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step-by-step instructions for incredible images guide mode are you new to d-slr photography the d3200 makes such as close-ups or portraits choose advanced it easy to take the pictures that you’ve always wanted operation for more creative options such as soften step by step nikon’s guide mode walks you through backgrounds or freeze motion the helpful assist the process of set-up shooting viewing and deleting images provide visual reference examples in order to simply select easy operation for help with taking illustrate the expected results and help you to better pictures of the most common situations and subjects understand how to achieve the type of images you want guide mode provides step-by-step assistance with taking pictures 1 select an operation 2 select a shooting method 3 select and confirm the scene 4 see an explanation of photo techniques easy operation close-ups sleeping faces select this mode and the camera automatically optimizes your settings appropriately for shooting close-ups of flowers and other small objects easy operation menus 6 this setting allows you to take pictures of small children discreetly by reducing shutter noise and turning off the flash • auto • no flash • distant subjects • close-ups • sleeping faces • moving subjects • landscapes • portraits • night portrait 5 an example assist image appears with the adjusted setting values 6 choose from use the viewfinder use live view or shoot movies advanced operation capture reds in sunsets select this option for dramatic sunset shots the white balance is adjusted to emphasize the warm tones of the setting sun advanced operation menus freeze motion people if the subject is moving the camera suggests which faster shutter speed is best to avoid motion blur • soften backgrounds • bring more into focus • freeze motion people • freeze motion vehicles • show water flowing • capture reds in sunsets • take bright photos • take dark low key photos • reduce blur soften backgrounds • lens af-s dx micro nikkor 85mm f/3.5g ed vr • exposure [a mode 1/250 second f/3.5 • white balance auto • sensitivity iso 100 • picture control standard 7