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total digital imaging system digital imaging system sg 3ir ir panel i did you what i did 1 pin to 4 pin microphone adapter 1 pin to 4 pin microphone 5 inch to 6 inch adapter 8 pin to 3 pin adapter 9 pin to 8 pin adapter 6 pin to 8 pin adapters 8 pin to 4 pin adapter 4 pin to 8 pin adapter 8 pin to 9 pin adapter 6 pin to 4 pin adapters 6 pin to 4 pin adapter 6 pin to 7 pin adapter 13 pin to 9 pin adapter 13 pin to 8 pin adapter 5 pin to 4 pin converter 9 pin to 9 pin converter 25 pin to 9 pin adapter c channel to c channel connection 37 pin to 4 port 9 pin 5 inch to 4 inch 5 both to 5 both 13 pin to 5 pin 13 pin to 8 pin 3 window to a 5 window 4 pin to 2 pin 4 pin to 8 pin 3 pin to 7 pin 5 pin to 4 pin 6 pin to 7 pin 4 pin to 4 pin 20 pin to 20 pin nikon r1c1 r1 c1 wireless close up speedlight system nikon digital slr sb r200 wireless speedlight ttl to ttl camera control pro 2 18 x 18 file what is the color of the signal lights wire what are the colors of the individual wire insulation how to adjust the speed total imaging system nikon digital nikon digital cameras wireless camera system image processing battery charger system afs system remote lighting system manual image sensor total power battery human image sensors

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the nikon total digital imaging system let your imagination be your guide nikon is proud to bring you its latest incarnation of the nikon total digital imaging system full of photographic excitement answers and inspiration within these pages you will find everything you need to realize your present ideas and inspire new ones whether you are a seasoned professional or a passionate weekend shooter we are confident that the contents of this brochure can help you craft better images every item is designed specifically to work with nikon cameras which means a seamless performance that truly brings out the best in you and your nikon d-slr got an idea make it happen here’s where you start table of contents n why more light n see what just one speedlight can do n magnify your potential with multiple speedlights n many features unlimited possibilities n the nikon creative lighting system lineup n the nikon creative lighting system concept compatibility n nef and capture nx 2 n camera

why more light nikon creative lighting system easily accomplish studio quality photographs virtually anywhere it’s easy to understand the need for a flash in low-light shooting scenarios but nikon speedlights are also extremely helpful in daytime situations with bright sunlight and deep shadow the additional light helps cameras capture what our eyes see so well it’s easy to forget that the human eye is a remarkable optical instrument registering levels of contrast between highlight and shadow impossible for cameras to detect with additional light at your command you can fill in the shadows and reduce the contrast you see to within the range that your camera’s image sensor can record the camera’s built-in flash is often suitable but the direct frontal light can be too harsh for fine detail leaving some images with flat a model in shadow against a bright background photographed without speedlight matrix metering no exposure compensation exposure is well

© kathy wolfe beautiful soft light bounced off a wall “kids have their own agenda even while i’m shooting,” says child photographer kathy wolfe “one of the key principles of photographing children is speed.” wolfe has to find quality light fast or quickly create her own when needed such as when in a low-lit room while her child models remain wireless remote flash from the right side of the camera erases unwanted shadows cast on the wall by the window light from the left 6 © kathy wolfe © joe mcnally see what just one speedlight can do cooperative the light and remarkably portable nikon speedlights are always in her camera bag how she works with the nikon creative lighting system cls is simple but what she gets is significant she tilts the flash head of a hotshoed speedlight toward a white wall for a bounce-flash effect this simple act can transform harsh light into a soft smooth glow any large white surface can act as an impromptu

© cliff mautner secondary flash from behind for a beautiful halo of light “in order to capture important events as they happen without distractions a wedding photographer must be flexible and unobtrusive.” helpful words from cliff mautner one of the profession’s most respected practitioners how he uses the nikon creative lighting system is main light from the camera’s left illuminates the bride’s face a second light from behind the subject reveals details in the veil 8 magnify your potential with multiple speedlights both simple and strategically effective all he needed to create texture dimension and mood in the image above was an off-camera flash fired from the left side of the frame wireless control and i-ttl make it easy to get soft light in situations where reflectors or a white ceiling are not an option cliff tilts the flash head 90 degrees upward — or even backward — to “feather” the light softening a harsh flash to

many features unl imited possibilities i-ttl balanced fill flash © joe mcnally auto fp high-speed sync for shallow depth-of-field i-ttl balanced fill-flash rear-curtain sync just the right amount of light for well-balanced foreground and background exposure create a sense of motion with intended blur incredibly useful in varied or unpredictable lighting the innovative i-ttl system delivers consistently accurate flash exposures automatically whenever your nikon digital slr is set to either 3d color matrix metering ii/iii or center-weighted metering your speedlight automatically readies i-ttl to deliver balanced fill-flash in this mode a monitor pre-flash fires microseconds before the actual flash accurately informing the speedlight on the latest scene information even for difficult scenes such as backlit subjects the flash comes the same scene taken without flash through with well-balanced exposures across the frame and avoids overexposing the subject flash output remains the same

the nikon creative lighting system the speedlight lineup sb-r200 r1c1/r1 close-up speedlight kit wireless remote speedlight the ultimate speedlight system for creative wireless close-up photography also available as a separate unit for d4 d3 series d800 series d700 d300 series d7000 d90 d5100 d5000 d3200 d3100 d3000 r1c1 close-up speedlight commander kit su-800 two sb-r200s and all the accessories r1 close-up speedlight remote kit two sb-r200s and all the accessories two sb-r200 units are included with both the r1c1 and the r1 each unit features a guide number of 10 iso 100 m or 14 iso 200 m when attached to a lens via the sx-1 the flash head can be tilted up to 60 degrees toward the optical axis of the lens or up to 45 degrees away r1c1 sb-910 nikon’s top-of-the-line speedlight enables photographers to be more imaginative with their creative lighting sb-700 high-performance versatile speedlight brings simplicity to oncamera,remote and multiple flash photography for d4 d3

the concept innovative i-ttl flash control working photographers around the world are discovering how the creative lighting system cls brings simplicity and realworld usability to both multiple-flash and single-flash photography at the core of the innovation are nikon’s i-ttl flash control technology and the precision monitor pre-flash which work together for accurate flash exposures here is how multiple wireless lighting works with i-ttl mode activated the master speedlight that is hot-shoed to the camera will send signals to remote units ordering them to pre-flash the scene through the lens the camera analyzes what it sees in the scene constantly adjusting the pre-flash output of independent remote units once it measures the correct exposure for the entire scene it determines the flash output value — all from the centralized point-of-view of the camera in nearly any lighting situation i-ttl flash control will perform all the complex lighting calculations for you the

color control points for intuitive image enhancement one of the features that makes capture nx 2 crucial software for photographers is nikon’s color control points which simplify image enhancement while enabling photographers with unmatched image processing freedom instead of complicated layering and memorization with capture nx 2 you simply place a color control point wherever you want to reprocess using the color control point’s slider controls you can adjust hue saturation brightness contrast red tone green tone blue tone and image warmth the selection can then be applied within a designated area for the color you need simply click slide and adjust a wonderfully visual experience this intuitive system makes both subtle and radical changes possible in seconds you can also craft customized color wheels and preset color settings to save extra time and effort compose a selection and change it at will or make multiple settings with color control points and watch how the

other features quick fix selections click on the quick fix header and a selection of tools appear for fast first adjustments with nef files you can alter contrast adjust exposure compensation with a ±2 stop range apply protection to highlights and shadow areas and modify color saturation all fast all without damaging the original file batch processing preset editing information can be applied to all image data in a selected folder vignette control nikon d-slr or nikon 1 series camera only easily and visually minimize the appearance of vignetting in your pictures by brightening the corners of the image the tool can both brighten and darken allowing you to apply a vignette effect where it didn’t exist for creative purposes exposure compensation can be applied to raw nrf nrw images only auto color aberration reduces lateral chromatic aberration throughout an entire image for superior overall quality before after © joe mcnally distortion control reduces pincushion and barrel

multi-power battery pack added reliability wireless transmission accessories enhanced efficiency more power and speed when you need it higher workflow speed and new photographic enjoyment mb-d12 multi-power battery pack mb-d11 multi-power battery pack for d800 series for d7000 runs on one en-el15 one en-el18 bl-5 battery chamber cover required or eight r6/aa-size alkaline/ni-mh/lithium batteries using with eh-5b and ep-5b ensures longer-period shooting features shutter-release button af-on button multi selector and two command dials for vertical shooting the same integral magnesium alloy construction and weather sealing as the d800 body itself are utilized runs on either one en-el15 battery or six r6 aa-size alkaline/ni-mh/lithium batteries to provide added stability with extended shooting potential magnesium alloy employed for exterior cover durability mb-d10 multi-power battery pack for d700 d300 series runs on one en-el3e one en-el4a bl-3 battery chamber cover required or eight

viewing attachment your perspective remote cord long exposure view with clarity and comfort getting the most out of steady tripod shooting dk-18 mc-36 remote cord 0.85 m mc-30 remote cord 0.8 m mc-22 remote cord 1 m mc-21 extension cord mc-23 connecting cord ml-3 modulite remote control set 3 m 0.4 m for d4 d3 series d800 series d700 d300 series for d4 d3 series for d4 d3 series for d4 d3 series d800 for d4 d3 series for d4 d3 series d800 series d700 d300 d800 series d700 d300 series d700 d300 series d800 series d700 d300 d800 series d700 d300 series series series series enables remote firing of a camera and setting of interval timer and long time exposure incorporates an illuminated lcd panel allows remote firing of a camera with triggerlock function by keeping the shutter release button depressed — useful for bulb shooting useful for making con for use with mc-22/23 nections to a shutter25/30/36 or ml-3 triggering device such as those activated by an infrared sensor to take

system compatibility d4 flash speedlights flash accessories remote accessories microphone sb-910/sb-700/sb-400/su-800 sb-r200 sc-28/sc-29 as-15 ml-3 mc-dc2 mc-21/mc-22/mc-23 mc-25/mc-30/mc-36 ml-l3 stereo microphone me-1 power sources batteries battery chargers multi-power battery packs ac adapters en-el4a en-el3e en-el14 en-el15 en-el18 mh-18a mh-21/mh-22 mh-24 mh-25 mh-26 mb-d10 mb-d11 mb-d12 eh-5b2 eh-6b3 d3 series d800 series d700 d300 series d7000 d5100 d3200 d3100 nikon 1 series ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● v1 1 ● ● ● ● d3s ● ● d300s ● ● ● ● ● ● ● v1 ● ● ● ●