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main specifications model pneumatic tyres load capacity load centre wheelbase overall width turning radius length to fork face model pneumatic tyres battery capacity std battery capacity high battery capacity lwb electric motor driving electric motor lifting lwb long wheelbase bx-15 kg mm mm mm mm mm 1500 500 1270 1120 1750 2030 1500 500 1450 1120 1970 2220 bx-15 v/ah v/ah v/ah kw x unit kw 48/485 48/545 48/700 9.0 x 1 11.0 500 bx-18 1750 1270 1120 1780 2075 1750 500 1450 1120 1970 2220 500 bx-20 2000 1450 1165 1960 2260 2000 500 1595 1165 2140 2445 500 bx-25 2500 1450 1165 2000 2325 2500 500 1595 1165 2140 2445 bx-18 48/485 48/545 48/700 9.0 x 1 11.0 bx-20 48/565 48/700 48/865 12.0 x 1 13.5 bx-25 48/565 48/700 48/865 12.0 x 1 13.5 larger battery capacities on request bx series 1.5 3.0 tonne ­ cushion models 1.5 2.5 tonne ­ pneumatic models model cushion tyres load capacity load centre wheelbase overall width turning radius length to fork face model cushion tyres battery

nissan forklift has found a perfect balance for the owner the operator and the environment in the new bx series ready to take centre stage in the future of load handling operations the bx series features a wide variety of advanced features such as a fully ac-powered system percharge operating hours are remarkably high as well as power and travel speeds resulting in an exceptionally productive forklift and it s not just the basic performance of these battery-powered forklifts that has lifted them to the top of the market every aspect of its engineering and design ­ including the features available to its users ­ has been carefully researched nissan s new bx series a progressive evolution of the electric-powered forklift the proven

multifunction lcd display the large crystal clear lcd display allows any operator to instantly check on all aspects of vehicle status such as speed battery state of charge and performance mode settings as well as the various indicators and warning lamps operating ease when it came to the planning and design of nissan s bx series workspace thoughtful attention was given to the operators well being despite the many activities that occur throughout the operator s shift concentration on his job is critical for that reason a stress-free environment supported by the bx series low noise levels is of absolute importance adjustable steering wheel and optional auto tilt levelling system a small tilt-adjustable steering wheel helps provide the ideal driving position while improving forward visibility the forks can be automatic tilted horizontally by simply pressing a button on the hydraulic control lever this feature available on two stage masts allows the operator to position the forks with

high travelling speed full load nissan bx series competitor a 16 12 a significantly high travelling speed is what you can expect thanks to the ac tech control and a large motor inside every bx perfect performance it is a promise we can keep the bx series provides uncompromising speed and performance thanks to its robust drive system that includes an ac-powered drive motor and a no load nissan bx series competitor a 10 12 14 14.5 16 18 20 km/h 18 high efficiency controller using a four-digit personal identification number pin you can choose from three preset performance modes economy/power/high and it is even possible to select the performance settings yourself single lever control the optional exclusive nissan single lever control enables simultaneous lifting and tilting functions for greater productivity double control levers are available as standard regardless of which mode is chosen the bx series can be fully optimised to achieve long operating hours and low energy consumption

cushioned stability control drive with confidence around every turn the rubber dampener used in nissan s exclusive cushioned stability control system provides outstanding lateral stability this feature standard on every bx series is fully maintenance free thereby keeping cost low this system does not completely eliminate the possibility of the forklift tipping over securing your safety an efficient comfortable workplace doesn t mean caution should take a back seat the bx series offers a large package of standard features to help provide operational boundaries for your drivers safety is ensured by the special nissan forklift rrs risk reduction system which incorporates an extensive package of features rollback control to prevent the truck from rolling down a slope too fast the nissan bx series provides a unique rollback control device ensuring that the truck can reverse only slowly and at a constant speed · excellent all round visibility · cushioned stability control · mast lock

right angle stacking aisle the 2.5-ton cushion models have an overall width of 1070mm overall length to the fork face of 2190mm and a minimum required right-angle stacking aisle width of just 3300mm these impressive dimensions ensure that complex tasks in narrow spaces are simpler speedier and accomplished more efficiently pallets l x w 800 x 1200 mm vdi 2198 designed to fit your needs for almost every type of operation there is a bx series designed to fit your needs with 13 models ranging from 1.5 to 3.0 tonnes the nissan bx series provides custom fit for a variety of operations including industry or warehousing environments all versions are available in cushion and pneumatic tyre versions the cushion bx models are very compact which make them ideally suited for indoor operations such as block stacking and working in surroundings where space is at a premium their superb mobility and robust design offer comparable performance to their pneumatic tyre counterparts to keep your