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shoot big travel light long awaited by passionate photographers everywhere the new nikon d600 is an innovative 24.3-megapixel d-slr in a size and weight never seen before in fx format equipped to shoot virtually any subject ­— from landscapes to portraiture from still life to action — the d600 renders each with stunning sharpness and all of the benefits that the versatile fx format can offer such as superior high iso capability smooth tonality and beautiful bokeh your creative potential will be immeasurable with the latest range of nikkor lenses — once they’re attached to this agile and reliable body it will become clear just how far the d600 can take you high-end photography was once a privilege enjoyed only by professionals no longer see what power lies within your reach n smallest and lightest fx-format d-slr n 24.3-megapixel cmos sensor n standard iso sensitivity range 100 to 6400 n approx 100 frame coverage n 39-point af system 7 points compatible

exquisite detail and subtle tonal range in both highlights and shadows • exposure [a mode 1/800 second f/8 • white balance direct sunlight • sensitivity iso 100 • picture control landscape ©florian schulz af-s nikkor 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5g ed

fx 24.3 format megapixels take your photography to another level expect stunning detail thanks to an innovative sensor and nikkor lenses expeed 3 for faster more intelligent image processing with the goal of increasing pixel count while minimizing high iso noise nikon engineers created a way to get the most out of this camera’s astounding 24.3 effective megapixels using the new fxformat sensor using its high s/n signal-to-noise ratio the d600 achieves stunning details all while keeping noise remarkably low throughout the wide iso range and even further reduced at iso 100 the d600’s large pixel count also means more flexibility in cropping during post-production combine these benefits with beautiful bokeh from a large fx-format sensor and a much wider array of compatible nikkor lens choices and dx you can see how much potential the d600 truly offers utilized by top-end models like the d4 and d800 series expeed 3 generates extraordinary images that same image-processing

39 quick af points response speed and accuracy for fleeting moments incredible af design with compatibility up to f/8 the d600 delivers remarkable af performance using 39 tightly packed strategically placed af points which work like a net to find your subject and lock it into sharp focus the nine cross-type sensors in the center give you further accuracy even when light and contrast are scarce if the maximum effective aperture of your super-telephoto lens gets as slow as f/8 when attaching a 2.0x teleconverter you can still count on the d600’s af performance with seven active af points — a huge benefit for sports and wildlife shooters af-s nikkor 200-400mm f/4g ed vr ii af-s teleconverter tc-20e iii available focus points according to aperture af capability at f/8 when shooting with a super-telephoto 800mm • exposure [a mode 1/800 second f/8 • white balance auto 1 • sensitivity iso 800 • picture control standard ©florian schulz 39 af points

reliability light small dependable incredible agility when shooting in remote and demanding conditions extensive weather sealing the most compact fx-format d-slr camera accuracy to match both your view and your vision when in the field photographers always stress the importance of traveling light and nikon engineers listened while designing the d600 many camera components were reassessed and redesigned in order to free up as much internal camera space as possible the main challenge was to optimize the design surrounding the pentaprism and employ a smaller af sensor module the result is an fx-format d-slr camera that weighs approx 760 g/1 lb 10.8 oz — the lightest and smallest in the fx-format category where would you go with mobility like this a precise understanding of every element in the frame can be crucial to your compositional intentions especially when shooting landscapes the d600 is equipped with a newly developed glass prism optical viewfinder that gives you approx 100

microphone sensitivity menu d-movie live view broadcast quality video at your fingertips cinematic experience with full hd quality video multi-area mode full hd d-movie for cinematic freedom whether you want to record nature exotic locations or just the magic moments of daily life nikon’s broadcast-quality d-movie demonstrates exquisite moving image integrity due in part to its 24.3 megapixels and large fx-format sensor by using the b frame data compression method the d600 can record 1080p full hd video at 30p in h.264 mpeg-4 avc format for up to 29 min 59 s of recording in a single clip the camera’s intelligent image sensor reads out movie images at faster rates than ever thanks to expeed 3 nikon’s latest image-processing engine you can expect exceptionally smooth gradation with minimum block noise and beautifully natural movement rendered sharp and clear your movies will take on a distinctive look of their own even when shot in dimly lit locations combine these

exclusive features nikon’s smart creativity-boosting features monochrome vivid brighter image 1 3 5 2 4 6 successful hdr image darker image hdr high dynamic range for high-contrast landscapes portrait landscape operational comfort for nikon every detail is vital 1 grip and shutter button ergonomics 3 two-axis virtual horizon 5 intelligent power management the right-hand grip has been carefully redesigned to accommodate a larger variety of hand sizes with such a compact fx-format camera small subtle form changes in the back create a better grip for the thumb while a slightly deeper and longer front groove provides added stability furthermore the flattened power switch and adjusted angle of the shutter-release button both contribute to making finger movements more natural and strain-free after prolonged use whenever you need a level view simply turn on the smart virtual horizon tool this lets you see both horizontal dimensions — side-to-side and front-to-back landscape

nikkor lenses nikkor when lens quality truly matters experience a new level of image quality with the latest fx nikkor lenses to draw out the full potential of a large fx-format 24.3-megapixel sensor lens quality is crucial as a long-respected optical manufacturer nikon understands that there is no room to compromise when it comes to sharpness color tonal gradation or even bokeh from fast primes to f/2.8 zooms to f/4 zooms with vr the latest line of fx nikkor lenses — many loaded with the worldrenowned nano crystal coat — is fully optimized to deliver the kind of image quality that the d600 truly deserves 28 60 af-s micro nikkor 60mm f/2.8g ed 85 af-s nikkor 28mm f/1.8g a fast wide-angle lens with edge-to-edge sharpness and a natural perspective a compact and versatile micro lens with nano crystal coat a fast prime lens delivering stunning sharpness and quality bokeh from a surprisingly compact body 16-35 24-85 24-120 an ultra-wide-angle zoom lens with vr enhancing

system chart viewfinder accessories dk-20c eyepiece correction lenses 5 to +3 m-1 dg-2 eyepiece magnifier sd-9 high-performance battery pack dk-22 eyepiece adapter dk-21m magnifying eyepiece two sb-700s were placed in a portable softbox and wirelessly triggered using the d600’s builtin flash the softbox diffuses light evenly on the subject nikkor lenses speedlights sb-910 speedlight dr-6 right-angle viewing attachment microphone sb-910/700/400 speedlights as-15 sync terminal adapter sc-28 29 ttl remote cord r1c1 close-up speedlight commander kit sb-700 speedlight dk-5 eyepiece cap studio speedlights sb-400 speedlight dk-21 rubber eyecup digiscoping accessories tv accessories remote control gps accessories tv monitor fsa-l1 fieldscope digital slr camera attachment fsa-l2 fieldscope digital slr camera attachment hdmi cable sb-400 sb-700 sb-910 me-1 stereo microphone gp-1 gps unit mc-dc2 remote cord ac adapters batteries and battery packs af-s nikkor 28 mm f/1.8g

nikon digital slr camera d600 specifications type of camera lens mount effective pixels image sensor total pixels dust-reduction system detection range lens servo focus point af-area modes focus lock built-in flash guide number flash control flash modes flash compensation flash bracketing flash-ready indicator accessory shoe nikon creative lighting system cls sync terminal white balance white balance bracketing live view modes live view lens servo af-area modes autofocus movie metering movie metering method frame size pixels and frame rate file format video compression audio recording format audio recording device maximum length other movie options monitor single-lens reflex digital camera nikon f mount with af coupling and af contacts 24.3 million 35.9 × 24.0 mm cmos sensor nikon fx format 24.7 million image sensor cleaning image dust off reference data optional capture nx 2 software required image size pixels • fx format 36×24 6,016 × 4,016 l 4,512 × 3,008 m