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cortina dampezzo venice portofino cinque terre two photographers italy and the d80 photographers from different fields share their impressions after shooting with the d80 on a trip to italy about shooting in italy h hien i ve long dreamed of shooting in venice as a photojournalist i always strive to convey the moment just as i see it with my own eyes this demands a great amount of footwork to get acquainted with the location and the time to establish a rapport with the locals shooting early in the morning with the d80 left an immediate impression on me there was limited light and that was comprised of a mixture of natural and artificial light a film camera in such a situation requires complicated use of filters whereas the d80 was able to achieve accurate white balance and metering under mixed light sources and produce beautiful results y yves i believe shooting in the cafe allowed metoclearly ex pressmyfeelingsabout the location i am always exploring how best to express myself

ive shot from this location before but never this early in the morning the d80s automatic functions worked wonderfully capturing the mood of the moment as i hoped to express it ­ yves paternoster 4 · image quality mode raw nef · lens af-s zoom-nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8d ed-if · exposure mode [m 1/2.5 second f/5.6 · white balance auto · sensitivity iso-equiv 125 i tried to shoot this scene just as it struck my eye i used the landscape mode of the digi-vari programs for this shot and im very pleased with how the d80 was able to accurately reproduce the moment ­ hien lam duc · image quality mode raw nef · lens af dx fisheye-nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8g ed · exposure mode digital vari-program [landscape 1/125 second f/9 · white balance auto · sensitivity iso-equiv 100

it was a challenge to find a new perspective on a famous vista the weather wasnt the best but the d80s automatic white balance managed to handle the mixed lighting conditions brilliantly and i got a very good shot ­ yves paternoster · image quality mode raw nef · lens af-s zoom-nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8d ed-if · exposure mode [a 2 seconds f/9 · white balance auto · sensitivity iso-equiv 100 the colors of the traditional costumes the passion of the dance and the scenic background made me eager to capture the moment in a panoramic shot the d80 handled the lighting perfectly and the results are great ­ hien lam duc · image quality mode raw nef · lens af dx fisheye-nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8g ed · exposure mode [p 1/320 second f/9 · white balance auto · sensitivity iso-equiv 125 i really enjoyed taking this picture inspired by the light and the interaction of the people and aided by the ease with which the d80 performed i was able to visually express my feelings about the scene ­ yves

for every aspiring photographer new high-resolution image processing engine new one of the key advances developed for the d80 is its high-resolution image processing engine at its heart is a dedicated new high-performance processing chip that greatly accelerates performance on all levels while also consuming less power than its predecessors it also inherits advantages developed exclusively for nikons latest professional digital slr cameras combining color independent analog pre-conditioning with improved 12-bit digital image processing algorithms the result is natural-looking images that benefit from faithful color and tone reproduction the level of performance attained allows the new engine to rapidly and efficiently process the 10.2 megapixel resolution images captured by the dx format ccd image sensor 1 4 5 6 2 3 1 · lens af-s zoom-nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8d ed-if · exposure mode [s 1/60 second f/2.8 · white balance auto · sensitivity iso-equiv 200 2 · lens af-s vr zoom-nikkor

beautiful results with accurate colors and sharp details 10.2 effective megapixel nikon dx format ccd optimized to capture sharp details the 10.2 effective megapixel ccd image sensor yields extraordinarily high-resolution images providing plenty of freedom to crop creatively or print impressive enlargements new 11-area af system the d80 inherits nikons advanced multi-cam 1000 af sensor m odule that recently debuted in the d200 refinements to this new 11-area af system ensure consistently fast an d p re c is e fo c us lock under var ying shooting conditions all while the addition of effective new focusing options instills photographers with greater confidence to get the desired shot for example while the system is able to use each of its 11 focus areas individually the center sensor can also be switched to wide-frame operation for broader coverage refinements to the programming algorithms that control lens focus action further improve system response and focus precision along with

always ready to shoot easily and precisely integrated flexibility for maximum versatility nikkor lenses lens quality directly influences the image quality achieved by any slr greater operating ease with nikon ergonomics the d80 packs high performance and high resolution into a body that is more compact and slimmer than previous nikon digital slr cameras true to nikons commitment to intuitive operation the size layout and operation of all buttons and controls are designed for maximum ease of use new camera nikons solid heritage of delivering the finest optics precision mechanisms and optimized performance has long earned nikkor lenses the highest praises of photographers in 2004 total accumulated production of nikkor lenses topped 35 million units the d80 employs the nikon f lens mount to ensure seamless compatibility with the unequalled performance and quality of nikons full lineup of af af-s and dedicated dx nikkor lenses large wide-angle 2.5 lcd monitor with improved menus the d80

software system chart new capture nx optional the nef advantage additional features other tools that enhance capture nxs unique capabilities include browser batch processing edit list red-eye reduction version and noise reduction and other useful functions viewfinder accessories viewfinder accessories for further shooting comfort and convenience flash units speedlights nikon speedlights add functionality and precision that tap the full potential of the creative lighting system for full and easy control over lighting lenses a comprehensive lineup of high-quality nikkor lenses nikon software for simpler full-scale image processing and editing nef nikon electronic format satisfies ever-changing photographic needs with extended range and versatility the raw data contained within each nef file is never altered regardless of how many times the file is opened and new renditions saved adjustment viewfinder lenses 5 to +3m dk-20c eyepiece magnifier dg-2 eyepiece adapter dk-22 studio

nikon digital slr camera d80 specifications type of camera effective pixels image sensor image size pixels iso sensitivity recommended exposure index storage media storage system file system white balance single-lens reflex digital camera 10.2 million rgb ccd 23.6 x 15.8mm total pixels 10.75 million 3,872 x 2,592 [l 2,896 x 1,944 [m 1,936 x 1,296 [s 100 to 1600 iso equivalent h0.3 h0.7 and h1 available flash control sd memory card compressed nef raw 12-bit compression jpeg jpeg baseline-compliant exif 2.21 compliant dcf 2.0 and dpof auto ttl white balance with 420-pixel rgb sensor six manual modes with fine-tuning color temperature setting in kelvin or preset white balance white balance bracketing lcd monitor 2.5-in 230,000-dot low-temperature polysilicon tft lcd with brightness adjustment available allows up to 170-degree viewing angle playback function 1 full frame 2 thumbnail 4 or 9 segments 3 zoom 4 slideshow standard or pictmotion 5 rgb histogram indication 6 shooting data