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wireless close-up speedlight

expanding the circle of possibilities the wireless close-up speedlight system from nikon the world leader in wireless remote flash automation delivers the ultimate tools for creative close-up photography and a wide variety of convenient wireless flash configurations available in two key configurations this latest addition to the groundbreaking nikon creative lighting system cls offers unprecedented versatility and control for close-up and other lighting challenges like their cls companions the sb-800 sb-600 speedlights both configurations effortlessly and intelligently expand your flash capabilities leveraging nikon s i -ttl intelligent-through-thelens metering on cls compatible cameras the nikon wireless close-up speedlight system not only enables exceptionally accurate exposures but also allows the precise automatic control of a variety of wireless close -up flash and multiple-flash operations whether you re a close-up or nature pro/advanced enthusiast looking for greater

two complete system options the nikon wireless close -up speedlight system is offered in two configurations r1 and r1c1 to match your specific needs complete and ready to go right out of the box both configurations feature two sb-r200 wireless remote speedlights as well as a completely integrated array of system accessories including the sx-1 attachment ring for mounting sb-r200s on the lens color filter sets freestanding light stands and more the r1 configuration shown here featuring the d200 is designed for nikon i-t tl enabled digital slrs whose built-in speedlight includes a wireless commander function the d200 d70s and d70 this configuration enables fully automated wireless operation of a single group a of sb-r200 speedlights directly from the camera the r1c1 configuration as shown on cover featuring the d2x is designed for nikon i-ttl enabled slrs without a built-in speedlight and commander function the d2x d2hs d2h d50 and f6 this outfit adds an su-800 wireless speedlight

creative close up lighting made easy sb r200 speedlights small and versatile sb-r200 wireless remote speedlights are designed to give you unlimited creative options in close -up photography and other lighting the sb-r200 is easily attached to the front of the lens via the supplied sx-1 attachment ring which accommodates up to four units for shadowless full surround illumination of small objects alternatively sb-r200 speedlights can be mounted on the supplied as -20 speedlight stands and freely positioned for desired lighting effects when the sx-1 is detached from the lens up to eight sb r200s can be mounted on the ring creating a powerful and controllable wireless mono-light su-800 wireless speedlight commander automatic flash intelligence when you attach the su-800 wireless speedlight commander to the hot shoe of cls compatible nikon cameras you add a powerful i-t tl tool that enables you to wirelessly coordinate the independent operation of two groups a b of sb -r200

expand your creative flash capabilities expanding the revolutionary reach of the nikon creative lighting system the r1c1 wireless close up speedlight system offers you extraordinary new tools to accomplish a single objective better flash pictures only from

nikon wireless close-up speedlight system outfit configurations and specification the r1 and r1c1 configurations of the nikon wireless close-up speedlight system provide a comprehensive array of integrated components and accessories with the exception of the su-800 wireless speedlight commander and ss su800 case included only in the r1c1 option the configurations are identical su-800 wireless speedlight commander soft case ss-su800 for su-800 sb-r200 wireless remote speedlight x2 sx-1 attachment ring as 20 speedlight stand x2 sw-c1 flexible arm clip sw-11 extreme close -up positioning adapter for sb-r200 x2 sg-3ir ir panel for built-in flash sw-12 diffuser panel sz-1 color filter holder x2 sj-r200 color filter set 4 filters in 4 models ss-sx1 soft case for sx-1 attachment ring ss-ms1 close up speedlight outfit case ss-r200 soft case for sb-r200 x2 adapter ring set 5 rings x1 optional accessories sc-30 ttl cord connects su-800 to sb-r200 for t tl operation sj-2 color filter set a