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cen-lx-01.nfe i 05-438000002_v8 6/1/05 4:12 pm pagina 1 main specifications tyres pneumatic power unit engine model displacement rated output eccs rated torque eccs load capacity load centre overall width turning radius overhead guard height length to fork face gasoline/lpg k25 2488 47/2700 192/1600 3500 500 1280 2390 2155 2755 lx-35 diesel 3.3l-4c 3331 44/2300 183/1800 3500 500 1280 2390 2155 2755 cc kw/rpm nm/rpm kg mm mm mm mm mm lx-35 series 3.5 tonne pneumatic model nissan forklift europe b.v http cen-lx35-01.nfe/05-06-3000 printed in the netherlands nissan motor co ltd reserves the right to make any changes without notice concerning colors equipment or specifications detailed in this brochure or to discontinue individual models the colors of vehicles delivered may differ slightly from those in this brochure the specifications vary for different countries depending on local market conditions please consult your local dealer to ensure that the vehicle

cen-lx-01.nfe i 05-438000002_v8 6/1/05 4:12 pm pagina 3 the proven leader the lx-35 series is a reflection of nissan s continuing commitment to designing and delivering products of the highest value that incorporate the most advanced technology available in our industry backed by years of experience and expertise in the successful development of the latest ultra low emission engine systems and combined with our tradition of rugged reliable construction nissan s lx-35 series has become the new benchmark others can only

cen-lx-01.nfe i 05-438000002_v8 6/1/05 4:12 pm pagina 5 intake air air cleaner industry leading engine technology including standard 3-way catalyst main fuel passage water temperature sensor idle switch electronic fuel injector three-way catalyst engine control module vacuum switch combustion oxygen sensor clean exhaust to ensure minimum exhaust emissions the lx-35 series lpg fuel injection system relies on engine sensors and the engine control module ecm to maintain and deliver the best air/fuel ratio within the combustion chamber by accurately delivering the right ratio the engine can produce precise combustion resulting in better fuel efficiency as well as exceptionally low emissions technologies for a safer cleaner workplace nissan s advanced lx-35 series offers an array of new technology and design to provide a safe comfortable and productive space for both you and your colleagues in the surrounding area protecting and sustaining the environment is important to you and to us

cen-lx-01.nfe i 05-438000002_v8 6/1/05 4:13 pm pagina 7 51.7 dba engine idle 71.2 dba unloaded travelling remarkably low noise levels boasting significantly lower noise levels during idling and while in operation the lx-35 series results in reduced operator fatigue as well as heightened awareness of the surrounding environment productivity that counts designs that help you accomplish the job faster while minimizing fatigue and interruptions in workflow are all part of creating a more efficient and productive operation the nissan s lx-35 series low noise and unique low emission levels offer the perfect combination of functions to deliver exceptional performance and productivity to your operation the cushioned stability control csc offers enhanced lateral stability which provides confident driving control when turning the forklift additionally the csc system absorbs shocks thereby assisting you to have a smooth stable ride this results in improved forklift truck utilization and higher

cen-lx-01.nfe i 05-438000002_v8 6/1/05 4:13 pm pagina 9 lpg-model vcm electronic concentrated control system eccs the eccs includes modules that control basic engine ecm and vehicle vcm related functions as well as a full range of warning indicators through the meter panel display all communication among these components occurs through a digital controller area network can system this eccs facilitates fast troubleshooting and continuous monitoring of all vital truck functions lpg only can all controllers are interconnected through can can keeping maintenance easy with simplified maintenance operations the lx-35 series promises less downtime and reduced ownership costs longer service intervals with nissan s advanced engines mean less time in the workshop and more time out on the floor at the heart of the lx s electronics is the ecm can meter panel easy-view meter panel the lx-35 series meter panel includes large clearly defined meters and indicators these multi-function lcd display

cen-lx-01.nfe i 05-438000002_v8 6/1/05 4:13 pm pagina 11 improved fuel consumption vdi fuel consumption fuel consumption levels at identical loads and operating times 13 improvement lx-35 series k25 engine competitor 3.5 tonne 3.5 tonne model with eccs lpg engine 2.6 3.0 electronic fuel injection control and optimal ignition timing allow the lx-35 series engines to deliver an enormous improvement in fuel efficiency focus on economy outstanding value is what you ll get from nissan s new lx-35 series forklift trucks the state-of-the-art nissan engine including kg/hrs nissan figures lpg fuel injection offer extremely low fuel consumption while delivering class-leading performance the comfortable quiet working environment actual fuel savings would be slightly less due to an increase in productivity levels latest nissan k25 lpg engine modern cylinder design and combustion chamber shape along with electronic control effectively answer industrial requirements for both reduced exhaust