Leaf Accessory Brochure 2015.02 by Nissan Ireland

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general accessories mats parking system 01 rear parking system ke511-99901 02 front parking system main kit ke512-99901 03 front parking system subkit c 21 rubber mats lhd set of 4 ke748-3nl89 22 standard mats lhd set of 4 ke745-3nl20 23 velour mats lhd set of 4 ke745-3nl10 24 trunk mats with bose system ke840-3nl01 25 trunk mats without bose system ke840-3nl00 ke512-99940 exterior utility alloy wheels 04 16 oe alloy wheel 05 16 alloy wheel electron 06 17 oe alloy wheel d0300-3nl3e 07 lockable wheel nuts ke409-89951 d0300-3nl2e ke409-8h356md 26 body side mouldings set of 4 ke760-3n020 27 mudguards set of 4 ke788-3n080 28 wind deflectors set of 4 ke800-3n010 29 charging port lid cover k9002-3nl0a 30 auto-folding mirror ke963-3n001 interior fragrances chrome touch 08 foglamp rings chrome set of 2 ke540-3n080 09 strip door sills chrome set of 4 ke760-3n000 10 insert for hatch chrome ke791-3n020 11 mirror caps chrome set of 2 ke960-3n010 interior styling 31 aroma kit orange 32 aroma kit mint breeze b7457-8990b 33 aroma kit energy lemon b7457-8990c 34 aroma kit rich flower b7457-8990d b7457-8990a 35 aroma kit cypress relax b7457-8990e 36 aroma kit clear rosemary b7457-8990f 37 spare bottle orange b7457-8991a 12 hologram entry guards set of 2 999g6-8x000 38 spare bottle mint breeze b7457-8991b 13 entry guards tailgate ke937-3nl30 39 spare bottle energy lemon b7457-8991c 14 entry guards illuminated set of 2 g6950-3nl0a 40 spare bottle rich lemon b7457-8991d 15 interior center console 999g3-8z000 41 spare bottle cypress relax b7457-8991e 16 seat cover front and rear ke860-3n000 42 spare bottle clear rosemary b7457-8991f 43 replacement oil pad b7457-89920 interior utility 17 telephone cup holder safety/security ke930-00300 storage separator 18 trunk partition ke964-3n000 19 cargo organizer 999c2-8z010 20 soft trunkliner with/without bose system ke965-3n0s0 44 first aid kit hard plastic box ke930-00021 45 first aid kit soft bag ke930-00026 46 safety jacket ke930-00111 47 warning triangle 48 warning triangle set of 2 ke930-00017 ke930-00018 extended warranty nissan 5 year extended warranty provides you with ongoing protection after the standard warranty ends protect your leaf for longer with our comprehensive extended warranty cover to extend your cover to 5 years or 150,000kms whichever comes first the nissan extended warranty covers the cost of repairing or replacing covered mechanical or electrical components should they breakdown due to warrantable defect of material or workmanship during the period of cover if you sell your nissan privately you can transfer the cover to the new owner adding value to your vehicle when your sell transfers are free.