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nikon digital slr camera d2xs specifications type effective pixels image sensor image size pixels single-lens reflex digital camera 12.4 million cmos sensor 23.7 x 15.7mm total pixels 12.84 million full image 4,288 x 2,848l 3,216 x 2,136m 2,144 x 1,424s high-speed crop image 3,216 x 2,136l 2,400 x 1,600m 1,600 x 1,064s 100 to 800 iso equivalent hi-0.3 hi-0.5 hi-0.7 hi-1 and hi-2 available sensitivity compactflashtm cf card type i/ii and microdrivetm storage media nef 12-bit uncompressed or compressed raw storage system exif 2.21 dcf 2.0 and dpof compliant uncompressed tiff-rgb or compressed jpeg storage number of frames for details refer to page 9 1 single frame shooting [s mode advances one frame for each shutter release shooting modes 2 continuous high shooting [ch mode full image 5 frames per second fps high-speed crop image 8 frames per second fps 3 continuous low shooting [cl mode full image 1 to 4 frames per second fps selectable in menu high-speed crop image 1 to 7

the true nature of photography the goal was straightforward take a truly versatile professional tool to new levels of response handling efficiency and fine control over the results the strategy was clear apply the feedback gained by working hand in hand with professional photographers in the field to refine the already stellar operation and performance of nikon s flagship digital slr camera at the heart of the system is a proven 12.4 million-pixel image sensor advanced image processing engine and optimized systems that blend high levels of resolution with superb image quality pure color rendition and class-leading speed the 11-area af system is tuned to deliver even finer precision and higher performance an improved view in high-speed crop mode makes composition easier the host of enhancements also includes significantly increased battery life per charge an improved menu interface and a new color calibrated 2.5-inch lcd with ultra-wide viewing angle the nikon d2xs hits the mark ­

smooth control and usability performance you can trust ergonomic design and button layout the size layout and operation of each customizable button control and function is designed for intuitive operation and feedback minimizing the need to remove the eye from the viewfinder while shooting this combines with instant predictable response to free the photographer to concentrate on composition operation remains consistently comfortable for either horizontal or vertical orientation the convenient function button on the front of the body can be programmed for simpler switching such as in and out of high-speed crop mode when using continuous shooting the eye-level viewfinder features frame coverage of virtually 100 and a 19.9mm eyepoint information bars along the bottom and right edges display the current white balance mode image quality and size settings iso setting and more updated for the d2xs the viewfinder also features an improved view within the high-speed crop mode frame for faster

instant response accurate exposure metering instant response ultra-short shutter lag the d2xs is designed with instant start-up and optimized systems that maximize all-round performance for immediate response as a result the d2xs is ready to shoot whenever a decisive moment may arise this performance combines with the industry s shortest shutter release time lag of a mere 37 milliseconds to realize high-resolution photography without compromise 3d-color matrix metering ii to achieve optimum exposure for each shot nikon s acclaimed 1,005-pixel rgb exposure/color matrix metering sensor and advanced algorithms determine the brightness and size of highlight areas while at the same time evaluating all brightness color contrast selected focus area and subject-to-camera distance information the results are then referenced against a comprehensive onboard database of scenes acquired from actual photographs before high-speed processing calculates the final value to deliver consistent and

capturing the expression extended creative abilities 12.4 megapixel dx format image sensor the dx format cmos sensor captures 12.4 million effective pixels per image producing 4,288 x 2,848-pixel images with the high resolution and sharp detail needed for commercial assignments high-speed 4-channel independent data output contributes to impressive levels of image quality and system speed creative in-camera effects image overlay merges a pair of selected raw files to create a new composite image within the camera as a raw jpeg or tiff file multiple exposure creates a single image from up to 10 exposures and can be used with the camera s built-in interval timer in-camera image trimming new high-performance high-resolution image processing engine conventional processing system nikon s most powerful image processing engine to date combines color image sensor general asic image processing pipeline independent analog pre-conditioning with improved digital image processing a/d conversion

the nef advantage nef nikon electronic format satisfies everchanging photographic needs with extended range and versatility each nef file contains not only the raw image data captured by the image sensor but also a thumbnail image and an all-important instruction set of the recorded original settings from the time the image was captured the raw data is never altered regardless how many times the file is opened and new renditions saved original image image quality mode raw nef · lens af-s zoom-nikkor 28-70mm f/2.8d ed-if · exposure mode [m 1.30 seconds f/8 · white balance incandescent · sensitivity iso-equiv 100 working with nef files raw thumbnail and instruction set thumbnail and instruction set image data processing adjust.1 image data processing adjust.2 image data processing adjust.3 ··· raw raw thumbnail and instruction set image data processing information save images in raw nef format or write to tiff or jpeg formats the raw data within a nef file is preserved

dallas carroll profile combining the sensitivities of his diverse artistic experience with a wealth of computer software knowledge dallas carroll brings the sophistication of an artist to the technical realm of digital imaging while working on various corporate advertising projects he continues to adopt the latest imaging tools as he pushes the limits of creativity image quality mode raw nef · lens af-s vr zoom-nikkor 24-120mm f/3.5-5.6g ed-if · exposure mode [a 1/6 second f/8 · white balance cloudy · sensitivity iso-equiv 100 image refined with capture nx original image image quality mode raw nef · lens af-s vr zoom-nikkor 24-120mm f/3.5-5.6g ed-if · exposure mode [a 1/100 second f/11 · white balance cloudy · sensitivity iso-equiv 100 nicolaas de bruin melita profile fashion/beauty photographer nicolaas de bruin and makeup artist/hair stylist melita collaborate to produce photographs for fashion and commercial clients their work appears regularly in magazine fashion and

vic huber i need a system that can match any photo opportunity that arises i need to know the equipment i have can capture the moment exactly the way i envision it and the d2xs has the system capabilities to do so the creative lighting system the d2xs works seamlessly with sb-800 sb-600 and sb-r200 speedlights delivering the full benefits of i-ttl flash control s advanced monitor pre-flash accurate bounce-flash measurement and comprehensive wireless operation the sb-800 and sb-600 speedlights also feature a wide-area af-assist illuminator tailored to the d2xs s 11-area multi-cam 2000 af sensor module as well as auto zoom flash coverage image quality mode raw nef · lens af-s vr zoom-nikkor 24-120mm f/3.5-5.6g ed-if · exposure mode [m 1/125 second f/8 · white balance flash · sensitivity iso-equiv 400 speedlight mode settings master flash canceled remote a manual remote b manual remote c manual i-ttl flash control building on the accuracy of the monitor pre-flash the brighter