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Nikon USA, D2X Set (body

high resolution and color purity that will create the definitive benchmark of picture quality new dx format image sensor 12.4 million effective pixels a new dx format cmos sensor captures 12.4 million effective pixels per image and delivers the high resolution and sharp detail needed for professional results dx format means the sensor is optimized for use with dx lenses and is compatible with the full lineup of quality nikkor lenses rich in features and customizable for versatility under all shooting conditions location data expands application possibilities gps units that comply with nmea 0183 can be connected via the optional gps cable mc-35 to record data on latitude longitude and altitude or to adjust the d2xs built-in world time settings creative in-camera effects nikons new high-resolution image processing engine nikons new generation system lsi greatly improves the precision of processing over previous schemes with optimized distribution of analog and digital white balance

quality means uncompromising performance while shooting at a full 12.4 million pixels with the high resolution and sharp detail needed for large prints and close crops high-speed 4-channel independent data output from the new dx format cmos image sensor and new high-resolution image processing engine work seamlessly with optimized systems throughout to provide this unprecedented performance optimum performance at a full 12.4 megapixels type of camera effective pixels image sensor recording pixels quality means all systems are optimized to deliver accurate color even when shooting under rapidly changing light the d2x features advanced auto white balance and auto tone control systems refined with new algorithms to analyze the colors and lighting of the scene three different color mode settings for adobe rgb and two for srgb expand color rendering options for versatile workflow efficiency conventional processing system image sensor a/d conversion image processing pipeline faithful color