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nissan juke genuine accessories print

nissan design studio for juke new nissan juke build your own thrill personalisation reflects who you are it’s exciting with a range of interior and exterior color options enabling you to personalise key features the car is yours to play with dare to be unique and personalise your juke with the nissan design studio new nissan juke tested to thrill personalisation creative detroit red london white san diego yellow tokyo black select a creative shade or for ultimate personalisation choose an exclusive option available uniquely through your dealership exclusive tokyo matte black yokohama purple 1 oppama orange zama blue nashville carbon atsugi grey 2 exterior pack 3 4 3 4 this is your design base mirror caps headlamp finishers and front and rear bumper finishers in your colour of choice now build your look with more pack accents and matching alloy wheels 1_mirror caps san diego yellow 242 2_headlamp finishers san diego yellow 241 3_bumper lower panel front and rear san diego yellow

style pack personalisation add a touch of streamlined elegance with stylish side sills and a matching rear hatch lower finisher creative dynamic pack complete your look with a distinctive door handle cover and roof spoiler for a dynamic effect exclusive beijing chrome detroit red london white 1_door handle cover tokyo black 93 2_roof spoiler tokyo black 99 3_18 kami tokyo black alloy wheel 89 tokyo matte black san diego yellow dynamic pack not available in nashville carbon or beijing chrome 2 yokohama purple oppama orange tokyo black 1 1 2 zama blue nashville carbon 1 atsugi grey 3 1 2 2 1_rear hatch lower finisher 11 london white 2_side door sills london white 19 3_18 alloy wheel with london white inserts 10 exterior pack 3 exterior style packs exterior dynamic packs exterior dynamic style packs print

with nissan’s extensive colour palette your styling choices are endless exterior pack personalisation be inspired the first person to create his own unique juke was shiro nakamura nissan’s senior vice president and chief creative officer “this was my choice but with all the colour combinations on offer our customers can let their imagination run wild” exterior pack style pack exterior dynamic style pack print

creative 1 exclusive personalisation 2 1 10 2 11 4 5 4 6 5 3 12 3 create the cabin of your dreams with contrasting interior accents lounge pack 13 follow your colour scheme down to the last detail with coordinated mats mirror cover and leather armrest with matching stitching 7 8 9 1_san diego yellow stitching meter hood leather 249 2_san diego yellow interior inserts 246 3_velour mat with san diego yellow logo and stitching set of 4 250 4_san diego yellow centre console comes with front and rear door switch finishers 232 5_san diego yellow stitching front armrest leather 248 6_velour mats colored logo colored stitching set of 4 50 25 250 80 167 131 192 7_detroit red stitching front armrest leather 48 8_detroit red interior mirror cover 47 9_velour mat with detroit red logo and stitching set of 4 50 10_detroit red stitching front armrest leather 48 11_london white stitching front armrest leather 23 12_san diego yellow stitching front armrest leather 248 13_tokyo black stitching front

alloy wheels the ultimate finish these nissan genuine alloy wheels are specially designed and engineered for your juke take your pick there’s a set for every taste and occasion personalisation 16 niseko alloy wheel 254 oppama orange 16 silver alloy wheel 255 18 nismo alloy wheel 253 17 ato alloy wheels creative 18 alloy wheels with inserts san diego yellow london white 10 san diego yellow 235 yokohama purple 152 oppama orange 116 zama blue 177 tokyo black 91 18 kami alloy wheels detroit red diamond cut 33 london white 08 yokohama purple diamond cut 150 oppama orange diamond cut 114 san diego yellow diamond cut 233 tokyo black 88 tokyo black matte diamond cut 199 exclusive tokyo black detroit red 35 atsugi grey atsugi grey 60 black 89 silver 63 metallic grey diamond cut 58 silver 64 zama blue diamond cut 175 atsugi grey diamond cut 57 detroit red london white lockable wheel bolts 256 yokohama purple zama blue please perform dealer inspection after three years and re-new

more bite for the city for power-packed impact select the chrome pack complete with beijing chrome mirror caps front and rear bumper lower panel finishers and side door handle finisher shown here with the aggressive aerodynamic styling plates and 18 kami dark grey alloy wheels 10 7 1 8 2 6 9 5 6_side door sills beijing chrome 140 7_rear hatch handle finisher beijing chrome 141 8_rear hatch lower finisher beijing chrome 135 9_rear styling plate silver 260 10_red shark antenna shark antenna not compatible with openable sunroof 270 11_illuminated side bars 258 3 4 5 black 10 11 grey pearl white 1_mirror caps beijing chrome 139 2_door handle cover beijing chrome 136 3_bumper lower panel front and rear beijing chrome 138 4_front styling plate silver 259 5_18 kami dark grey diamond cut alloy wheel 58 white nightshade red chrome pack shark antenna is not compatible with dab digital audio broadcasting print

green light green bright blue blue purple red from ambient lighting to match your colour theme to tablet holders and sports pedals tailor juke’s interior to suit your style and needs orange look inside yellow 4 5 ambience lighting 1 1_seat cover 285 2_entry guards illuminated front only 288 3_ambience lighting 289 sport pedals kit 291 velour mat with blue logo and stitching set of 4 192 4_universal tablet holder 352 5_smartphone holder 360 grip white 349 6_smartphone holder u-grip black 351 7_iphone holder 4 5 347 3 6 iphone is a trademark of apple inc registered in us and other countries 2 7 print

go outside 7_trunk mat and trunk entry guard 306 286 8_rear bumper upper protection 314 9_dog guard 299 10_soft trunkliner 300 11_safety pack 357 12_textile mat standard set of 4 305 rubber mat set of 4 303 rubber mat with walls 304 kit out your juke to face the local climate with mudguards trunk mats wind deflectors and a parking system too 1 7 8 9 10 3 2 4 1_wind deflector set of 4 311 2_hood deflector 310 3_body side mouldings 308 4_18 kami dark grey diamond cut alloy wheels 58 5_mudguards front and rear 312 313 6_parking system front and rear 294 295 5 12 6 11 print

for a funky finish jazz up your juke with our decal range for an eye-catching finish 1 1 2 3 4 take off pack your bikes skis and roof box and attach your favourite toy to the towbar with nissan genuine accessories nothing gets left behind 2 3 329 1_removable towbar available as fixed 333 2_towbar bicycle carrier 2 bikes 338 available in 7 or 13 pins 3 bike version available in 7 pins 3_loadcarrier aluminium 317 4 4_roof box small also available in medium and large sizes 5_loadcarrier steel 316 with luggage rack steel 318 6_ski/snowboard carrier slidable up to 6 pairs 326 available as up to 3 pairs 324 and up to 4 pairs non-slidable versions 325 7_loadcarrier aluminium 317 with luxury bike carrier 320 5 1_sporty stripe sticker black 273 2_side flash sticker pink 281 3_side flash sticker yellow 283 4_sporty stripe sticker white 275 5_side flash sticker aluminium 278 6_shark antenna white 268 6 aluminium anthracite black pink white 6 yellow red 5 7 print

ordering information general accessories london white touch 01 london white qab style pack side doors sills rear hatch lower finisher 02 london white qab exterior pack mirror caps front rear bumper lower panel headlamp finisher with headlamp washer 03 london white qab exterior pack mirror caps front rear bumper lower panel headlamp finisher without headlamp washer ke600-1k012wp ke600-bv010wp ke600-bv011wp 37 detroit red nah door handle cover with ikey ke605-1k052rd 75 atsugi grey kad rear hatch handle finisher 38 detroit red nah door handle cover without ikey ke605-1k051rd 76 atsugi grey lx29 interior inserts 39 detroit red nah front rear bumper lower panel ke600-bv009rd 77 atsugi grey lx29 interior mirror cover 40 detroit red nah headlamp finisher with headlamp washer ke610-bv280rd 78 silver stitching front armrest leather style ke877-1k1gr ke9sp-1k1gr 04 london white qab dynamic pack roof spoiler door handle cover with ikey ke600-1k013wp 41 detroit red nah

145 yokohama purple exterior pack mirror caps front rear bumper lower panel headlamp finisher without headlamp washer ke600-bv011bp 146 yokohama purple dynamic pack roof spoiler door handle cover with ikey ke600-1k013bp 147 yokohama purple dynamic pack roof spoiler door handle cover without ikey ke600-1k014bp 148 yokohama purple lounge pack interior mirror cover armrest leather stitching velour stitching rhd 149 yokohama purple center console pack rhd center console front doors switch finishers rear doors switch upper finishers 150 yokohama purple 17 diamond cut ato alloy wheel and center cap 151 yokohama purple center cap 152 yokohama purple laminate insert for 18 alloy set per wheel 153 yokohama purple rear hatch lower finisher 154 yokohama purple door handle cover with ikey ke600-1k1pu ke961-1k107 ke409-1k200bp ke409-bpurp ke605-1k051bp 157 yokohama purple headlamp finisher with headlamp washer ke610-bv280bp 158 yokohama purple headlamp finisher without

roof boxes alloy wheels capacity length width height weight max load 251 17 oe alloy wheel d0c00-1kk2a 291 ke460-1k082 329 252 18 oe alloy wheel juke n-tec d0c00-bxb0a 292 front armrest premium fabric ke877-1k160 330 roof box medium 480l/1900800400mm/15kg/75kg 293 front armrest fabric ke877-1k000 331 roof box big ke734-30000 332 roof box ranger 90 fabric 340l/1900800400mm/75kg ke734-ran90 253 18 nismo alloy wheel d0300-3yv8a 254 16 niseko alloy wheel 16 silver alloy wheel ke409-3z110 255 16 silver alloy wheel 16 silver alloy wheel ke409-1k100 256 lockable wheel nuts ke409-89951 technology assistance ke512-99906 rear parking system ke511-99902 333 296 tracking system main kit excellence ke230-99990 334 removable towbar 4wd ke500-1k410 ke543-1ka10 297 tracking system main kit serenity ke230-99991 335 tek 7 pins ke505-bv207 298 tracking system subkit ke230-1k000 336 tek 13 pins ke505-bv213 337 additional power supply ke505-99993 illuminated side bars ke543-1ka30 front styling

extended warranty service plans nissan 5 year extended warranty provides you with ongoing protection after the standard warranty ends nissan service plan is the easiest way to give your nissan juke the maintenance it deserves while you save money in the long run protect your juke for longer with our comprehensive extended warranty cover to extend your cover to 5 years or 150,000kms whichever comes first the nissan extended warranty covers the cost of repairing or replacing covered mechanical or electrical components should they expectantly breakdown due to warrantable defect of material or workmanship during the period of cover if you sell your nissan privately you can transfer the cover to the new owner adding value to your vehicle when your sell transfers are free nissan service plan provides a convenient and easy solution enabling you to spread the cost of you servicing needs by making low monthly payments rather than having to pay the full amount all at once visit our website