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main specifications model lpg/diesel powered load capacity load centre overall width turning radius overhead guard height length to fork face kg mm mm mm mm mm fx5-50 5000 600 1880 3160 2375 3475 fx5-60 6000 600 1990 3200 2375 3540 fx5-70 7000 600 1990 3280 2375 3635 gasoline models available on request fx5 series 5.0 7.0 tonne nissan forklift europe b.v http cen-fx5-01.nfe/05-xx-xxxxx printed in the netherlands nissan motor co ltd reserves the right to make any changes without notice concerning colors equipment or specifications detailed in this brochure or to discontinue individual models the colors of vehicles delivered may differ slightly from those in this brochure the specifications vary for different countries depending on local market conditions please consult your local dealer to ensure that the vehicle delivered accords with your expectations all values given may vary due to motor and system tolerances and operational conditions some equipment shown on

nissan forklift s fx5 series can be best described in 3 words power speed and reliability this powerful workhorse can lift large loads up to 7 tons effortless in a heavy industrial environment and under extreme conditions the fx5 is at its best heavy loads are handled with remarkable speed thanks to its fast travelling and even faster lifting speeds reliability and top quality are a result of many years of engineering effort therefore you can set your expectations high not only when you use the fx5 for the first time but even after it has been in operation for many years just what you d expect from nissan forklift the proven

spacious operator compartment a model of ergonomic design the fx5 s roomy compartment provides ample head foot and leg room for a variety of driver sizes while power boosted brakes offer reduced pedal effort and enhanced operating ease its sculpted seat with operator restraints offers plenty of front-to-back travel combined with an adjustable tilt steering wheel each operator can find a custom fit extra safety operator comfort heavy loads mean heavy safety measures the sturdy overhead guard and powerful head and turn signal lights both provide protection and visibility the wide-open step makes it safer and more convenient to mount or dismount the forklift further improving nissan forklift engineers designed the fx5 with the operator in mind features such as an ergonomic instrument panel optional safety in demanding work conditions this all provides an extra measure of confidence that the operator and his surrounding environment are both safe while the fx5 is in operation

nissan s diesel engines the fx5 series choice of two diesel engines provides you with the means to get tough jobs done quickly and efficiently if your operations need faster traveling/lifting speeds and outstanding power levels the fe6 diesel engine is the perfect pick the td42 diesel engine has a highly rigid cylinder block and swirl combustion chamber with a subfuel injection port that improves output while reducing noise and fuel consumption more power productivity for the heart of the machine you can make your choice of three different power sources the engines are all equipped with industry leading technology and are available in diesel gasoline and lpg just take a close look at your operation and make the choice for the power source that suits you best these power sources and the fast travelling and lifting speeds of the fx5 workhorse eccs tb45 lpg engine the new tb45 engine features eccs electronic concentrated control system and a three-way catalytic converter as standard