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see how far d-slr fun can take you wireless camera control via smart devices connecting the optional wu-1a wireless mobile adapter to the d3200 allows you to take pictures and then send them wu-1a wirelessly to a wi-fi equipped smart device such as smartphone or tablet — a quick and easy way to share your images via social networking services sns or e-mail you can even release the d3200’s shutter from the smart device as well sns e-mail etc controls neatly arranged for easy operation 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 nikon speedlights — simply brilliant memory card capacity the d3200 comes equipped with a convenient built-in pop-up flash but with optional speedlights inspired flash photography becomes even easier and more creative the compact and lightweight sb-400 delivers intelligent through-the-lens i-ttl flash control and bounce flash capability for a more natural lighting effect without strong shadows the multifunctional sb-700 offers the exciting potential of wireless multiple-flash operation via the nikon creative lighting system sb-700 attached the following table shows the approximate number of pictures that can be stored on a 8 gb sandisk extreme pro sdhc uhs-i card at different image quality and size settings note that buffer capacity drops at iso sensitivity of 1600 or higher large 31.9 mb 171 10 — 20.4 mb 259 18 large 11.9 mb 509 80 medium 7.4 mb 853 100 small 3.8 mb 1600 100 large 6.2 mb 1000 100 medium 3.7 mb 1600 100 small 1.9 mb 3200 100 large 3.0 mb 1900 100 medium 1.9 mb 3200 100 small 1.0 mb 6300 100 nef raw jpeg fine nef raw jpeg fine bounce flash using the sb-700 sb-400 jpeg normal my picturetown — smart photo sharing and storage service nikon’s own image-sharing website my picturetown allows you to easily save organize and share your images with family and friends worldwide membership is free and permits storage of up to 2 gb of photos and/or movies for an additional fee you can expand your online storage space to 200 gb also compatible with some smart devices 1 mode dial fees and availability may vary by country 5 shutter-release button information edit button 2 movie-record button flash mode button/flash compensation button 3 information button microphone viewfinder eyepiece 4 exposure compensation button/adjusting aperture button/flash compensation button diopter adjustment control connector cover connector ae-l/af-l button/protect for external microphone button usb and a/v connector command dial hdmi mini-pin connector accessory terminal live view button lens release button multi selector 6 power switch 7 infrared receiver front 8 af-assist illuminator self-timer lamp/red-eye reduction lamp http function button 2 maximum number of exposures that can be stored in memory buffer at iso 100 drops when noise reduction or auto distortion control is on system chart memory card slot cover playback button ok button menu button 9 accessory shoe for optional playback zoom in button flash units playback zoom out button thumbnail button/help built-in flash button speaker speedlights dk-20c eyepiece correction lenses 5 to +3 m-1 dg-2 eyepiece magnifier sb-910 speedlight dk-22 eyepiece adapter sb-700 speedlight sb-400 speedlight dk-5 eyepiece cap dr-6 right-angle viewing attachment studio speedlights r1c1 close-up speedlight commander kit sb-910/700/400 speedlights sc-28/29 ttl remote cord as-15 sync terminal adapter remote control gps accessories and stereo microphone tv accessories release mode button self-timer button/remote control button memory card access lamp delete button the d3200 is exclusively designed for use with af-s and af-i nikkor lenses that are equipped with an autofocus motor mc-dc2 remote cord me-1 stereo microphone ml-l3 remote control fsa-l1 fieldscope digital slr camera attachment tv monitor † eg-cp14 audio video cable fsa-l2 fieldscope digital slr camera attachment ac adapters batteries and chargers computer related accessories mh-24 battery charger sd memory card smart device accessories en-el14 rechargeable li-ion battery wireless mobile adapter utility†† eh-5b ac adapter personal computer smart device android-based case pc card adapter sd memory card reader wu-1a wireless mobile adapter capture nx 2 † when a movie with sound recorded in stereo using an optional me-1 stereo microphone is viewed on a television connected to the camera via an audio video cable the audio output is monaural hdmi connections support stereo output †† can be downloaded from the google play store free approved memory cards sd memory cards sdhc memory cards2 sdxc memory cards3 sandisk 2 gb1 4 gb 8 gb 16 gb 32 gb 64 gb toshiba 2 gb1 4 gb 8 gb 16 gb 32 gb 64 gb panasonic 2 gb1 4 gb 6 gb 8 gb 12 gb 16 gb 24 gb 32 gb 48 gb 64 gb lexar media 2 gb1 4 gb 8 gb 16 gb 32 gb — 2 gb1 4 gb 8 gb 16 gb 32 gb — 4 gb 8 gb 16 gb 32 gb 64 gb 128 gb — 4 gb 8 gb 16 gb — platinum ii professional 2 gb1 full-hd video — 1 check that any card readers or other devices with which the card will be used support 2 gb cards uc-e17 uc-e6 usb cable ep-5a power connector 3 image size applies to jpeg images only size of nef raw images can not be changed file size is the total for nef raw and jpeg images the following sd memory cards have been tested and approved for use in the d3200.
cards with class 6 or faster write speeds are recommended for movie recording recording may end unexpectedly when cards with slower write speeds are used digiscoping accessories hdmi cable † gp-1 gps unit nikkor lenses dk-20 rubber eyecup monitor infrared receiver rear direct flash no of images1 buffer capacity2 1 all figures are approximate results will vary with card type camera settings and scene recorded 14 file size1 jpeg basic viewfinder accessories viewnx 2 is the convenient way to manage images on your computer with useful functions for storing browsing editing and sharing both photos and movies labels can be attached to images facilitating faster searches later on this bundled software also offers a wide range of editing functions including rotate resize crop straighten auto red-eye correction and more image size 3 to the d3200 dedicated application is required the application can be downloaded from the google play store free compatible oss android 2.3 series smartphone android 3.x series tablet viewnx 2 supplied — your imaging toolbox image quality cf-dc1 semi-soft case 2 check that any card readers or other devices with which the card will be used are sdhc-compliant the camera supports uhs-i 3 check that any card readers or other devices with which the car d will be used are sdxc-compliant the camera supports uhs-i viewnx 2 supplied accessories non-nikon products note other cards have not been tested for more details on the above cards please contact the manufacturer 15