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excellent results for almost any subject even when they’re part of the action face-priority af live view for easy operation and sharp focus scene modes and other creative options get the best results for each scene k portrait landscape child l p live view shooting convenience scene auto selector instantly selects settings to match a scene m n o sports close up night portrait r t u in addition to guide mode assistance the d3200 offers familiar scene modes simply select one of the six icons on the mode dial portrait landscape child sports close up or night portrait instantly the camera is now set to automatically deliver optimal results for your shooting situation further creative d-slr options put aperture and shutter speed under your control either combined — p programmed auto individually — s shutter-priority auto and a aperture-priority auto or independently — m manual wide-area af p • lens af-s dx nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6g vr • scene mode child 1/160 second f/5 • white balance auto • sensitivity auto iso 200 • picture control standard knmo auto portrait landscape s v w auto flash off close up night portrait if you are taking still pictures using d3200’s “live view” monitor and are using the auto or auto flash off functions the scene auto selector can automatically select the most appropriate set-up from a choice of options portrait landscape close up and night portrait the d3200 self-configures to ensure optimum results leaving you more time to concentrate on composition selected when the camera identifies situations not covered by portrait landscape close up or night portrait mode or for scenes suited to auto or auto flash off d-slr shooting is easy with “live view.” whether taking stills or recording movies there are four c onvenient a f area mo des to choose from face-priority af widearea af normal-area af and subjecttracking af the combination of subject-tracking af and full-timeservo af af-f maintains the focus point as the action progresses still photography with faster response the optical viewfinder d slrc ameras are note d for showing exactly what the lens is seeing use of the viewfinder offers more stability a clearer view and more precise composition for landscape portrait and still life photography — advantages that enable you to better capture images at the right moment single-point af be confident of capturing the moment continuous shooting at approx 4 frames per second reliable accurate and responsive autofocus 11-point af system when taking pictures through the optical viewfinder the 11-point af system quickly and precisely detects your subject to ensure rapid and accurate autofocusing choose auto -area af and let the scene recognition system keep your subject sharp automatically choose dynamic-area af or 3d-tracking 11 points tocapturefast moving subjects or to change your composition freely while keeping the subject in sharp focus if you want a specific area of your subject to stay sharp choose single-point af when focus mode is continuous-servo af af-c or auto af-s/af-c selection af-a the movement position and expression of your subject can be unpredictable and you may never know exactly when a definitive moment might happen for times like these the d3200 offers a frame rate of approx 4 frames per second allowing a burst of images to capture a decisive moment during sporting events and when taking pictures of elusive pets or children at play with full autofocus performance when using autofocus af 8 9