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main specifications model load capacity load centre wheelbase overall width turning radius overhead guard height kg mm mm mm mm mm tx-13 1250 500 1195 1070 1420 2110 tx-15 1500 500 1195 1070 1420 2110 tx-15 1500 500 1300 1070 1525 2110 tx-16 1600 500 1410 1090 1635 2110 tx-18 1750 500 1300 1070 1525 2110 tx-18 1800 500 1410 1120 1635 2110 tx-20 2000 500 1410 1120 1635 2110 tx series 1.25 2.0 tonne model battery capacity std battery capacity high electric motor driving electric motor lifting v/ah v/ah kwxunit kw tx-13 48/375 48/430 5.0 x 2 8 tx-15 48/430 48/430 5.0 x 2 8 tx-15 48/460 48/625 5.0 x 2 8 tx-16 48/575 48/750 5.0 x 2 11 tx-18 48/460 48/625 5.0 x 2 8 tx-18 48/750 48/750 5.0 x 2 11 tx-20 48/750 48/750 5.0 x 2 11 larger battery capacities on request nissan forklift europe b.v http cen-tx-01.nfe/05-10-8000 printed in the netherlands nissan motor co ltd reserves the right to make any changes without notice concerning colors equipment or specifications

a new era in electric powered forklift trucks is born with the introduction of the nissan s all-new ac powered 3-wheel tx series new design features offer a higher level of comfort and safety providing additional security for the operator ­ and an even more productive materials handling operation for you of course there s nissan s renowned product quality an asset that comes with all nissan forklift trucks and provides a solid basis for long lasting trouble free life the proven leader 43800013 cen_tx_01_nfe_10.indd 3-4 21-10-2005

fingertip control levers on armrest a multitude of functions are conveniently located within the tx series integrated armrest the optional fingertip uses electro-hydraulic control levers making travel direction horn and lift operations simple with just a slight tip of the finger combined with the ergonomic design and positioning of the armrest the tx series is a pleasure to drive lift comfort an excellent operator s environment has always been paramount in nissan s design philosophy the nissan tx series has been designed around the operator and his daily workplace the spacious operator platform and its clearly positioned controls and display makes this series a pleasure to work with not a chore a wide step and ample legroom make wide step and ample legroom the tx series has been designed to provide a wide step with ample legroom for easy access to a spacious cabin and optimal seating comfort access to the wide-space cabin easy while the multi-adjustable full suspension seat with

lift choice a substantial selection of optional equipment standard height allows you to tailor the tx series to your specific operational requirements with 7 models ranging from 1.25 to 2.0 tonnes the nissan tx series is suitable for multiple applications in both industry and warehouse operations all versions are available in cushion and super-elastic tyre versions standard high overhead guard the tx series has one of the market s highest available overhead guards 2.11 m as standard providing generous headroom for the operator even when a helmet is required for loading and unloading activities in tighter areas an optional low overhead guard 1.98 m is also available a wide range of masts are available too including the unique 3-stage optiview mast which improves the operator s visibility a high overhead guard with ample headroom is provided as standard with an optional lower overhead guard for operations where height is restricted several optional features are available on the tx

personal identification number pin access the tx series is equipped as standard with a 4-digit pin access system to avoid unauthorised truck usage the pin system can also be combined with pre-set performance profiles in line with operator skills or company s safety regulations lift ac tech at the heart of the tx series is nissan s state-of-the-art ac tech controller which combines low energy consumption through amongst others regenerative braking and on demand power steering with high truck performance to make the tx series go on working while other trucks are back in the charging bay the nissan ac tech controller constantly monitors and provides the truck status such as travel speed and steering wheel angle through the meter panel the multi-function lcd display provides a wealth of information at a glance for quick operation status and maintenance activities three preset performance settings can be easily selected to adapt the truck to optimal productivity demands five function keys

hands-on safety safety is improved through the optional fingertip control on the armrest the operator can concentrate fully on the truck s movements with the left hand remaining on the steering wheel at all times and the right hand controlling all hydraulic functions travel direction and horn lift safety safety is vital to any forklift operation and it forms the very basis of the nissan tx series design process the tx series rrs risk reduction system makes a major contribution to the operator s safety and well being and its wide range of designs and functions is incorporated as standard · · · · · · · excellent all round visibility mast lock system turn control lift control rollback control inhibitor control parking brake with lock release button mast lock system this standard safety feature is seat actuated when the operator leaves the truck it automatically locks lifting and tilting operations this prevents unsafe mast and fork operations once the operator is seated again

steering synchroniser option angle sensor misalignment of the steering wheel and the rear wheel is always avoided by the optional steering synchroniser consequently when traveling in a straight line the steering knob is kept to the pre-defined neutral position solenoid valve lift performance the nissan tx series remarkable modern and compact wedge-shape design isn t just for good looks either it makes the truck an amazingly manoeuvrable performer especially in confined areas while the standard double-rear-wheel provides the highest levels of stability and load capacity particularly at higher lift heights the result nissan s powerful 48 volt tx series offers unparalleled productivity to achieve your daily targets the tx series has individually controlled counter-rotating twin drive motors depending on the turn angle input ac tech accurately regulates the power output of each motor for tight turns the inner wheel even counter-rotates allowing the truck to turn on the spot fuzzy logic

optional optiview 3v mast when compared to the standard 3-stage masts the large centrally placed free lift cylinder is replaced by two small free lift cylinders moved to the side thereby providing greater free forward visibility the operator manoeuvres more quickly and precisely in order to improve productivity even more lift efficiency the nissan tx series is designed to deliver high productivity at very low cost of ownership key elements towards achieving this are · · · supreme comfort and ergonomics high productivity and extended working hours high truck up-time effortless natural operation is crucial in protecting the driver s health and maximising his productivity potential so with standard hydraulic levers on nissan s tx series conveniently located right next to the seat passenger car type pedal lay out to avoid confusion and smooth fuzzy logic acceleration control all the operator has to do is to focus on the job at hand fingertip control on the armrest and steering