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• lens af-s micro nikkor 60mm f/2.8g ed • image quality 14-bit raw nef • exposure [m mode 1/250 second f/8 • white balance color temp 4550k • sensitivity iso 100 • picture control standard © frank p

• lens af-s nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8g ed • image quality 14bit raw nef • exposure [m mode 1/125 second f/10 • white balance flash • sensitivity iso 100 • picture control standard © frank p

• lens af-s micro nikkor 60mm f/2.8g ed • image quality 14-bit raw nef • exposure [m mode 1/60 second f/8 • white balance color temp 4760k • sensitivity iso 100 • picture control portrait © frank p

• lens pc-e micro nikkor 85mm f/2.8d • image quality 14-bit raw nef • exposure [m mode 1/60 second f/32 • white balance auto • sensitivity iso 100 • picture control standard © kenji aoki • lens pc-e micro nikkor 85mm f/2.8d • image quality 14-bit raw nef • exposure [m mode 1/60 second f/32 • white balance auto • sensitivity iso 100 • picture control standard © kenji

t h e • lens af-s nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8g ed • image quality 12-bit raw nef • exposure [m mode 1/50 second f/13 • white balance auto • sensitivity iso 100 • picture control standard © tim andrew worldis extreme-resolution photography once meant a sacrifice in mobility versatility and spontaneity now the nikon d3x builds upon the world-renowned d3 merging 24.5 megapixels of imaging performance with the speed and handling characteristics that today s photography demands exquisite detail and tonal range in an ergonomically superior digital slr body with comprehensive protection against dust moisture and electromagnetic interference work within iso 100 and iso 1600 for spectacularly clean and sharp images even in harsh conditions the d3x s intuitive layout makes it easier to respond instantly to rapidly changing situations with nikon s total imaging system on their side demanding photographers can better realize their vision using the comprehensive

y ourstudio nikon fx-format cmos image sensor with 24.5 effective megapixels l exceptional noise control from iso 100 to iso 1600 near-instantaneous shutter release time lag of approx 0.04 seconds based on cipa guideline l 5-frames-per-second continuous shooting in fx format and 7 fps in dx crop mode up to 130 frames l 51-point multi-cam 3500fx autofocus system l scene recognition system for more accurate af ae and awb results l active d-lighting for complete control over highlight and shadow detail l picture control standard vivid neutral and monochrome landscape portrait and d2x modes i ii and iii are available free via download l live view mode for shooting handheld and with a tripod l highresolution approx 920k dots 7.5 cm 3-in vga-size lcd monitor with tempered glass l durable lightweight magnesiumalloy construction and comprehensive weather sealing against dust and moisture l intelligent power management that lets you shoot up to approx 4,400 frames on a single battery

• lens af-s vr nikkor 200mm f/2g if-ed • image quality 12-bit raw nef • exposure [m mode 1/80 second f/2 • white balance auto • sensitivity iso 800 • picture control standard © tim

• lens af-s nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8g ed • image quality 14-bit raw nef • exposure [a mode 1/100 second f/5.6 • white balance auto • sensitivity iso 100 • picture control landscape ©john

exquisite details images with the x-factor the sensor s 24.5 megapixels are only the beginning no matter how you shoot – tightly controlled or on the fly – the camera s phenomenally wide dynamic range retains subtlety of shadow and highlight detail that contributes to breathtaking image fidelity which can make the difference between good pictures and exceptional ones images with the x-factor are what your clients expect and your reputation deserves nikon s expeed processing system is much more than a mere label or processing chip component the expeed at work in the d3x is designed specifically to meet the requirements of a 24.5-megapixel sensor the results will exceed the expectations of any photographer whose work requires extreme resolution rich tonal gradation outstanding color accuracy and remarkable detail commercial and fine art photographers will immediately see that the d3x cuts no corners fast 14-bit a/d conversion incorporated onto the image sensor for high

rapid response the art of ergonomics not every subject poses for the camera whether it s on the catwalk in the studio or roaming in the wild photographers must capture their subject beautifully and accurately with its 51 individually selectable af points the d3x autofocus system is the same as the acclaimed nikon d3 which has become the preferred choice of so many of the world s leading sports and news photographers by delivering tack-sharp images even when shooting moving low-contrast or poorly lit subjects the logic is simple a camera that functions naturally in your hands allows creative work to flow the d3x features nikon s world-renowned ergonomics placement of controls and intuitive menu systems to help you follow your instincts instead of interrupting your flow to adjust settings or scroll through menus every texture and control has been meticulously designed to maintain your momentum and remain comfortable in your hands for as long as it takes to complete the assignment 51 af

comprehensive protection creative freedom spectacular images can be found far beyond the controlled confines of the studio unlike less robust 36x24mm d-slrs or more cumbersome medium-format equipment the d3x was designed to be at home both on the set and on location its performance-tested body is similar to the world-renowned d3 which has proven that it can withstand the worst of what the world s leading news photographers can throw at it wherever you are the d3x delivers studio-quality images in an agile body that can withstand the elements whether it s the world-renowned nikkor lenses or the industry-leading speedlight system shooting with a d3x opens the door to a range of creative opportunities that only nikon can offer the nikon total imaging system backed up by the nikon professional services nps network is there to help you realize your vision or even stimulate new ones rugged magnesium alloy construction l comprehensive protection against moisture dust and even

d3x on assignment for studio shooting the d3x s resolution is amazing rivaling digital medium–format camera offerings tonal gradation is very smooth and even and the color rendering is perfect for fashion and beauty it is always thrilling for me to see the range of colors in my mind realized in the final result and the d3x did exactly that this camera really impressed me during our beach shoot the beautiful tonal gradation allowed me to experiment freely in difficult light without worr ying about losing detail in the brightest and darkest areas as i shot that day i realized that with this d3x the challenges of harsh contrast backlighting and sudden lighting and weather changes that once made location four of the world s top professional photographers worked with the d3x on a variety of assignments shooting difficult for fashion photographers are now diminished significantly the fast autofocus and incredible frame rate also gave me the chance to catch the perfect moment in ways

nikon digital slr camera d3x specifications type type lens mount picture angle single-lens reflex digital camera nikon f mount with af coupling and af contacts equivalent to angle produced by lens focal length 1.5 times when dx format is selected effective pixels effective pixels 24.5 million image sensor image sensor cmos sensor 35.9 x 24.0 mm nikon fx format total pixels 25.72 million dust-reduction system image dust off reference data optional capture nx 2 software required storage image size pixels file format image area fx format 36 x 24 dx format 24 x 16 5:4 30 x 24 large 6,048 x 4,032 3,968 x 2,640 5,056 x 4,032 medium 4,544 x 3,024 2,976 x 1,976 3,792 x 3,024 small 3,024 x 2,016 1,984 x 1,320 2,528 x 2,016 1 nef raw 12 or 14 bit lossless compressed compressed or uncompressed 2 tiff rgb 3 jpeg jpeg-baseline compliant with fine approx 1:4 normal approx 1:8 or basic approx 1:16 compression size priority [optimal quality compression available 4 nef raw jpeg single photograph