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the new visual

incomparable image quali ty and practical versatility bring the imaging power of a massive 36.3 effective megapixels to a diverse range of scenes with the d810 nikon sets a new standard for d-slr image quality in stills as well as videos its all-new fx-format image sensor and expeed 4 image-processing engine work together to produce images with a clearness that surpasses even the d800e with stunningly wide dynamic range and expertly controlled noise brilliantly precise autofocus and significantly reduced internal vibration make it easier to capture pinpoint-sharp images at maximum resolution while a faster burst rate of approx 5 fps in fx format makes high-megapixel shooting possible in a broader range of situations multimedia users meanwhile can enjoy precisely rendered movies in 1080/60p with significantly reduced moiré and noise in light and darkness stills and videos this is the camera that will let you create your next

discover ultimate image quality at base iso 64 • lens af-s nikkor 35mm f/1.4g • exposure [m mode 1/125 second f/4 • white balance direct sunlight • sensitivity iso 64 • picture control flat applied in post production ©miss aniela photo retouched using third-party

expeed 4 image-processing engine handles massive image data at high speed the rich image data delivered by the d810’s image sensor needs a highly advanced processor to handle it the camera employs expeed 4 the same image-processing engine used in the flagship d4s enabling it to execute sophisticated operations at an approx 30 faster rate than its predecessor this enhanced power allows it to achieve images with a higher definition than the d800/d800e and process 1080/60p movies it also contributes to a faster continuous shooting speed of approx 5 fps in fx format and up to approx 7 fps in dx format expeed 4’s sophisticated new algorithms also cut noise across the entire sensitivity range bringing remarkable clarity and enhanced gradation with a tangible sense of depth logomarks not actually imprinted expanded sensitivity range of iso 64 to 12800 without sacrificing dynamic range ©junji takasago the power to capture scenes like never before all-new image sensor delivers

sophisticated technologies for faithful reproduction new highlight-weighted metering mode preserves details in highlights when capturing a ballet performer wearing a white costume brightly lit by a spotlight on a darkened stage even experienced photographers may struggle to avoid overblown highlights with conventional spot metering the new highlight-weighted metering mode automatically determines exposure avoiding overblown highlights by giving priority to the brighter portions of a scene advanced scene recognition system with detailed 91k-pixel rgb sensor for sophisticated auto control the d810 employs nikon’s revolutionary advanced scene recognition system the same as the flagship d4s the camera’s 91k-pixel rgb sensor recognizes your scene’s colors and brightness with unprecedented precision then uses that information to implement various automatic controls such as autofocus auto exposure auto white balance and i-ttl flash exposure it also utilizes facedetection

capture smooth action in 1080/60p with superior

creative options for producing striking time-lapse movies the d810 offers two methods for making awe-inspiring time-lapse movies with smooth exposure transitions using the time-lapse photography function you can create entire sequences right in the camera — an exclusive nikon benefit with interval-timer shooting mode meanwhile you can render sequences of full-size still images over a longer period to produce a time-lapse movie of nearly 8k resolution thanks to the huge image size it’s possible to add camera movements in the video while editing the pictures into full hd for an even more dramatic movie ©lucas gilman up to 9999 exposures possible stable and predictable exposure reading with center and highlight-weighted metering modes stable exposure in video shooting is paramount for producing visually pleasing footage with smooth exposure transitions the d810 adds two new exposure metering modes in movie recording optimized for movies centerweighted metering offers

freeze that exact moment up tight at 7 fps in dx format when used together with batteries or a power supply other than en-el15 • lens af-s nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8g ed vr ii • exposure [a mode 1/8000 second f/5.6 • white balance direct sunlight • sensitivity iso 800 • picture control vivid ©lucas

powerful af system for secure capturing with a wide range of telephoto lenses with teleconverters the d810’s 51 focus points include 15 cross-type sensors in the center area which are responsive to f/5.6 and deliver full performance with all af-nikkor lenses in addition the center nine points as well as three points to the left and right of these nine are compatible with apertures slower than f/5.6 and faster than f/81 the result stress-free focusing when using 1.4x or 1.7x teleconverters moreover 11 focus points are even compatible with f/82 thereby giving you significant af power when combining a 2.0x teleconverter with supertelephoto nikkor lenses 1 the nine focus points in the center area work as cross-type sensors while the other six points work as line sensors 2 the center focus point works as a cross-type sensor while the other ten points work as line sensors compatible with aperture slower than f/5.6 and faster than f/8 compatible with f/5.6 compatible with f/8 massive

ultimate optical performance for 36.3 megapixels when drawing out the full potential that a 36.3-megapixel camera can offer lens performance is of vital importance with their exceptionally high resolving power nikkor lenses are a perfect partner for the d810 allowing photographers in every field to better capture the essence of their vision and render every delicate tone or nuance the nikkor lens lineup is fully optimized to deliver the image quality the d810 truly deserves ©lucas gilman ©lucas gilman af-s nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8g ed vr ii the essential telephoto zoom lens for pros the most reliable and essential f/2.8 fixed aperture telephoto zoom lens is optimized for fx-format cameras and the resulting images deliver stunning detail and contrast across the entire frame when taken at any focus point or aperture what’s more it comes equipped with vibration reduction vr with an effect equivalent to 3.5 stops and nano crystal coat broadening your shooting potential and

accessories to expand versatility wr-1 wireless remote controller optional offers a variety of remote operating functions wr-r10/wr-t10 wireless remote controllers optional with hands-on remote capabilities eagerly awaited by professional photographers the wr-1 advanced multifunctional remote controller provides a wealth of new shooting opportunities with a wr-1 or wr-r101 2 receiver attached to the d810 you can view or change the camera’s settings3 using another wr-1’s display transmitter and release the shutter remotely moreover you can release the shutters of several cameras simultaneously with a wr-1 alone or by synchronizing them to a master camera with a wr-1 attached groups of cameras can be controlled separately4 and you can also use the wr-1 for movie shooting and interval timer photography utilizing radio waves the communication range between wr-1 units reaches up to 120 m/394 ft5 with 15 channels available the wr-r10/wr-t10 can also be used in conjunction with

parts and controls 2 3 45 6 7 89 1 hi vwxyz rqp jk lmon viewfinder display gfedcb top control panel st a u specifications 1power switch 2eyelet for camera strap 3shutter-release button 4af-assist illuminator self-timer lamp/red-eye reduction lamp 5stereo microphone 6lens mount 7built-in flash /playback button :delete button/formatting memory cards button ;eyepiece shutter lever diopter adjustment control ?ae/af lock button @af-on button [main command dial multi selector ]memory card slot cover ^focus selector lock 8mirror 9flash pop-up button !bracketing button release mode dial lock release #flash sync terminal cover $flash mode button flash compensation button %lens mounting mark &ten-pin remote terminal cover metering coupling lever lens release button ~af-mode button +focus-mode selector ,fn button -depth-of-field preview button .sub-command dial _speaker {live view selector |live view button }memory card access

meet the d810 photographers and filmmakers miss aniela lucas gilman fine art/fashion adventure/film i am delighted with the d810 it improves on everything i loved about the d800e i’ve been truly impressed with the quality of resolution even in the first files i shot the crispness in details is reminiscent of medium format but with all the ergonomics accessibility and usability of a d-slr having iso 64 means i can shoot wide open in bright or outdoor situations and still maintain the best quality without losing dynamic range the picture has to withstand that level of post-production — and the d810’s images do when i first held the d810 my initial impressions were that it felt solid elegant and refined but it wasn’t until i started shooting that the true magic came to life there’s a vivid richness and quality to the d810’s images that’s like nothing i’ve ever seen the autofocus is so fast and fluid that it allows me to creatively