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everything you need to create a masterpiece fine-tune your creative vision before taking the shot nikon’s intelligent built-in flash automatically pops up whenever needed optical viewfinder for faster shooting response when shooting mode is set to auto portrait child close up or night portrait extremely easy stress-free operation with intelligent auto modes compact and lightweight for portability and convenience with active d-lighting add creative flair after you shoot active d-lighting more detail in extreme lighting easy shooting for self-portraits and close-up shots — infrared receivers for remote control located in both front and rear of the camera live view activation at the touch of a button button and dial layout ensures easy operation miniature effect ml-l3 remote control optional automatically reveal detail in the dark and light parts of high contrast scenes and capture images that without active d-lighting color sketch select ive color straighten image overlay appear closer to how your eyes see them leave active d-lighting on for hands-free operation your images your taste picture control adjust the tonality and character of your pictures more ways to enjoy pictures the retouch menu and full hd movies to create a more personal touch the d3200 offers a variety of options to finish off your six settings are available standard neutral vivid pictures with a personalized monochrome portrait and landscape in addition look popular items such you can manually adjust the sharpening contrast brightness saturation and hue to further fine-tune your images to your own satisfaction nikon integrated dust reduction system for consistently clean and clear pictures comfortable camera grip fits naturally in your hands superb quality nikkor lens with built-in vr vibration reduction 10 monochrome vivid versatile playback options as resize color sketch and low energy consumption enables battery life for approx 540 shots per charge bright and accurate 7.5-cm 3-in lcd monitor with approx 921k-dot resolution based on cipa standards en-el14 rechargeable li-ion battery supplied selective color have now been added to the menu other items in the retouch menu • d-lighting • red-eye correction • trim • monochrome black-andwhite sepia and cyanotype • filter effects skylight warm filter red intensifier green intensifier blue intensifier cross screen and soft • color balance • image overlay • nef raw processing • quick retouch • straighten • distortion control • fisheye • color outline • perspective control • miniature effect • edit movie 11