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founded in 1917 nikon has been making binoculars for more than 90 years constantly pushing the envelope to come up with new and innovative technologies that enhance people’s vision the ed glass used in our nikkor lenses for example is celebrated by the world’s top professional photographers for its exceptionally sharp clear images while the optics used in nikon steppers — used to manufacture semiconductors — are able to resolve images with nanometric precision making them some of the most exacting devices ever developed now we’re taking that passion to new heights with our unprecedented lineup of extraordinary sport optics nikon edg a more brilliant natural world edg redefines the way you view nature with a striking extra dimension of edge-toedge sharpness superior colour fidelity and much more see whites in a different way — pure and untainted nikon’s optical innovations — including our renowned ed extra-low dispersion glass

stress-free observation realised by reducing vibrations to approx 1/8 with nikon s vr vibration reduction system precise sensing mechanism and control reduce vibrations — two vibration detection sensors and vcms voice coil motor in pursuit of more stable vision edg fieldscope 85 vr/85-a vr employs nikon’s vr system that utilises the basic mechanism developed in nikkor lenses and algorithms optimised for fieldscopes as a result external vibrations caused by wind operational vibrations during focusing panning or tilting all occurring while mounted on a tripod are accurately compensated while reducing vibrations during observation to approx 1/8 it also provides the equivalent of a shutter speed approx 2 stops faster in digiscoping annoying image blur that is likely to occur during observation and in digiscoping especially in windy or other bad conditions is greatly reduced two vibration detection sensors detect pitching vertical movement and yawing horizontal movement

edg fieldscope 85 vr fsa-l2 nikon digital slr camera edg fieldscope 85 vr fsa-l2 d7000 capture images at any moment the way you imagine them a new realm of digiscoping beauty besides observation edg fieldscopes are designed for digiscoping allowing smooth connections to a digital camera for spectacular telephoto pictures the advanced optical system well-balanced body smooth focusing and newly added vr system that reduces image blur by providing the equivalent of shooting at a shutter speed up to approx 2 stops faster — all these and more will let you capture beautiful moments of high precision and image quality uniquely nikon uniquely edg edg fieldscope 85 vr fsa-l2 d7000 advantages of nikon s vr system with vr operating image blur caused by vibrations during observation is reduced to approx 1/8 making composition easy also this enhances focusing accuracy even when using manual focus during super-telephoto digiscoping the system provides an effect equivalent to a

fieldscope digital slr camera attachment fsa-l2 world s first 3.5x zoom1 super-telephoto shooting with a focal length of up to 1,750mm2 is achieved quickly and easily attaches directly to the f-mount of a nikon digital slr camera for easy connection with your edg fieldscope multilayer coating is applied to all lens elements for brighter optics the zoom function features an internal vari-magnification system with magnification of 3.5x when attached to edg fieldscope 85 series the focal length ranges from 500mm to 1,750mm as for the camera’s exposure mode in addition to metered manual aperture-priority auto mode is available provides a natural synchronisation in exterior design when attached to a digital slr camera and edg fieldscope at low magnification at high magnification 1 among fieldscope digital slr camera attachments as of july 2009 2 when attached to edg fieldscope 85 series simulated images fsa-l2 specifications magnification 3.5x zoom mount bayonet mount exposure mode

strikingly brighter clearer views advanced multilayer coating nikon’s superior chromatic-aberration compensation system ed glass elements with advanced apochromat the sophisticated coating nikon applies to edg fieldscopes goes far beyond conventional methods multilayer coatings which provide an even high light transmittance across the entire visible light spectrum are applied to all of the lens and prism surfaces that transmit light this minimises the loss of light due to reflection thereby ensuring a more natural clearer view edg fieldscopes bring together nikon’s most sophisticated lens technologies with a precision optical design that gives you a sharper more brilliant field of view our apochromat optical system which uses ed extra-low dispersion glass corrects violet chromatic aberration in addition to the conventional chromatic aberrations of red blue and green because chromatic aberrations are corrected to the furthest limits of the visible light range and colour

an exquisite body achieved by sophisticated simulation engineering smooth comfortable focusing optimised focusing system nikon edg fieldscopes deliver greater satisfaction for all aspects of viewing and digiscoping tested and proven for reliable performance in the most diverse conditions you’ll rest assured that you have the finest technology for observing and photographing wildlife as it truly is ergonomically designed the large focusing ring fits comfortably in your hands and allows you to operate at optimised speeds — fine action for focusing on distant subjects and coarser action for nearby subjects this results in smoother focusing allowing you to capture your targets faster and with much less stress edg fieldscope 85 movement distance of focusing lens distant side edg fieldscope 65-a near side clockwise distant side anticlockwise near side nonlinear movements of focusing near zone fast movement middle zone medium movement focusing ring rotation degree distant zone

outstanding wide field of view and brightness [wide eyepiece fep-20w ultra-long eye relief of 32.3 mm [long eye relief fep-25ler when mounted on edg fieldscope 85 series the real field of view is 3.3Ëš and the exit pupil is 4.3 mm this wide eyepiece that delivers bright and highresolution images is effective for use in low-light conditions such as at dusk and dawn this eyepiece with a long eye relief of over 30 mm allows eyeglass wearers to use a fieldscope without removing their glasses recommended for the judging of sports such as shooting or archery employs high-refractive-index aspherical glass lens [zoom eyepiece fep-20-60 zoom-type eyepiece with magnification of 20x to 60x the optical system features a high-refractive-index aspherical glass lens corrects image distortions and provides a flat image even at the periphery at both low and high-magnification settings wide field of view high-eyepoint high-resolution even at the periphery [wide eyepiece fep-30w the fep-30w

layer upon layer of leading-edge innovation enjoy the edg advantage nikon designers have amassed layer upon layer of the most advanced optical innovations and harnessed them synergistically in a way that inspires you to observe the finest textures and detail with amazingly accurate colours up close striking contrast colour fidelity and brightness are conspicuous throughout the entire field of view allowing you to see nature the way it deserves to be seen edg 8×42 remarkably sharp resolution and contrast-rich images throughout the entire view nikon’s legendary ed glass exceptional colour fidelity contrast and resolution nikon’s advanced prism coating technologies view nature with a vibrantly fresh level of contrast and brightness edg binoculars utilise lens elements made from nikon’s renowned ed extra-low dispersion glass — of the same lineage as that employed in the finest camera lenses used by leading professionals to create images that astound our

comfortable viewing binocular design as an extension of your body continuous viewing comfort essential for long hours of observation edg binoculars have been engineered from every key angle to attain supreme handling performance from their optimum weight and handling balance to the materials and shape that best fit your hands to the effortless focus and ease of carrying over many hours these binoculars are built for comfort the shorter bridge makes for secure holding even with a single hand magnesium alloy is used for the lens barrels to ensure a light yet durable body a non-pvc elastomer with a low specific gravity and which complies with nikon’s strict environmental standards is utilised for the grips and to achieve the requisite overall light weight the materials employed in all parts were thoroughly reevaluated the turn-and-slide eyecups with their four-step adjustments offer enhanced comfort and convenience to wearers of glasses and non-wearers alike careful attention was

specifications edg vr fieldscopes edg fieldscope 85 vr edg fieldscope 85-a vr objective diameter mm 85 85 close focusing distance m 5.0 5.0 length mm 1 379 398 141×104 141×104 2,400 without batteries 2,400 without batteries height × width mm 1 weight g 1 observation degree of vibration is reduced to approx 1/8 digiscoping equivalent of a shutter speed approx 2 stops faster vibration reduction effects at 25˚c 2 power source aa alkaline battery x4 aa lithium battery x4 or aa ni-mh nickel metal hydride battery x4 3 battery life at 25˚c 1 body only 2 approx 17 hours aa alkaline battery approx 31 hours aa lithium battery approx 15 hours [aa ni-mh nickel metal hydride battery based on nikon fieldscope measuring standard used with tripod edg fieldscopes 3 battery life varies depending on conditions temperature and vibration edg fieldscope 85 edg fieldscope 85-a edg fieldscope 65 edg fieldscope 65-a objective diameter mm 85 85 65 65 close focusing distance m 5.0 5.0 3.3