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style inside memorable moments when you’ve got style and comfort inside everything feels better outside kick off with sports pedals and luxury floor mats charge up your devices thanks to a double usb socket for rear seats and soften the return home with illuminated entry guards and welcome lighting 1 2 1 sport pedals mt ke460-4e012 ambient lighting ke630-hv51a 2 entry guards illuminated ke967-6f540 3 3 welcome lighting ke295-6f001 6 textile luxury brown with chrome insert ke755-6f08b textile luxury black with chrome insert ke755-6f081 textile velours ke755-6f001 rubber mat with flanged edge ke758-4b089 6 4 5 4 charging double usb socket for second row ke930-hv500 5 360° smartphone holder grip black ks289-360bl print close