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walk slowly as i ascend the mountain path the alpine air washes away everyday concerns free from haste and competition i become my true creative self again choosing unhurried inspiration over the frantic rush of speed and efficiency the wind keeps my mind focused as the glow of dawn begins its timeless drama but i don’t rush forward to capture it through measured contemplation time is now my friend and photo assistant guiding me towards a more meaningful interpretation of light the df allows me to create one-of-a-kind frames with exceptional freedom and tactile precision mechanics with the df as my companion the act of taking a photograph is truly rewarding so i walk slowly letting inspiration lead me at its own pace • lens af-s nikkor 70-200mm f/4g ed vr • image quality 14-bit raw nef • exposure [a mode 1/400 second f/8 • white balance direct sunlight • sensitivity iso 3200 • picture control standard ©takeshi

creative potential at every turn distill your vision with intuitive controls tactile precision mechanics one-of-a-kind images all under your direct control the large mechanical dials that dominate the top of the df are where photographers will rediscover the pleasure of camera operations and the photographic process instead of considering the exposure over the lcd monitor the camera’s top deck makes iso sensitivity shutter speed and exposure compensation value constantly visible and accessible inspiring photographers to more physically direct the camera’s settings and exposure by transmitting one’s photographic intentions through the df’s controls the connection between photographer and camera is now more fulfilling than ever in casual shooting situations you can bypass the controls and let the df’s programmed auto mode do all the exposure calculations however with the df in their grasp passionate photographers will find their hands drawn to the

creativity on a new scale a fusion of d4 image quality and lightweight mobility authentic nikon slr design the most portable of the fx-format d-slrs on the outside the df has all the attributes of tradition and authenticity for some the camera body’s smaller size and sharper angles may evoke the era of earlier nikon film slrs especially when paired with the newly designed af-s nikkor 50mm f/1.8g special edition and its matching aesthetic however others will see this unique hybrid as a new creature in its own right hold it in your hands and relish the tactile satisfaction of a well-balanced d-slr camera that is the smallest and lightest in the nikon fx format now picture yourself concentrating more on shooting in a wider variety of places for more hours with less of the strain associated with large heavy cameras this is what the df can do for you the trinity of true potential nikkor the nikon fx-format image sensor of the d4 and the expeed 3 image-processing engine the

specifications type of camera single-lens reflex digital camera lens mount nikon f mount with af coupling and af contacts effective angle of view nikon fx format effective pixels 16.2 million image sensor 36.0 × 23.9 mm cmos sensor total pixels 16.6 million dust-reduction system image sensor cleaning image dust off reference data optional capture nx 2 software required image size pixels fx format 36 × 24 4,928 × 3,280 [l 3,696 × 2,456 [m 2,464 × 1,640 [s dx format 24 × 16 3,200 × 2,128 [l 2,400 × 1,592 [m 1,600 × 1,064 [s file format • nef raw 12 or 14 bit lossless compressed compressed or uncompressed • tiff rgb • jpeg jpeg-baseline compliant with fine approx 1:4 normal approx 1:8 or basic approx 1:16 compression size priority optimal quality compression available • nef raw jpeg single photograph recorded in both nef raw and jpeg formats picture control system standard neutral vivid monochrome portrait landscape