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dig offering the eco performance of a diesel engine without manual transmission incorporates innovative technologies that reduce the amount of power lost through heat pumping and friction losses improving fuel consumption through optimised energy management economical engines and class leading technology designed to generate excitement whilst minimising costs lightweight clean cut with economical engines and class leading technology designed to generate pleasure of driving whilst minimising costs note produces low co2 emissions from 93 g/km note has an impact on both the environment and your wallet when you go to the petrol station values refer to the european base model with standard equipment pure power maximum pleasure with co2 emissions as low as 93 g/km note is light on the environment as well as your wallet its economic engine and class leading technology generate excitement while minimising costs engine view its compact engine with super-charged technology achieves up to gures based on manual transmission eco mode button instantly transform your combimeter into a real guardian of consumption and therefore co2 emissions with this little button start stop system for all standard on all models your start/stop ignition system reduces pollution and your consumptions in city traffic the engine automatically turns off when your note is at a standstill in traffic jams for example to save on energy and emissions and then smoothly restarts as soon as you disengage the clutch mt or release the break cvt eco meter note’s crystal-clear display features two new eco indicators an eco-pedal dial that rates throttle impact and an eco-drive indicator that evaluates efficiency all in high-definition colour check your eco-score after each trip it’s illuminating.