story with all the physical and emotional intensity it deserves the photographer needs gear that meets the most rigorous demands to do this consistently however capturing images that win the attention of editors and audiences around the world the camera must go even further the d4s is that camera with all the speed and power you expect from a new nikon flagship the d4s is packed with expanded features and versatility put simply it shoots what you want where you want faithfully following your intentions with an incredibly accurate initial af detection and af tracking performance even at high magnifications or after sudden changes in your subject’s distance you get incredible jpeg image quality straight out of the camera including a new level of depth sharpness and malleability video

expect sharp focus even in the most erratic movement for example when a rhythmic gymnast suddenly and quickly bends back © dave black even a tiny window of time is enough for the d4s to capture a butterfly swimmer that appears for a fraction of a second © dave black versatile af-area modes for varying professional needs the d4s further empowers its flagship focusing versatility in addition to the four time-tested modes single-point af dynamic-area af auto-area af and 3d-tracking a fifth af-area mode option is now available the new group-area af focuses more securely on your desired subject by using five af points simultaneously like a net in contrast to dynamic-area af which uses one initial af point this can be extremely useful when targeting unpredictable subject matter that is hard to lock on to — all while avoiding unintentional focus on the background photographers can now feel more confident knowing that small distant and fast-moving objects can be captured quicker

a whole new level of clarity with unprecedented noise reduction from its standard range of iso 100 to iso 25600 the d4s delivers consistently sharp edges and clean colors — achieved through nikon’s own meticulous and uncompromising testing procedures nikon is constantly improving its noise-control expertise the powerful expeed 4 image-processing engine incorporates an entirely new algorithm for noise reduction at high iso and color fidelity resulting in an enhanced at-a-glance overall sharpness and clarity without sacrificing subtle textures and luminous details image quality is retained even when noise-reduction levels are set at “high.”noise is kept to a minimum even on flat planes in the mid-tonal range combined with the camera’s many other image-processing enhancements your images will retain deeper tones a healthier saturation and project an overall bolder look even within the realm of professional gear the d4s s image quality reaches a new level

nikon creative lighting system studio-level lighting virtually anywhere moving beyond available light is easy with nikon’s unbeatable creative lighting system cls portable nikon speedlights optional can transform any location into your own personal studio using the diverse array of cls flash features to add more depth and dynamism to your images advanced wireless lighting gives you precise control of remote flash units control up to three groups of speedlights with an unlimited number of units in each group operation is as intuitive as controlling an on-camera speedlight using a simple easy-tounderstand interface thanks to nikon’s exclusive i-ttl flash control results will be accurate in addition the d4s offers an exposure compensation option that affects only the background of your image unlike the entire frame compensation option that changes both flash and the background exposures this feature allows photographers to emphasize what they want most in their composition

total workflow speed to keep you at the top of your game strategic preparation prior to shooting for effective results • customizing af functions for surer controls the d4s’s af functions are ready to be customized to serve more attentively to a professional’s many needs in addition to being able to store separate focus point selection for horizontal and vertical compositions you can now do so with different af-area modes as a set by camera orientation with preset focus point customization you can return to the designated focus point at the push of a button to avoid choosing unintended lens servo and af-area mode combinations the d4s lets you customize and stay only with the modes you want • faster image processing with expeed 4 and raw size s the d4s offers a variety of fast and efficient ways to deliver quality images to your editor or any other audience if your mission is to send jpeg images without a post-production edit then rely on expeed 4 for 30

multi-area mode full hd video with the stunningly sharp 1920 × 1080 crop mode professionals have to travel light but they also need plenty of creative options when working in multimedia having more visual options for your footage can be the key to success but it can also mean carrying lots of extra gear the design of the d4s addresses this head-on essentially serving as three cameras in one its multi-area modes allow you to shoot with three different areas of the image sensor fxbased format dx-based format and 1920 × 1080 crop format while the fx-based format offers a shallower depth of field and better noise performance the dx-based format and 1920 × 1080 crop format offer deeper depth of field and a further extended focal length of the lens in use — 1.5x with the dx format and 2.7x with the 1920 × 1080 crop for exceptional sharpness in video images the 1920 × 1080 crop format uses exactly 1920 × 1080 pixels to achieve 1080p full hd the result is simply

• lens af-s nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8g ed • image quality 14-bit raw nef • exposure [m mode 1/8 second f/18 • white balance color temperature 3030k • sensitivity lo 1 • picture control standard © dave black • lens af-s nikkor 800mm f/5.6e fl ed vr • image quality 14-bit raw nef • exposure [m mode 1/2500 second f/5.6 • white balance auto 1 • sensitivity iso 500 • picture control standard © dave black nikkor lenses the defining strength for winning photographs and videos • exceptional sharpness from the image center to the periphery • sharp resolution that renders a point light source as a point • smooth transitions from sharp focus to soft bokeh faithfully defining three-dimensional space in your images • image clarity free from ghost and flare in difficult lighting nikkor lenses optical masterpieces for nikon d-slrs whether they shoot with nikon or not professionals unanimously praise the

accessories/system chart/nomenclature nomenclature wireless remote controllers optional 1 utilizing the 2.4-ghz radio frequency band the wr-1 and wr-r10/wr-t10 wireless remote controllers enable remote control over long distances the wr-1 unit also expands your possible shooting scenarios with multiple remote shooting options you can communicate between wr-1 units separated up to 120 m/394 ft fifteen channels are available attaching wr-1 units on several cameras try simultaneous shutter release or release their shutters synchronized wr-1 with a master camera that also has a wr-1 attached you can also remotely control each group of cameras separately or try interval timer photography 4 56 7 3 2 nikon professional services nps assists photographers who earn their living using nikon equipment with specialized individual care nps pays attention to each professional photographer’s specific set of needs in order to provide real solutions for any technical or logistic issue they

nikon digital slr camera d4s specifications type of camera lens mount effective angle of view effective pixels image sensor total pixels dust-reduction system image size pixels single-lens reflex digital camera nikon f mount with af coupling and af contacts nikon fx format 16.2 million 36.0 × 23.9 mm cmos sensor 16.6 million image sensor cleaning image dust off reference data requires optional capture nx 2 software • fx format 36×24 4928 × 3280 l 3696 × 2456 m 2464 × 1640 s • 1.2× 30×20 4096 × 2720 l 3072 × 2040 m 2048 × 1360 s • dx format 24×16 3200 × 2128 l 2400 × 1592 m 1600 × 1064 s • 5:4 30×24 4096 × 3280 l 3072 × 2456 m 2048 × 1640 s • fx-format photographs taken in movie live view 16:9 4928 × 2768 l 3696 × 2072 m 2464 × 1384 s • dx-format photographs taken in movie live view 16:9 3200 × 1792 l 2400 × 1344 m 1600 × 896 s •