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the nikon coolpix vibration reduction advantage originally developed for nikon slr lenses the vibration reduction system helps you overcome camera shake the system automatically detects and compensates for small movements that would otherwise cause images to blur and enables a shooting experience akin to shooting at shutter speeds three stops faster while also supporting faster framing on the lcd vr normal don t let minor camera shake compromise your photos vr normal mode automatically compensates for minor hand movements lets you shoot without blurring in lower light keeps subjects clear when panning and allows you to take advantage of slower shutter speeds vr active its not always possible to find a steady place to shoot from vr active mode provides greater compensation in shakier conditions and lets you achieve clear sharp images the advantages of vr also extend to shooting movies with lens shift vr which adds stability to the capture of action incredible bright 2.5 lcd for

nikon s exclusive feature system makes taking powerful pictures easy 8.1 megapixels of image resolution enables you to capture outstanding pictures that stay stunning after significant enlargement or cropping face priority af ensures superb portraits with crisp focus in portrait scene mode this feature automatically finds the subject s face and focuses on it in-camera red-eye fixtm this in-camera feature automatically fixes most occurrences of red-eye you may never see red-eye again d-lighting in playback mode d-lighting will compensate for underexposed areas or insufficient flash by automatically adding light and detail where needed new graphical user interface features a new color scheme and also lets you choose functions by name or icon according to your preference new live histogram function graphically indicates shadow levels on the left and highlights on the right and helps you avoid under/over exposure before shooting best shot selector enables the camera to take a series of

intelligent automatic features simply impressive panorama fireworks show close up sports portrait with scene assist night portrait with scene assist landscape with scene assist sports with scene assist party/indoor beach/snow sunset night landscape museum fireworks show close up copy back light panorama assist dawn/dusk voice recording the coolpix p3/p4 features 16 specially programmed modes to automatically handle focus exposure white balance and other adjustments that help you take great pictures easily four of the 16 scene modes come with scene assist which offers a selection option to help you compose your pictures with the assitance of framing guides displayed on the monitor aperture priority auto mode 11 wide-area af choose a large aperture setting for pleasing background blur or smaller aperture for greater depth of field while the camera selects the best shutter speed for optimal exposure allows you to concentrate on composition while the camera provides automatically

3.5 x optical zoom nikkor lens with vibration reduction new nikon coolpix vibration reduction technology is incorporated into the lens and helps you capture sharp images while minimizing the effects of camera shake enjoy the power of the 3.5x optical zoom lens 36 -126mm 35mm equivalent plus 4x digital zoom equals 14x zoom range macro capability lets you get as close as 1.6 inches this combination is supported by nikon s world renowned optical technology delivering clear crisp images backed by stabilizing vr assurance 256-segment matrix metering system enables optimal exposures in challenging lighting situations coolpix p3 has built-in wi-fi easy wireless transfer adds exciting freedom and versatility to the coolpix p3 letting you send images directly from the camera to your computer and also enabling images to be sent direct to pictbridge compatible printers with the optional pd-10 wireless printer adapter software and accessories nikon s exclusive pictureproject software is designed

fantastic features built-in flash 3.5x optical zoom-nikkor lens we thought of everything coolpix p3/p4 8.1 megapixels for superior prints up to 16 x 20 inches wi-fi enabled p3 for high speed wireless transmission of pictures either during or after shooting high quality 3.5x optical zoom-nikkor glass lens 36-126mm 35mm equivalent for incredibly sharp clear images plus a 4x digital zoom for a total zoom of 14x incredible bright 2.5 inch lcd for easy viewing and playback of pictures nikon s in-camera red-eye fixtm automatically fixes most instances of red-eye in the camera you may never see red eye again nikon s d-lighting automatically brightens the dark areas in the picture when in playback mode face priority af automatically finds the subject s face and focuses on it for crisp sharp portraits 16 scene modes 4 with scene assist and 9 advanced scene modes for taking better pictures easily and automatically vibration reduction allows sharp hand-held images at up to 3 shutter speeds

digital camera specifications type of camera effective pixels ccd image modes compact digital camera 8.1 million battery life approx 1/1.8-inch type 8.31 million total pixels 8m 3264 5m 2592 3m 2048 pc 1024 tv 640 3:2 3264 3.5x zoom-nikkor 7.5-26.3mm 35mm [135 format equivalent to 36-126mm f/2.7-5.2 7 elements in 6 groups digital zoom up to 4x 1ft 30cm to infinity 1.6 in 4cm to infinity in macro mode 2.5-inch type 150,000-dot tft lcd monitor with brightness adjustment internal memory approx 23mb sd memory card auto programmed auto aperture priority auto mode 9 advanced scene modes portrait [face af portrait night portrait landscape night landscape sunset dusk/dawn fireworks show close up 7 scene modes party/indoor panorama assist beach/snow back light museum copy sports bss best shot selector date imprint self-timer 3,10 sec with sound tv movie 640 at 30fps small size 320 at 30fps smaller size 160 at 30fps without sound time-lapse movie at 30fps lens shift vr