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nissan leaf genuine accessories service plan nissan service plan is the easiest way to give your nissan leaf the maintenance it deserves while you save money in the long run visit our website at www.nissan.ie/vehicle/leaf nissan service plan provides a convenient and easy solution enabling you to spread the cost of you servicing needs by making low monthly payments rather than having to pay the full amount all at once nissan service plan also ensures that your nissan leaf is serviced in line with manufacturers recommendations/specifications giving you peace of mind motoring a well maintained vehicle offers nissan drivers safety reliability and economy with a “fsh” full service history also protecting future residual re-sale values nissan service plan customers can also rest assured that your vehicle is maintained and serviced by qualified nissan technicians using genuine nissan parts follow nissan leaf on every effort has been made to ensure that the content of

into the light brighten up your ride polish up your leaf with precision-fit chrome accents including mirror caps foglamp rings and easy-to-install door sills 1 1 3 2 3 5 1_slip a shiny set of chrome mirror caps 11 over the existing mirror housings 4 5_add lustre with 16 alloy wheels electron 5 6_gleam with a set of 16 oe alloy wheels 4 2_add a razor-sharp edge with easy-fit no drill chrome strip door sills 9 7_opt for sheer brilliance with 17 oe alloy wheels 6 3_shimmer with a pair of precision-fit foglamp rings 8 8_lock up your jewels with dedicated wheel nuts 7 4_finish in style with a chrome insert for the hatch 10 on the cover chrome mirror caps 11 chrome strip door sills 9 chrome foglamp rings 8 wind deflectors 28 5 6 7

interior design 1 add all the trimmings accentuate your leaf with panache thanks to nissan genuine accessories designed in perfect synergy with your leaf 2 5 4 4 3 1_keep your tailgate shiny and scratch-free with a tailor-made entry guard 13 2_electrify your leaf with an illuminated brushed aluminium entry guard 14 contoured to care for your front door sills 3_stand out with a unique 3d holographic entry guard 12 4_personalise the interior of your leaf with stylish center console inserts 15 5_choose long-term serenity thanks to protective seat covers 16 fitted to

at your service for a smooth journey life with leaf is even more pleasant thanks to nissan genuine accessories invest in a set of wind deflectors to enjoy the fresh air and opt for the front and rear parking system you’ll never look back 4 3 6 5 1 2 6 2 1_protect your leaf from nasty nicks and scratches with easy-fit no drill body side mouldings 26 2_they look good and they do their job keep your leaf cleaner by reducing overspray with nissan genuine mudguards 27 3_keep the noise down to a minimum when you open the windows and keep the glare out when they’re closed with easy to install no drill wind deflectors 28 4_protect your leaf’s charging port with a dedicated charging port lid cover 29 designed for your peace of mind 5_these auto-folding mirrors 30 know when you’re in a tight spot you don’t have to lift a finger 6_a little innovation a big weight off your mind opt for the front and rear parking

1 2 3 6 1_come rain or snow keep leaf clean and dry with all-season fitted floor mats in durable rubber 21 2_choose standard floor mats for an extra dose of protection 22 3_add a touch of shock-resistant sophistication with velour floor mats 23 4_choose this stylish trunk mat 25 to protect your cargo available in two sizes for leafs with or without bose energy efficient series sound system 7 5_avoid wear and tear with a nissan genuine trunkliner 20 soft but seriously robust it’s easy to install simple to remove and a synch to clean available in two sizes for leafs with or without bose energy efficient series sound system 6_use the trunk partition 18 to split the hatch space and keep your loads separate – including the dog 4 5 7_the cargo organizer 19 keeps you in control close the lid to keep goods from prying eyes and create a flat floor when the seats are folded down 8_a safety kit 44-47 no-one should leave

general accessories mats parking system 01 rear parking system ke511-99901 02 front parking system main kit ke512-99901 03 front parking system subkit c 21 rubber mats lhd set of 4 ke748-3nl89 22 standard mats lhd set of 4 ke745-3nl20 23 velour mats lhd set of 4 ke745-3nl10 24 trunk mats with bose system ke840-3nl01 25 trunk mats without bose system ke840-3nl00 ke512-99940 exterior utility alloy wheels 04 16 oe alloy wheel 05 16 alloy wheel electron 06 17 oe alloy wheel d0300-3nl3e 07 lockable wheel nuts ke409-89951 d0300-3nl2e ke409-8h356md 26 body side mouldings set of 4 ke760-3n020 27 mudguards set of 4 ke788-3n080 28 wind deflectors set of 4 ke800-3n010 29 charging port lid cover k9002-3nl0a 30 auto-folding mirror ke963-3n001 interior fragrances chrome touch 08 foglamp rings chrome set of 2 ke540-3n080 09 strip door sills chrome set of 4 ke760-3n000 10 insert for hatch chrome ke791-3n020 11 mirror caps chrome set of 2 ke960-3n010 interior styling 31 aroma kit orange 32