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coolpix digital cameras the three categories of cameras expand on the coolpix commitment to cutting-edge technology legendary nikon performance and extraordinary ease of use whether you re a proud parent who s new to digital photography an enthusiast looking for expanded functionality and sophisticated design or a seasoned photographer who demands the highest image quality possible nikon has a coolpix camera that makes capturing quality pictures a snap the life series of coolpix cameras allows easy capture of treasured moments in high-resolution images powerfully capable yet simple ­ at an entry level price coolpix coolpix coolpix coolpix l3 l4 l5 l6 the style series of coolpix cameras offers additional photographic capabilities for greater control-plus distinctive slim designs coolpix s7c coolpix s9 coolpix s10 the performance series of coolpix cameras delivers advanced functionality and greater versatility to maximize personal control in pursuit of an individual photographic vision

these in-camera innovations are simple to use because nikon s advanced technology is built-in in-camera creative slideshow entertainment available with coolpix s7c s10 so much more than a simple slideshow function pictmotiontm lets you share your photos in a more imaginative and entertaining way simply select a range of images pick a style and choose your soundtrack from 5 3 on the s10 pre-installed music files or load new ones to go with your images your pictmotion slideshow will be produced automatically with pace and transitions determined by music and style ready for viewing anywhere on the large lcd in-camera red-eye fixtm you may never see red-eye again nikon s exclusive in camera red-eye fix tm analyzes each image and automatically finds and corrects red-eye which sometimes occurs in flash photography to produce more natural-looking portraits without in-camera red-eye fixtm with in-camera red-eye fixtm speed dial your selections on coolpix s7c the new rotary multi selector

coolpix l3 product number effective megapixels lcd size maximum file size resolution coolpix l4 25546 4.0 2.0 lcd 11.0 2272 x 1712 1600 x 1200 1024 x 768 640 x 480 small pic jpeg quicktime 3x optical zoom-nikkor 38-114mm digital zoom to 4x coolpix l5 25550 7.2 2.5 lcd 21.0 3072 x 2304 2592 x 1944 2048 x 1536 1024 x 768 640 x 480 small pic jpeg quicktime wav voice 5x optical zoom-nikkor 38-190mm with optical vibration reduction digital zoom to 4x n/a automatic 15 scene modes 4 scene assist modes face-priority af with portrait scene mode one-touch portrait button 256-segment matrix coolpix l6 25551 6.0 2.5 lcd 17.0 2816 x 2112 2048 x 1536 1024 x 768 640 x 480 small pic jpeg quicktime wav voice 3x optical zoom-nikkor 38-116mm digital zoom to 4x coolpix s7c 25552 7.1 3.0 lcd 21.0 3072 x 2304 2592 x 1944 2048 x 1536 1024 x 768 640 x 480 small pic jpeg quicktime wav voice 3x optical zoom-nikkor 35-105mm with ed glass elements with electronic vibration reduction digital zoom to 4x

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