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main specifications model load capacity load centre overall width turning radius overhead guard height length to fork face kg mm mm mm mm mm fx4-35 4000 3500 500 600 1415 2735 2250 3070 fx4-40 4500 4000 500 600 1460 2775 2250 3120 fx4-45 5000 4500 500 600 1460 2820 2250 3175 fx4-50 5000 600 1460 2965 2250 3305 fx4 series 3.5 5.0 tonne nissan forklift europe b.v http cen-fx4-01.nfe/05-xx-xxxx printed in the netherlands nissan motor co ltd reserves the right to make any changes without notice concerning colors equipment or specifications detailed in this brochure or to discontinue individual models the colors of vehicles delivered may differ slightly from those in this brochure the specifications vary for different countries depending on local market conditions please consult your local dealer to ensure that the vehicle delivered accords with your expectations all values given may vary due to motor and system tolerances and operational conditions some equipment

an improvement on every level the nissan fx4 is packed with power providing productivity unmatched by other forklifts add the durability for years of solid service the comfort for hours of tireless operation and friendliness to the environment it s the perfect tool for doing some serious material handling the proven

see the difference computer analysis was used to create a mast with a wider inner space thanks to careful adjustment of cylinder and chain positions the greater visibility translates instantly into safer less stressful operation the wide view carriage adds to the improved visibility helping the operator to see the tips of the forks a better working world helping to make a safer cleaner place to work is part of the fx4 s job operator visibility is a key factor in improving safety and the fx4 is equipped with features that give maximum visibility both forward and backward the nissan fx4 series puts more power more speed and more features at your the neutral start switch this ensures that the engine cannot be started unless the forward/reverse lever is in the safe neutral position fingertips but it does so while being a breeze to operate with a wide range of technologies to make the vehicle more operator-friendly reducing operator fatique and thus greatly increasing productivity

eccs tb45 lpg engine the new tb45 engine features eccs electronic concentrated control system and a three-way catalytic converter as standard equipment this combination reduces toxic components in the exhaust gas enabling the tb45 to clear epa tier i emission standards which are the strictest exhaust regulations in the world eccs helps to increase maximum output and lifting speed step up to five full tons the nissan fx4 series adds a new upper level to the nissan forklift line-up with up to 5 tonne capacity in a tightly-constructed compact package along with the two-speed automatic transmission this gives it the ability to work in tight spaces with greater safety and efficiency a small unit that can put even larger loads into place faster and more efficiently while you save valuable space the source of the nissan fx4 series increased power and speed can be found right under the top panel the powerful smooth-running gasoline lpg and diesel engines are designed for high power output

always in balance the fx4 s low centre of gravity gives you more stability during high stacking operations and greater lifting capacity when an attachment is installed pure productivity the fx4 series is built with getting work done in mind set low for stability it lifts more cargo higher and faster while providing superior acceleration coupled with the ease of single-lever operation it means greater productivity for your operations the nissan fx4 series is designed to be faster lifting performance the fx4 provides higher lifting and lowering speeds to increase productivity and get more out of every working day rugged with a solid construction that will endure hard work in the harshest conditions for years to come a range of features has also been provided to ensure that the forklifts mechanisms keep on going with trouble-free operation greatly extending the lifespan of your vehicle speed ahead the fx4 provides you with amazing acceleration helping you zip from job to job single-lever

open wide the full-opening top panel allows for quick and easy servicing sound absorbing material inside the panel helps to reduce noise and vibration simple servicing keeping your forklift running is a key concern of all forklift owners the nissan fx4 series makes service as easy as possible a range of well-thought-out features provides easy access to the areas that need regular attention the fx4 series eccs tb45 facilitates fast troubleshooting thereby reducing downtime and providing simple servicing open wide cabin models especially for fx4 models with a cabin the engine is also easily accessible the cover is split into two parts and hinges sideways easy radiator access a two-piece radiator cover provides simple speedy access to the