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SB-600 AF Speedlight

sb-600 speedlight sb-600 af speedlight features i-ttl flash control system i-ttl flash control accurate seamless fill-flash capability under the most difficult tricky lighting situations available options with d2x d2h and d2hs pro digital slr and d200 d70 d70s and d50 digital slr and f6 35mm slr cameras i-ttl mode advanced wireless lighting fv lock flash color information not available with the f6 and wide area af illuminator fv lock flash value lock allows photographers to change the composition or zoom for the shot while maintaining desired lighting of the subject auto fp high speed sync mode when used with d2x d2h d2hs and d200 digital slr and f6 35mm slr cameras delivers needed fill-flash in bright light or with wide aperture nikkor lenses advanced wireless lighting remote operation creative lighting system easy on-camera flash operation wireless multiple flash operation and exposure precision that surpasses all others versatile remote speedlight for the creative lighting system

sb-600 speedlight sb600 af speedlight specifications electronic construction automatic insulated gate bipolar transistor igbt and series circuitry flash exposure control 1 i-ttl balanced fill-flash with nikon d2x d2h d2hs d200 d70 d70s d50 and f6 2 d-ttl balanced fill-flash with nikon d1 d2 series or d100 3 ttl auto flash with the nikon f5 f100 n80 n75 and fm3a 4 manual flash m guide number iso 100 m/ft approx 30/98 at 35mm setting at iso 100 flash coverage automatic 24 to 85mm zoom 14mm with built-in wide flash adapter bounce capability flash head tilts up to 90 degree flash heads rotates horizontally 180 degree to the left or 90 degree to the right power switch on/off button provided film speed range in ttl auto flash mode iso 25 to 1,000 creative lighting system a variety of flash operations are available with cameras compatible with cls ittl mode advanced wireless lighting fv lock flash color information and wide area af illuminator multiple flash operation advanced wireless