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estimated range state of charge remaining battery charge power meter with just a glance at your instrument panel you have all the info you need to manage your range including charge status and energy usage monitor all information you need for your job carwings advanced telematics system puts your business miles ahead by letting you digitally track and exchange data • monitor battery status from the carwings website and smartphone app • receive alerts for charge completion and battery status • remotely start and stop charging and climate control from a mobile device introduction exterior design interior design load space style accessories grades page 1 page 2 print

a mobile office that works anywhere you go one screen does so much a change in delivery address get the update via text message then find your route on the navigation system e-nv200 offers an unexpected level of equipment e-nv200 interior is inspired by drivers who need to get work done on the go the cockpit doubles as an easy-touse work space with large range adjustable seating and versatile storage and with nissanconnect featuring navigation hands-free calling and text messaging and bluetooth streaming audio who needs any other office under-seat sliding drawer on the passenger’s side gives you a secure way to store items fold down the passenger seatback for a sturdy and convenient flat writing surface mounting the transmission on the steering column opens up the space you need to multitask get plenty of power up front with a 12-v power supply and usb connection centre console is large enough to hold a laptop computer – it’s even designed to hold hanging

best-in-class 4.2 m3 cargo capacity cargo capacity meets versatility for a perfect fit 3474 litres 770 kg payload 1.22 m between wheel arches 1.50 m wall-to-wall 1.36 m stand-up room 2.04 m – enough length behind the front seats for two euro pallets 2.8 m – space for a long ladder with optional folding bulkhead the e-nv200 is designed to meet a variety of needs choose from 2 models both with a versatile interior that allows you to configure racks bins and seating to custom-fit your services you can even choose between french doors with panels or windows and tailgate plus it’s easy to load thanks to an exceptionally low 520mm rear load height 60/40 split rear doors the e-nv200 combi can still take a large suitcase for each of them flat wheel wells make for easier cargo stacking 6 floor-mounted d-ring tie-downs are rated to 509 kg 60 for wider loads e-nv200 combi the combi can comfortably seat up to five people with 2.3 cubic metres of luggage space dual sliding

body variants colours engine gear ratio white s qm1 red s z10 silver m klo blue p bw9 light grey pm k51 gear ratio driven wheels 9.3010 front charger on-board charger quick charger battery charging time kw kw 3.6 kw 6.6 kw/r option 50 option 30mn option a length b width with mirrors c width w/o mirrors d height unladen e wheelbase overhang mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm 4560 2011 1755 1858 2725 987,2 846,6 1530 1530 153,4 overall dimensions under the vehicle technical drawing v kwh kw/hr hours kw/hr hours track f ground clearance unladen d van suspension combi chassis b c wheels luggage cargo area dimensions maximum length maximum width maximum height minimum width between the wheelarches load platform height unladen cargo volume max cube slide door e 15 steel wheel cover a front rear back door introduction exterior design interior design load space style accessories grades 1row van 3rd seat folded 2nd seat folded 2row/3row width height width height laminated lithium ion

grades grades van std combi std combi upr std •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• • •• •• •• • •• • •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• 15 steel wheels abs/vdc i-key fr power windows 2 speakers 2 side sliding doors french back doors black electric door mirrors auto air conditioning system 6kw charging capability cold pack heated seats and steering wheel spare wheel full size quick charge port battery cooler full metal partition with window option cruise control and speed limiter auto light wiper nissan connect 2 rear view camera side passenger airbags front fog lights •• •• •• 15 steel wheels abs/vdc i-key fr power windows tpms tire pressure

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neat and tidy make a clean delivery with a front and rear parking system organise your goods with a partition net and protect them from prying eyes thanks to a rear hatch grill 5 4 6 3 1 2 1_body side mouldings 50 2_front and rear mud guards 51-52 3_french door plastic protection lower area protection 2 parts 35 4_rear hatch door protection grille 5_wind deflectors 53 6_front and rear parking system 06-08 sliding door protection grille 48 system bars for multi partition net 27 print

3 fully equipped 1 upgrade your env200 with nissan genuine accessories from smartphone and tablet holders to protective liners and mats they’re custom-designed with your needs in mind 2 4 5 6 7 1 2 2 9 3 1_zero emission sticker dark grey 05 2_front and rear mud guards 51-52 3_smartphone holder 360 grip white 12 4_universal tablet holder black 15 4 1_mats rubber and textile 28 30 2_lockable wheel nuts 03 3_luggage net 56 4_trunk mat without ears 33 5_soft trunk liner 25 6_entry guard and textile standard mat 09 30 7_hard trunk liner 24 8_safety pack 62 9_dog guard 23 8 print

ordering interior protection information alloy wheels 34 french door plastic protection complete protection 4 parts ke680-jx130 35 french door plastic protection lower area protection 2 parts ke680-jx131 36 french door protection cladding ke547-jx082 01 oe alloy wheel x1 40300-4fa1a 37 french doors protection grilles ke968-jx100 02 oe wheel cover 40315-4fa0a 38 hatchback door plastic protection complete protection 2 parts ke680-jx230 03 ke409-89951 39 hatchback door plastic protection lower area protection 1 parts ke680-jx231 lockable wheel nuts customisation 04 zero emission sticker light grey for dark colors black red,… g6820-4fa0a 05 g6820-4fa0b zero emission sticker dark grey for light colors white silver,… technology assistance 06 front parking system main kit 07 front parking system sub kit 08 rear parking system ke512-99901 ke512-99930 ke511-99903 40 hatchback door protection cladding ke547-jx081 41 interior separation window protection grille ke968-jx400 42 oe